▷Marketing for industry: how to build a result strategy

    In general, we can define marketing for industry, or also industrial marketing, as a set of strategies carried out from one company to another.

    That is, it is a relationship solution involving 2 companies. In addition, industry marketing is used within the B2B market, which means Business to Business, or business for business.

    To better understand it, it is the marketing of a company that is not intended for the final consumer (individual), but for other organizations!

    Imagine a company that sells a pressure reducing valve: this industry not only serves individual customers, but also other businesses and organizations that need the material to manufacture their own products.

    Therefore, for these companies, it is extremely necessary to have good communication and to promote their products efficiently.

    For this, marketing for industry emerges as a viable strategy that generates many positive results, from reaching new customers, to enhancing the brand, among others.

    What if you want to know how to use marketing for industry to build strategies that generate results? Then follow our post and learn how to set up efficient actions for your interests. Good reading!

    Bet on social networks

    Social networks are perfect platforms for businesses that want to start with their marketing strategies for the industry.

    This, because nowadays, being present on social networks is something fundamental, and that can even determine the success in the communication of any company.

    For this reason, when planning your marketing actions for industry, analyze and investigate where your persona is most concentrated among social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, among others, and after that, invest on the most appropriate platforms.

    In addition to social networks being essential tools to communicate with the public, in these environments, it is also possible to build and publish institutional and advertising content, developing sponsored campaigns in your niche.

    Have a website and use SEO techniques

    Another tip for setting up an efficient marketing strategy for the industry is through an optimized website.

    After all, having a good position on search engines, such as Google or Bing is essential for anyone who wants to invest in B2B marketing. This helps and directly influences the ease that a company will have when quoting materials for its business.

    And what does it mean? That with a good positioning, if your industry sells products as a check valve, it is possible to be found more easily by your business customers when they search for the product you market.

    And for a website to have a better ranking, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you a lot. It is a set of techniques used on the website or content, in order to improve its positioning in search engines.

    The more your industry is found, the greater the chances of closing sales contracts and maximizing the profitability of your business.

    Make sponsored link ads

    In addition to SEO being a strategy that helps to increase the ranking in Google, it is considered organic actions and that generate medium to long term results.

    That is, if you intend to get a return quickly, but with the same efficiency, sponsored links are excellent alternatives.

    They consist of digital marketing ads for your content or website, which typically appear on search pages.

    Do you know the results that appear in the first position of Google and have a description above written “ad”? That is considered a sponsored link strategy.

    To appear on Google, it is possible to create campaigns using the Google Adwords tool, which in turn advertises your content and web pages in a segmented way for your niche.

    This means that if your company supplies products as a masterbatch only to a region of São Paulo, Google Ads will only advertise your campaign to potential buyers located in that region.

    Use a B2B marketplace platform

    Did you know that it is also possible to market your products and services online, without necessarily having your own website?

    This is one of the solutions most used by companies that want to expand their marketing strategies for industry.

    With a B2B portal, your business is able to make sales and advertise your products quickly and simply.

    One of the biggest advantages of the B2B marketplace is that it is possible to reach a wider range of potential customers within your niche, in addition to not having to spend on website maintenance or SEO concerns.

    It is certainly a way for businesses that want to boost sales and become more visible to their audience.

    Do content marketing

    Finally, content marketing is one of the most popular industry marketing strategies among companies.

    That’s because, through content, your company achieves more notoriety, credibility and can become a reference in the segment.

    Basically, content marketing is based on producing relevant content for a niche. These contents aim to attract new customers, relate and convert.

    With rich and relevant content, it is possible to arouse interest and value for your products, attracting your audience and positioning your brand as a reference in the sector.

    Now that you know how to design efficient marketing strategies for the industry, what do you think about applying any of these tips in your business and being successful? Did you like the post? Tell us!

    This article was written by Blogger, Content Creator at Websites Are Us.

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