▷Learn 5 ways to post to Instagram on PC

    Today, smartphones allow tasks of all kinds to be carried out in the palm of your hand. However, there are people who are uncomfortable with the need to use their cell phone all the time, in addition, distractions from notifications that happen continuously can have a negative impact on your productivity.

    Many professionals who need to manage social networks or for their own businesses prefer to do this work through their computers. Whether or not you lose the quality of an image when transferring files, to create an uncomplicated workflow or even the convenience of posting multiple images at once.

    However, Instagram has a very strict policy regarding the use of its application and the development of third party tools. Therefore, the social network allows publication through the website only on mobile devices.

    The good news for these people is that there are several ways to post on Instagram from the PC. There are very optimized and well-known options that are paid, however, it is possible to use free and completely viable ways to post to your Insta profile for free.

    Check out in our article the best ways to post on Instagram from your computer and use the most practical option in your day to day.

    The truth is that there is no magic recipe for success on social media. Behind every result there is a lot of study, strategies and learning. Knowing tools that make your work more optimized is just one of the first steps for the professional use of Instagram.

    If you want to get expressive results with your profile, you will need not only knowledge of social networks, but also a solid foundation in digital marketing. The # 30 to rock is a course that will teach you everything you need to grow, engage and convert on Instagram. It is worth checking.

    1. Use Google Chrome mobile mode

    Activating your browser’s mobile mode is one of the simplest and fastest ways to publish to Instagram on your PC without the need to download or use any type of auxiliary program.

    Using the Google Chrome browser, access the Instagram website and login. Then, press the F12 key on your keyboard, a console will open, then click on a tablet icon next to a smartphone at the top of the screen.

    This will cause your PC’s browser to enter mobile mode, so posts made through it will be allowed through the social network.

    Posting on Instagram via Google Chrome

    Press the F5 key to refresh the page. The social network will enter smartphone mode and the icons for publishing content in Stories and Feed will be available, as highlighted in the image below.

    Posting to Instagram via Google Chrome step 2

    To post, click on the stories icon at the top to post to stories or the “+” icon to post to your feed. Then, select the desired image or video in the directories of your computer and make your publication.

    2. Add extensions to Google Chrome to use Instagram

    Extensions to optimize your browser are a great alternative to posting on Instagram from your PC. However, there are browsers that do not have specific extensions for publications. So, consider using another option just to make your posts.

    Check out the following 3 options of extensions that can facilitate your experience, allowing the publication through the PC.

    • Inssist: this is an exclusive extension for Google Chrome and the only one that allows the publication of videos in addition to photos, stories through your browser. Through this tool it is also possible to have access to Insights, metrics of your profile, and perform content scheduling.

    • Web for Instagram: just like the previous item, this alternative is exclusive to Google Chrome. Using this extension it will be possible to download videos and photos, check for updates and publish only photos on your profile.

    • DP-Instagram: this is an add-on exclusive for Firefox. When using it, your browser will be forced to work on the mobile version and will allow the publication of content on Instagram through your computer.

    3. Publish to your feed through the Creator Studio

    The creative studio is the official way to publish photos on Instagram through your PC. However, publications can only be made in the feed and on IGTV, the tool does not have the option to create stories.

    To learn how to use the creative studio, follow these steps: 1. Access the creative studio and log in to your Instagram account. 1. You will need to link your profile to a Facebook page to access the resource. Do this by accessing your profile, clicking on “Edit”, then clicking on “Page” and adding your Facebook page. 1. After linking the accounts, access to the studio will be granted. 1. Select the Instagram icon at the top of the page. 1. Click on the blue button “Create publication” in the upper left corner of the screen, and select the type of publication to be made.

    Creative Studio

    4. Emulate an Android system on your PC

    In addition to Instagram, do you have other exclusive apps for mobile that you would like to have on your PC? Consider getting started with BlueStacks, an Android emulator made for computers.

    Through it, you will be able to access an environment very similar to a real Android tablet or smartphone and will be able to use your applications as if you were on a cell phone. The tool is available for both Windows and iOS operating systems.

    5. Social network management programs

    Professionals who need to manage multiple social media profiles and need more functionality to generate detailed reports about their networks often use social media management programs.

