▷Is buying Instagram followers worth it?

    You and everyone who has a business profile on Instagram are looking to increase their number of followers, right?

    After all, this is one of the main social networks in the world, which makes it a key piece in several digital marketing strategies.

    Many want a large number of followers because this can give credibility to those who have just arrived on their profile. In several cases, this race to increase your digits on the network ends up resulting in the purchase of followers: a quick and inexpensive way to achieve this goal, but is this strategy worth it?

    In order for you to better understand the subject and draw your own conclusion, we need, first of all, to understand the importance of followers and the risks that buying them can bring.

    What is the real importance of followers for your profile?

    Instagram has an algorithm that makes you smarter and more efficient with each update. Changes come and go on the social network, this is what made her start to prioritize the relevance of the profiles instead of her number of followers.

    That’s why it’s so important to have active followers. People who watch, comment, send and save their publications generate relevance to your profile, making Instagram recognize these interactions and highlight your content, increasing your reach.

    In contrast, purchased followers can specifically increase only this statistic in their profile, but this will probably not reflect the improvement of other data on your Instagram.

    This is because, in general, purchased followers have no interest in the types of content offered or are largely fake profiles. This will result in little or no engagement, not bringing improvements to other metrics that are more important. For Instagram, quantity doesn’t always mean quality and credibility.

    Stylized warning sign with Instagram elements

    Know the risks and disadvantages of buying followers on Instagram

    In addition to objectively inferior results, buying followers also brings disadvantages to your profile.

    It is essential to know the negative points of this strategy before making any decision. Check out how this practice can affect your brand on Instagram.

    Breaches the Terms of Use and may bring penalties

    Buying followers on Instagram is a practice that violates Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use, which can lead to penalties and even a ban on your account.

    This is an offshoot of the policy against fake profiles and spam that the company applies on its platform. Instagram’s own algorithm is prepared to find and eliminate these fake profiles, eliminating your likes, comments and interactions.

    Buying followers on Instagram puts you at risk of having a large base of followers with fake profiles, due to the very nature of the service offered, which is usually replete with profiles of this type and can make your account a target of the algorithm.

    The company seeks to preserve and generate true human relationships, maintaining its strategy within these guidelines will help to maintain the profile of your business on the platform, in addition to generating valuable content for your brand.

    Does not generate relevance or engagement

    We just saw that the risk of buying followers on Instagram is high, but are the results worth it? Well, besides adding the number of digits in a specific metric, this practice has no other benefits.

    It is very likely that the profiles that have followed you, are fake or have no interest in what is offered. This means that this new audience will interact very little with their publications, without generating relevance or engagement.

    The content produced may even be of very high quality, but if your audience does not interact with it, its relevance will remain low and your Instagram will continue to reach few people.

    While showing a large number of followers is a tempting metric, you need to remember that fake profiles will not become leads. Investing in them can be a big failure in your strategy, because they will not buy from your business.

    Puts your profile credibility at stake

    It is not very difficult for Instagram users to identify a profile that adheres to this type of practice.

    Accounts with many followers, but with very few interactions, tend to indicate which brand or personality in question is buying their follower base. This can be interpreted in negative ways by network users, customers and even business partners, diminishing your opportunity to close new deals on Instagram.

    You can confuse your metrics and reports

    The tide of new followers will hinder the analysis of your data, as they will be mixed with the organic growth of your profile.

    The engagement reports, conversion rate and several other metrics related to your performance on the network will become merely illustrative values, as they will not reflect the real performance of your strategies and the reaction of your real audience.

    Creating digital marketing plans with confusing data can even harm future strategies and campaigns, by using information that does not really reflect who follows and is interested in your brand and content.

    Well, now you already have the knowledge to decide if buying followers on Instagram is worthwhile or not for your business, but before making any decision and start making your way on the network, check out what are the practices and alternatives to buying followers.

    What you can do instead of buying Instagram followers

    Seek new followers through ways that don’t break Instagram’s terms of service. This is how real connections are made with your audience, ensuring that those who follow your profile value your brand and content.

    To make your profile grow in an organic and healthy way check out some tips that will help you gain real followers.

    Using smartphone to gain Instagram followers

    Create an editorial line and publish quality content

    Use the information you have from your audience and create personas. From there, choose themes, interests and content that speak directly to each of the personas created.

    Try to vary the content formats and always use Stories to interact with your audience and notify you of new publications.

    Use hashtags correctly

    Don’t overdo the hashtags! As much as Instagram allows the use of up to 30 of them, using 4 or 5 brings the best results according to the survey conducted by TrackMaven.

    Keep an eye on the competition

    Monitoring the competition profile is a healthy strategy that helps you to follow trends and find new opportunities for your business. This does not mean imitating them, but bringing new ideas to your content.

    Interact with your audience

    Interact with your audience and be active. Respond quickly to questions and comments, show that your profile cares about your followers. Thus, new people with an interest in your content that reach your Instagram will see the importance you give to your audience and will be able to follow your profile.

    Sponsor your content

    You already have everything you need to produce quality content, so sponsor your publications and find potential new followers with an interest in what is being offered on your profile.

    Analyze your data frequently

    Analyzing your data and reporting frequently helps you understand where you need to improve, whether to reach more followers or to generate more engagement through content.

    It is also through these analyzes that the personas created for your page will be improved and updated.

    Choose the best days and best times to publish

    After checking your Instagram profile statistics and metrics, it will be easier to understand your followers and see new opportunities.

    One of the main ones is choosing to publish on the days and times with a higher engagement rate. So you guarantee the optimization of your content, achieving the best possible results.

    Will you plan your new strategy to gain followers on Instagram?

    With all these tips you already know whether or not to buy followers on Instagram. We hope that you use our content well, choose the best path for your business and greatly increase your number of followers in the best possible way.

    If using Instagram as one of your e-commerce sales channels is part of your planning, be prepared to receive leads from your profile. A great option is Websites Are Us, install it on your page and approach visitors through proactive invitations directly through online chat.

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