▷[Interview] Searchbooster, a global digital agency 2020

    This week, we present to you Searchbooster, an agency at the crossroads between web-development and digital marketing.

    searchbooster agency

    Can you briefly introduce yourself and describe the agency?


    Searchbooster is truly a 360 ° digital agency that has both webdesign and web-development skills, but also digital marketing. In our opinion, this makes all the difference in a traditionally very silot universe. As a result, we integrate from the first exchange with our customers the future visibility of their site or e-commerce store through the activation of all digital levers SEO, SEA, social media, content management, e-reputation, emailing …

    How do you differentiate yourself from other agencies?

    Our ability to truly be a global agency with very strong search marketing expertise is essential. In addition, we propose to develop e-commerce stores with market CMSs but also with our open source PHP CMS. We are deploying a global digital marketing solution in ASP mode which allows our clients to have in one single point a powerful global tool integrating emailing, social media calendar, RSS feed curation, CRM, videoconferencing, analytics, Ads monitoring, optimization SEO and centralized URL, centralized blog etc …

    What advice would you give to a project leader who compares different agencies?

    Ask to see customer references and not just rely on the design of the site which is a completely subjective notion. The most important thing is to have visitors on the site and that they convert and for that it is not what is seen that takes precedence but the three technical, semantic and backlinking pillars implemented. Likewise, always have a semantic audit or at least a keyword research carried out before designing the site to integrate SEO from the start.

    Could you simply explain to our readers the main phases of creating a website?

    1 / Definition of objectives (targets, competitive environment, categories and products / services offered)
    2 / Identification of the environment (migration or creation, customer base to be taken over, proposed payment solution, logistics solution, integration of third-party applications such as CRM, ERP, PIM)
    3 / Layout and UX of the site
    4 / Site development
    5 / Quality control
    6 / SEO optimization and responsiveness
    7 / Production and acceptance.

    Website creation – Customized price estimate

    Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine that allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and service providers adapted to your website creation needs.

    Regarding the creation of an e-commerce site, what are the most important points to take into account before starting?

    Interactions with existing systems or those to be created (ERP, CRM, PIM), the payment solutions offered and the ideal delivery / logistics solutions and above all integrate from the start the natural referencing of the site because what to have a beautiful site is there are no visitors. Often customers underestimate the investments to be made to generate traffic on the site.

    Why choose Searchbooster?

    1 / Because we probably have one of the best quality-price ratios on the market and already have a large number of satisfied customers as references.
    2 / Because we have a one-stop-shop logic that simplifies our customers’ lives and allows for real consistency in the digital strategy implemented.
    3 / Because we experiment for us everything we do for our customers before offering them.

    What are the types of clients with whom you work?

    Clearly we work as well with large accounts such as Groupama, Novarchives but also with SMEs in all sectors of activity and also TPE / TPI and startups. We are digital specialists and on the other hand we refuse to work for competing companies in order to be ourselves a real competitive advantage for the customers who trust us,

    Zoom – Customer case KEEP COOL PORTALIS

    Our client is a Keep Cool franchisee who manages 4 sports halls in the Midi-Pyrénées region.

    The objective was to generate leads from Internet users wishing to have information on the possibilities of taking out a subscription for a gym.

    The mission lasted 10 months.

    To achieve this mission, we used SeoToaster for the website, Google Ads and Facebook Ads for advertising campaigns, our marketing hub for lead and conversion tracking.

    The cost of the operation to the client was 1/3 of what it earns him. For 1 euro invested, our client generated 3 euros in turnover.

    And a quick word of conclusion?

    We love to be challenged and work in new areas by bringing our technological expertise and our capacity for innovation, so give us a try!

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