    Typically, these professional platforms have the necessary resources on how to post on Instagram on the PC, allowing all types of publication to be made through them, from posts in the Feed, to carousels and posts on IGTV.

    Check out some interesting platform options for managing social networks.

    • Postgrain: this is a platform that offers the opportunity to schedule all your publications in one place, be it feed, stories or IGTV. The tool also has a feature to answer direct messages and a team work environment.

    • Etus: this manager option seeks to bring together the administration of several social networks in one place. Therefore, using Etus it is possible to schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google My Business. In addition, it is possible to make advances and generate unlimited reports through the platform.

    • mLabs: just like the previous option, mLabs brings together the management of several different social networks on their platforms. It is a good alternative for those who, in addition to scheduling publications, also need to answer many private messages.

    • Hootsuite: this is a foreign solution that brings together several solutions for the administration of social networks and offers certified training for its users to increase their results. The platform is all in English, but it’s worth checking out.

    Instagram Manager

    Tips to professionalize your Instagram feed

    Now that you know several methods on how to post on Instagram on your PC, check out some tips that can help improve the quality of the content that is published on your profile.

    After all, when a new user accesses your profile, this may be the only chance to win you over and convert you into a follower. To be successful and retain these people, having an optimized profile and an organized feed is essential.

    This way, users can easily and quickly understand what your content is about, so if it is something interesting, they can start following you. To help you achieve expressive results with your profile, we have prepared 5 tips to professionalize your feed on Instagram

    1. Understand and define your feed type

    Assessing your goal with an Instagram profile is the first step so that your content can be structured and produced efficiently to attract new followers and generate engagement.

    Below, we list some of the main categories of profiles.

    • Corporate Feed: has business as its main objective, usually related to sales. Products can be work to have their quality exalted. Branding work can also be done to reinforce a company’s brand.

    • Personal feed: is the common feed on the social network, used by ordinary users and individual influencers. Its objective is to represent and reinforce an individual’s image. Many photos of people and relevant moments can be used to generate engagement.

    • Portfolio feed: aims to present the skills and work done by a professional. It is not limited to graphic design works, cooks, event producers, beauticians and several other professionals can have an attractive portfolio in their profile.

    • Cause feed: it is usually related to a social or environmental cause. It is generally used by NGOs, but companies looking to do volunteer work also use this format.

    • Artistic feed: is completely dedicated to art, be it a specific type or a variety of formats. They are usually found in the profile of artists, photographers, designers and various other types of artists. It is very similar to the portfolio feed.

    As much as the categories exist, this does not mean that your profile cannot count on different types of content over time. But understanding what your goal is is important to create publications that attract the attention of your followers.

    2. Plan your content

    Planning your content in advance allows more elaborate and creative publications to be made. Research the profile of competitors and influencers related to your audience to understand the visual language applied in publications and create your own version.

    Then, organize an editorial calendar with the themes and the date of the posts that will be made. It is very important to maintain the frequency of your publications and to address various subjects, so that your feed is not repetitive.

    3. Tell stories through your content

    One of the resources with the greatest potential in marketing is storytelling. After all, telling good stories is an excellent way to attract people’s attention.

    To apply this concept in your feed, try to use sequential images, repeat some elements and show your development or your brand through the images used.

    4. Use the same pattern when editing photos

    Choosing a visual pattern and using the same style when editing your images will create a visual identity in your feed, whether through the way the photos are composed, colors or graphic elements.

    Valuing the aesthetics of the publications together will help to keep your feed harmonious and will give the feeling of organization to the users who visit it.

    Even consider using tools that preview how photos will look together in your feed after publication.

    5. Use Instagram Insights and evaluate your results

    Instagram Insights is a tool offered by Instagram itself that monitors the engagement of your followers and presents the main metrics of your profile.

    Tracking this data and analyzing it can help you understand your audience’s behavior. In this way, it will be possible to choose the time of greatest activity to make your publications and understand what type of content brings the most results.

    Learn how to post on Instagram from your PC?

    We hope that the content and tips we bring in our article will be useful in your day to day. We know that there are several ways to optimize and increase your Instagram results, publishing quality images and videos is one of them.

    If your goal is to professionalize your social network, remember to check the content of # 30 for Bombar and learn everything you need to know to grow, engage and convert on Instagram.

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