▷Influencer marketing: definitions and tools to get started 2020

    Why take an interest in influencer marketing? Why integrate it into its digital strategy? The answer is simple: its effectiveness! Increasingly popular with Internet users, influencer marketing is becoming a cornerstone of any online marketing strategy. More than 80% of marketers say that these campaigns have proven to be particularly effective and have helped boost their brand awareness. (source: eMarketer 2016).

    Influencer marketing, which has become very popular, can help you answer some of your problems. Want to know more ? We explain everything you need to know to start, or even excel in this discipline.

    Influencer marketing: definitions & concepts

    Before embarking on any influencing marketing strategy, it is essential to understand the issues involved in order to be able to lead an effective strategy thereafter.

    What is influencer marketing?

    A communication strategy that internet users love, marketing influence is based on the concept of influence. In other words, it is getting in touch with influencers, people who have some power over the people they bring together.

    The objective of this strategy is to develop your brand awareness with Internet users by collaborating with influencers so that they share:

    • Your products.
    • Their experience with your brand to their community.

    Influencers are much more than just a way to get your message out, they become real spokespersons for your business.

    What is an influencer?

    No great difficulty in understanding the concept of an “influencer”: everything is said in the name! It is about an individual having the faculty to modify the behaviors of consumption thanks to the influence which it has on its audience. The concept of influence is not new, but its scope has expanded. The tools made available to influencers (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) have radically changed the situation and allow them to easily transmit their passion directly to their community.

    Mass media has been replaced by social media to convey the messages, experiences and perspectives of influencers. Become micro-opinion leaders, influencers speak to a community sensitive to their discourse, inclined to get involved and trust their judgment.

    What goals for influencer marketing?

    As said earlier, influencer marketing can help you achieve many goals and answer some of your issues like:

    • Create original and creative content to feed your social networks and your site.
    • Target a larger audience by communicating with communities that you know little or nothing about.
    • Develop your brand awareness and publicize your products and / or service, especially if you have just implemented yourself in the sector
    • Maintain and improve your brand image by reassuring your consumers about the professionalism and seriousness of your business or simply by highlighting your know-how and expertise.

    Branding & Sales

    Influence marketing aims to exploit the potential of influencers to increase your notoriety and the visibility of your brand, but their field of action is not limited to that! True enthusiasts, influencers shape the perception of a product in their community: they have the power to push consumers to buy the products and / or services they present.

    Instagram, the ultimate platform for influencer marketing

    Instagram influence marketing

    It is entirely possible to implement an influence strategy on any platform. However, Instagram remains “the” flagship platform for marketing influence. If, however, you want to implement an advertising strategy on Facebook for example, do not hesitate to contact a Facebook Ads agency to help you in this process.

    This social network is attracting more and more Internet users every day and is particularly popular with millennials, who for the most part have turned their backs on Facebook for lack of interest. In addition, the vast majority of influencers can be found on Instagram. So it’s easier to find the perfect influencer for your brand, who will be able to meet all of your needs and requirements.

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    Getting started in marketing influence: the rules to follow to lead a successful collaboration

    Imposing a certain ethical course of action is essential in order to be able to take full advantage of the benefits of influencer marketing. Due to its “new” character, this environment is still very vague where the limits are not clearly defined. However, everything is increased tenfold and amplified on social networks because the craze around certain publications quickly becomes viral. You must handle them with prudence and intelligence.

    Choose a professional and passionate influencer

    There are a multitude of influencers present in various fields. There is no shortage of choice. So, it is important to take the time necessary to do your research. Choose your influencer carefully: a collaboration engages your e-reputation. You must be sure that it will not harm you or damage your image. Indeed, the partnership must be beneficial for you and your brand.

    The influencer must be sensitive to your brand, agree with the message you are broadcasting and convey the same values. It must have a strong appeal to your industry if you want to engage it to promote your brand’s services / products.

