▷[Interview] Ecomiz, PrestaShop ecommerce agency 2020

    Today, we present the Ecomiz agency to you through an interview in which its manager, Johan, talks to us about e-commerce, PrestaShop and SEO. This exchange will be of interest to all web project leaders!

    ecomiz agency prestashop

    Can you briefly introduce yourself and describe the agency?


    EcomiZ is an agency passionate about ecommerce, PrestaShop expert for 10 years, which provides 360 global support to its clients: Design, Development, Maintenance, SEO, Support on acquisition levers: Adwords, Facebook, influencer relationship. The agency also has operational experience with its Logistics subsidiary.

    How do you differentiate yourself from other agencies?

    The experience: more than 450 projects delivered of all sizes – from € 2,000 to € 130,000.

    Operational: Knowledge and operational advice. We have warehouses, order pickers and can provide operational advice to ecommerçants.

    Prices: By taking the time necessary to study the need to quantify it as accurately as possible and thanks to the optimization of our payroll on 3 continents, we manage to be very well placed in terms of prices, on average 30% cheaper than other Platinium PrestaShop agencies.

    What advice would you give to a project leader comparing different agencies?

    Compare with equivalent service and don’t just look at the price! Everyone can do less if we work less.

    Make sure the quote covers all of your functional needs.

    Take into account the years of experience of the agency: these are future savings on the TMA where the teams will be more efficient.

    Do not neglect the human relationship with your interlocutor, which is very important for the smooth running of your project.

    Could you simply explain to our readers the main phases of creating a website?

    1) The framing: drafting of the detailed technical specifications which defines all the tasks of the agency in detail
    2) Design: graphic brief, storyboard, models and validation
    3) Development: technical structure, installation of plugins, custom development
    4) Integration: transforming models into web language
    5) The recipe: control of the specifications, agency tests, tests on your part, processing of returns and validation
    6) Launch: Opening and launching of acquisition levers: SEO, SEA, FB, Influencer, Blogging …
    7) Maintenance and continuous upgrades



    Regarding the creation of an e-commerce site, what are the most important points to take into account before starting?

    Anticipate your acquisition costs! The classic mistake is to budget for the design of the site but to omit the acquisition. A site without a client is useless! The SEO, SEA, Influencer, Blogging etc… necessary for the acquisition generally represents a much larger budget than the site itself, so it is important to anticipate it.

    For your profitability calculations, pay attention to all the small costs in ecommerce. They are numerous, often in the form of subscriptions: SEO, TMA, ERP, CRM, Marketing tools, Emailing, Verified reviews, Storage, Logistics, etc.

    Is it important to have an agency certified on the chosen CMS?

    This is indeed very important because it ensures that the agency has been trained by the publisher and has a minimum of experience. It also has a certain pressure to have a quality of service so as not to lose its brand image vis-à-vis the publisher. Then you have to look at your experience.

    Why PrestaShop VS other CMS?

    We chose to specialize in PrestaShop because we felt that the tool best meets the needs of e-merchants corresponding to our target.

    It is our opinion or vision of things although we respect that of each one :).

    Let’s take 4 competing CMS:

    • Joomla & WordPress / WooCommerce: Not thought and designed for e-commerce at the start but have been adapted by force of circumstances + many security concerns.
    • Shopify: This can be a handy and quick solution to get started that works, but you don’t own ANYTHING, so your investment is bound to be lost in the long run. As soon as your store grows, you will have to change your solution and re-invest.
    • Magento: It’s a very good solution, which you own, functionally almost identical to PrestaShop, but technically more complex. A Magento project is more expensive than on PrestaShop on the same perimeter. It is therefore intended for very large structures.

    Our choice therefore turned to PrestaShop with the idea of ​​being able to support both very small retailers and larger ones.

    Zoom – HUYGENS customer case

    Specialist in organic cosmetics and without allergens

    The project consisted of PrestaShop migration, design, maintenance and SEO support.

    To realize this project, we used PrestaShop

    The project cost 10,000 €.

    For 3 years now, we have been supporting the project on both the technical and acquisition side (PrestaShop version migration, design, TMA, SEO, Adwords).

    And a quick word of conclusion?

    Do not choose your agency in a rush. It’s your project, your business, your future income. Consider the experience of the agency, the quality of the advice, your confidence in the agency, the human relationship and the price necessarily. Get involved to understand what seems obscure to you, ecommerce is full of jargon and it shouldn’t blind you! Search, read, take the time to understand in order to make an informed choice. Good Project!

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