▷[Interview] Belmont web, 360 ° ecommerce agency 2020

    Websites Are Us today gives the floor to the Belmont Web agency who will tell us about the 360 ​​approach in the creation of e-commerce site, the method to use to select an agency and the pitfalls to avoid when we are a physical trader and we are going digital.

    belmont web agency

    Can you introduce yourself in a few words and describe the agency?

    belmont webThe Belmont Web agency specializes in e-commerce, the study of the feasibility of digital projects, the development and marketing of high traffic websites. We mainly work on Woocommerce and Prestashop CMS. We use Akeneo and Pimcore Product Information Management (PIM) technologies. We also work on workshops and corporate training. This helps employees to integrate digital developments and be comfortable with new products.

    How do you differentiate yourself from other agencies?

    We adopt a first approach in pairs, with 2 experts who manage each meeting: the accountant and the marketing expert. Why ? Because we are working in part on commissioning. We therefore rigorously select our customers and only work on projects with human and commercial dimensions that meet our humanist visions. A good collaboration also starts with a good feeling.

    What advice would you give to a project leader who compares different agencies?

    Comparing the projects carried out, asking questions, asking to contact customers is something essential. Use your instincts too, as your e-commerce partner should remain a long-term advisor. He has the knowledge and experience to make you make a lot of money if everything goes well, but also to make you lose a lot if he does not understand your expectations.

    What are the main challenges you face today?

    The theoretical ease and practical reality of an e-commerce project are often the opposite of each other. A few years ago, e-commerce was a website. Today to reach customers when you are a brand, you have to think multichannel. Because a simple website is often no longer enough, consumers want to read reviews, find out what’s new, how you interact with the public and the availability of advice via a chat. In a few words, we went from a concept of purchase to a concept of customer experience with the brand.

    What are the main tools you use every day?

    The best tool is our brain. The ability to anticipate and prevent problems is not yet managed by software. It is generally the team spirit that will make the difference in your project. The media we use is generally API-based and customized to get results quickly. IT in the service of humans has become our main working mojo with Agile methods.



    Regarding the creation of an e-commerce site, what are the most important points to take into account before getting started?

    Define beforehand WHAT and FOR WHOM? Because there is no universal e-commerce system. The ways of buying users are very different today depending on the target. To understand and reach them, it is important to choose a complete agency, with graphic designer, interface designer, marketer, developer, financial consultant and project manager to benefit from 360 ° advice.

    Many stores wish to expand their activities by launching into online commerce. What are the pitfalls to avoid ?

    Do not underestimate a project. It is the primary cause of frustration for each party. This is why it is necessary to exchange a lot, meet and set a framework with clear and precise objectives before the start of the collaboration. Even if it means updating them regularly.

    For you what is a 360 agency?

    A 360 ° agency is as interested in what happens upstream as it does downstream during an e-commerce project. Because e-commerce is more than a site. It is above all a paradigm shift where each department of your company must be involved. E-commerce also means creating, integrating and managing processes and flows. ERP, CRM, supply chain, multi-channel, in short, a complete adaptation. So often an upheaval in the way you work.

    And a little word of conclusion?

    Adaptation (digital) is a necessary and strategic issue. It concerns more than ever SMEs, so make wise choices, talk a lot and with several companies before making a decision, and remember that the cheap is still often too expensive. Your success will depend on your choice.

    Zoom – Galadrim client case

    We have been mandated to review the graphic charter and develop the number of products available on this PLV website. The goal was to rejuvenate the image while providing credibility to convince B2B customers, including many public institutions (hospitals, municipalities, tourist offices, etc.).

    GA client case

    The results were excellent, indeed over the first 6 months of the year with the covid period, versus the same period of 2019, results of more than 600% turnover! And this for a company that has been selling on the internet for 4 years already! Massive improvement in conversion rate, better targeting, SEO OFF and On Page improved, plus some secret homemade recipes.
    health leader

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    Blog Content Creation Service
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    Google PPC Service
    Website Design
    WordPress Website Training
    Website Maintenance
    WordPress Theme Installation Service
    Shopify Theme Installation Service
    PSD Template Installation Service
    PrestaShop Theme Installation Service
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    Joomla Theme Installation Service
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    E-Commerce Theme Installation Service
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