    Besides, the best choice is not necessarily the influencer with the largest number of followers. It is much more relevant to dwell on your engagement rate and pay attention to the number of interactions with your community. In fact, the higher their engagement rate, the more their community will be impacted and receptive to their speech. You thus multiply your chances of generating more leads since the dissemination of the message will have been effective. So remember to check the following points:

    • Is the influencer close to his followers?
    • Are the comments positive about him?

    In order to spread an authentic and true message to his community, the influencer must sincerely love your products. Indeed, authenticity, transparency and honesty pay on social networks and are driving sales. Also make sure of his seriousness, his skills as well as his professionalism.

    What ideas for collaborations?

    Influencers are highly prized by brands due to their growing notoriety on social networks as well as by their community. Thus, they receive numerous requests for collaboration. You must stand out by offering a partnership adapted to the personality of the influencer whose conditions satisfy both parties. Here is a list of ideas to give you ideas of possible collaborations:

    • Ask the influencer to share a promotional offer with his community
    • Ask to present to your community one of your products via the creation of a post or story
    • Set up a contest in partnership with the influencer: for example, the supermarket chain Intermarché set up a contest with blogger Natacha Bird appointed as brand ambassador.

    intermarket influence marketing

    Transparency and honesty

    There is no reason to be in the dark. Clearly explain your intentions and conditions regarding the partnership with the influencer, who is also responsible for doing the same in return. It is unthinkable to start any collaboration if the motivations of two parties are not clearly established.

    Do not hesitate to ask questions, ask for clarifications if you feel hesitation. Explicit and fluent communication is the key to successful collaboration.

    Your duty of transparency also applies to the influencer community. Indeed, the lack of honesty is very badly perceived by the Net surfers, being able to be the consequence of a bad buzz. Preserving one’s image when the situation degenerates on social networks is a complex process: building one’s image can take years, but a few seconds are enough to destroy it. To avoid this type of situation, leave nothing to chance. Be completely transparent about your collaboration with his followers.

    The human dimension: the heart of the collaboration

    Reducing the influencer as only one way for you to increase your bottom line is a fatal mistake. Outside of the financial context, remember that collaboration is above all a human exchange.

    It is important to know and be interested in the influencer with whom you decide to work. Too many brands do not do this upstream, thus precipitating the failure of the collaboration. The success of the partnership depends on the good understanding between the two parties: you must make sure that the personality and the universe of the influencer corresponds to the vision and values ​​of your brand.

    Establishing a strong bond of trust between the two parties guarantees the success of a collaboration where the results will be fruitful and efficient. Personalize each partnership and adapt to the world of the influencer!

    NYX: a brand mastering the art of influencer marketing

    One of the main objectives of the NYX cosmetic brand is to connect to digital natives (a group that makes up the majority of its clientele). Being in the 18-34 age group, the purchases of these beauty fans are mainly based on recommendations made by influencers. The brand has successfully bet on an entirely digital strategy to legitimize its position within the cosmetics sector.

    The brand has created and launched its own competition, Face Awards, aiming to elect the best make-up artist among several Internet users. Organized for 3 years now in London, NYX offers the winner € 10,000, a trip to Los Angeles to attend the final of the US version of the competition and also a year of collaboration with the brand as an influencer. Thus, the brand ensures that the winner has a voice and a committed community since they are the ones who vote via their Instagram account to choose the winner.

    The brand also attaches great importance to the desires and feedbacks of consumers, with whom they have close relationships. By surfing the trends and building particularly strong relationships with Instagram influencers, NYX is positioning itself as one of the most popular and popular brands among millennials.

    marketing influence nyx 1


    Investing in this new marketing method allows you to diversify, reach new audiences and gain profitability. Influencer marketing really increases the visibility of your e-business in the digital sphere.

    However, be careful to keep a certain course of action to avoid any problem and make the most of this strategy: transparency, honesty and priority to the human dimension!

    To maximize your chances of gaining more visibility, you can also focus on other levers such as your SEO. A SEO agency can help you set up an effective strategy, boosting your referencing within the digital sphere.


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