▷Is Whatsapp Safe? How to Provide Whatsapp Security? 2020

    Whatsapp is the most popular chat platform in the world. However, recently Reports of bugs, flaws, hacks and Trojans discovered about WhatsApp posed a question mark to their security.

    It is important to know if your information and messages on WhatsApp are secure. For the security of its users, WhatsApp uses the famous end-to-end encryption technology. But As the world’s largest social messaging app, WhatsApp is still the focus of criminals.

    Many issues have been reported recently that question WhatsApp security and privacy. So does WhatsApp have encryption, does it really keep your private messages safe?

    WhatsApp Malware Threats

    WhatsApp users often receive malware threats through an infected link or file. Malware can be hidden flat and appear as WhatsApp to serve ads.

    This is just one possible way for malware to use the affected device to send money to hackers. The best way to avoid such malware is to use applications and services only from official sources.

    Google Drive Backups Risk

    Famous end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp ensures that only the user and the person they communicate with can read the messages. However, this encryption will not work if the data is stored as a backup in Google Drive. You’re at risk.

    WhatsApp recently signed an agreement to allow users to store messages in Google’s cloud storage service.

    SD Card Backup Risk

    This is a big threat to your privacy. A security expert, Bas Bosschert, discovered that WhatsApp backs up messages on Android in an unsafe way that can be stolen and read by others via downloaded Android apps.

    However, this is only It is possible if you allow WhatsApp to back up your messages on the SD card. If your message backup option is turned off during the initial setup, your messages are safe. But if not then, your messages are in danger.

    To prevent this attack, you need to clean the app from your phone and then install WhatsApp again. This time you have to select the option to turn off message backup when prompted during setup installation.

    Risk of Foreigners Seeing Your Profile Picture Even After Your Privacy Settings

    This is another security bug found. This error, it causes strangers to see your profile picture regardless of your privacy settings. This means that WhatsApp allows anyone to see your profile photo, even if you choose ‘Contacts only.’

    This error, It was discovered by a 17-year-old security researcher named Indrajeet Bhuyan. This problem, occurred because the smartphone app could not sync properly with the new web interface version. This problem is one of the problems that can be encountered with new updates.

    Web Application Shows Deleted Photos

    The same researcher, Bhuyan, Even when you delete your WhatsApp photos, he discovered that the web has made them available indefinitely. That’s why you see blurry photos in your WhatsApp chats after you delete them.

    Can anyone else access your Whatsapp?

    You cannot use the same WhatsApp number on two different devices. However, anyone can spy on you with a feature known as WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp is a popular internet messaging application and it is one of the most exclusive software available on Android based on the nature of the application. If someone accesses your WhatsApp from another device, it can have huge consequences because it will have access to a lot of your information.

    WhatsApp Web has a powerful function that allows users to send or receive messages using any device by associating their WhatsApp Account with a barcode. WhatsApp Web allows users to simulate WhatsApp account on any device with a fixed web browser.

    To Check: After opening WhatsApp, you can check any device or App that has access to your WhatsApp after selecting the WhatsApp Web option on this screen by clicking the menu option shown by 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. If one or more open session computers that do not grant access are visible, your WhatsApp account is under access from another device.

    Finding if WhatsApp is Open on Another Device

    Another way for people to spy on WhatsApp is to activate the account on another device. Basically, they save your WhatsApp number to another mobile phone, and during their configuration, they get all your chats or conversations saved in the app.

    Anyone can do this by taking your mobile phone to get the verification code sent by WhatsApp. If this is done on your phone, you will see the message “This phone could not be verified” because the number is stored on another device.

    There is a very sophisticated way to protect your WhatsApp against being active on another phone. All you have to do is enable two-step verification. To do this; “WhatsApp → Top right menu options → Settings → Account → Enable 2-Step verification. ” just do. So when someone tries to activate your WhatsApp on another device, only a security code you know is asked. Without this code, it would be impossible for another person to open your WhatsApp on another computer.

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