▷Instagram reels: positive and negative

    How is Reels;

    It allows us to share short videos (up to 15 seconds) on Instagram.

    It will replace the Stories;

    We’ll see!

    However, with this addition, Instagram now provides five (5) ways to share content: posts, stories, live, IGTV and Reels, which greatly increases the volume of content that must be produced if one wants to maximize its visibility on Instagram audience. By the way, every Instagram account has access to Reels (although it is not necessary to use it directly).

    If your audience has the right demographics then they can become a staunch supporter of Reels, so you need to think seriously about placing content there (especially if your video has looked effective in the past).

    On the other hand, not all businesses have the resources (human and financial) to produce additional content and track another medium, so if the results are positive, you can delay entering Reels until it is well established. Note, however, that the more people come in and the Reels go up, the harder it will be for a business to stand out. Often a timely start has an advantage.

    Advantages of Reels

    The early adopters gain privileged visibility

    Facebook usually gives priority to those who quickly adopt anything new it presents on its platforms. Users so far say they see higher reach and engagement on their reels than on the rest of the content.

    The Reels are made easily

    While video usually requires a lot of investment in time, money and production, Reels (like TikTok), they are short in duration, created within the platform and therefore cheap. And easily! They are made quickly, they are consumed quickly. And so, users can get to know you without having to invest a lot of time.

    The content in Reels are permanent

    One can already make short videos through Stories but Reels have the advantage of living forever! Unlike Stories which stay with us for 24 hours (unless you highlight them in your profile). Quick tip: Reels are made quickly so take your time and create massive, different reels to have at your disposal to post whenever you see fit.

    The negatives of Reels

    If your audience is on Instagram, then you might assume that they will already be using the reels, but that may not be the case at all. It is not so easy to discover them. They are hiding but will soon have their own feed. So far there are many users who have not discovered them.

    An important disadvantage of reels is that, at present, you can not program them. Something that is definitely an important element of the marketing strategy.

    Instagram: Reels vs Stories and IGTV

    Under ideal conditions you would create content for all Instagram fields. Because this seems far from the truth, you may need to focus on what works best.

    Advantages of Reels in relation to Stories and IGTV

    The Reels are easy to notify

    If you are tagged in a story it is fine, you in turn can share it. If not, then no. You cannot share the story of a third party with your story. So if you are a creator you have limited coverage and if you are tagged you can not make the most of the power of the medium. Thanks to Reels, you have increased functionality. As a creator you can share your reels both in your story and in the grid. Viewers can easily share the reels in their stories, increasing by allowing new and larger audiences to be covered much faster.

    The Reels provide greater potential visibility through multiple flow hashtags

    As in a simple post, you can use up to 30 hashtags. If you calculate the character range (2,000) you can write a lot of good text. The stories on the other hand have only 10 hashtags which significantly limits the audience. The permanence of Reels makes them more discoverable through hashtags than stories.

    You can create audiences for retargeting through Reels

    As long as Reels is new, it cannot be fully exploited financially by Facebook. There are currently no ads (of course this will change). Although you can not advertise, you can take advantage of their dynamics to enhance your Facebook and Instagram ads.

    Unlike Stories or IGTV, reels can be used to create retargeting audiences, which significantly changes the game if you use Facebook and Instagram in your marketing strategy. If your audience responds to the content you have on the reels then you can retarget them and achieve something more. Note, however, that until we know exactly how the Reels algorithm works, you may not exactly achieve your target audience. To overcome this problem, retarget only those who have seen a large volume of your videos.

    Reels vs TikTok

    The big question is: which of the two? The answer is dependent. TikTok has 800 million users, aged 16-24. Instagram has over a billion users between the ages of 18 and 24. If you still have a solid audience at Tik Tok you may not want to leave it.

    Its advantages Instagram Reels in relation to TikTok

    Reels offers a number of opportunities and features that do not exist on TikTok so far.

    14 times more characters in description

    Allows you to add more characters and hashtags to the description, 2,200 compared to just 150 of TikTok!

    Easy consumption product without The user to go from the platform

    TikTok keeps users on the platform displaying endless video thanks to a unique algorithm.

    Instagram on the other hand keeps the user in a wider application where he can see different forms of content. If he gets bored with videos, he goes back to the feed or IGTV or Stories. You are never bored!

    In Reels content style remains undefined

    Content creators are already posting a wide variety of content on Instagram, so the environment is constantly changing. However, it is possible to see something more specific, as in TikTok.

    Advice: on TikTok users watch video with audio while on Instagram most videos are consumed without audio. So if you want to get a message across, then use the captions. In terms of accessibility you should do this everywhere.

    Disadvantages of Instagram Reels in relation to TikTok

    In terms of statistics, Reels have a long way to go as so far it only shows likes, comments and views, in contrast to Tik Tok which has a full supply of statistics. This means that Reels are currently suitable for brand building


    Like everything new Reels wants monitoring and testing of what and how much it can deliver. In general, businesses are called upon to seize the opportunity of early entry to build an audience. The first users, businesses and the public, will be the ones who will determine the future of this new application and who may make it escape the “resin” (!) Of Tik Tok that it is only for dancing.

    For those who are a fan of one stop shop then Reels is the ideal solution. What remains to be seen is whether TikTok can compete, whether it can be a useful tool for businesses, products, brands, small businesses, etc.


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