▷Prestashop presents the renewed order pages!

    There are many new features in this version which we will see in detail.

    Was the change needed?

    The pages were beginning to become tedious and cumbersome both visually and usefully as much of the useful information was in the wrong place, leading to omissions, inefficiencies and misunderstandings.

    The renewal process took a long time.

    This was done to ensure the success of the new version. The study of the renewal took into account all the points that made it difficult for the traders. Traders of various sizes, areas and activities were asked. The main problems were located on the order list page and on the order details page.

    Let’s see them in detail.

    1. The following has been added to the order list page:

    First of all, the change is aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing management time.


    With the change that was made, the trader can manage the order without opening it but at the same time without “losing” important elements of it.

    How does this change work?

    When the user clicks on the image, the system displays a preview of the selected orders. The preview displays the following information: invoicing address, delivery address, customer details, distributor details (and tracking ID, if any) and ordered products.

    The product list displays: product name, stock, price, taxes, total price. The list shows the top 10 products. If there are others then they appear by clicking “expand list”. The total price follows the customer group configuration. If the customer group sets the prices with or without tax, it impacts the displayed amount in the total column and adds the related label “tax excluded” or “tax included”.

    The list displays the 10 first products. The remaining products can be seen by expanding the list.

    Below the preview is a new hook called displayOrderPreview.

    This allows additional elements to be added to the preview so that it can be personalized according to the specific needs of the business.

    Order status labels that can be corrected

    That is, change the status of the order directly from the list.

    This change aims at fast processing of the order, saving time to the merchant.

    How this change works:

    When the user clicks on the status of the order, a drop-down list is displayed with all possible statuses from which he can choose how to characterize it.

    Colored status

    Each status can be marked with a different color for easier management. The colors used follow the logic and are in four categories:

    • Dark blue: orders where there is a pending from the customer (eg remittance from a customer)
    • Light blue: orders pending from a merchant
    • Green: no action required from the merchant
    • Red or black: special situation such as an error

    Thanks to the colors, the trader has a complete look at how much work awaits him.

    Link to customer profile

    It gives easy access to the customer profile by clicking on his name and so the merchant just opens a new tab.

    Redesign of mass actions

    The design for the mass actions and their location were redesigned for speed and convenience.

    Thanks to this, the merchant can process multiple orders with three clicks.

    Open in new tabs

    Opens orders on new bulk tabs to process as the merchant progresses.

    This change can help slow internet connections as orders can be pre-opened and uploaded in the background.

    It works by checking many orders and selecting open in new tabs.

    2. For order details added:

    Here the improvements are related to the location of the requested information and the ease of reading it, since it had been observed that important information was lost.

    Thus, with better readability, it allows the trader to be more efficient in his work.

    Product list pagination

    Allows you to navigate the product list through paging.

    The goal of this change is to avoid an endless and ultimately unreadable list of products. The pagination structures the navigation in the products while at the same time the transfer of the list at the top of the page helps to avoid scrolling to see the ordered products.

    How this change works:

    List pagination starts when there are more than 8 products in the cart. The stock position column is displayed when one of the products has a stock position. Also, it only appears in the corresponding pagination.

    Packaging & customized products

    Displays the customization type in a list and gives access to the package for easy checking and confirmation directly from the list.

    For custom products, the files that accompany them and the texts related to customization appear below the product. Files are added to a new column in the same row. The texts appear just below.

    Product packaging – a link below the product packaging illustrations shows the related products with the quantity ordered and the stock available.

    Message interface

    Displays the last 4 messages and allows the merchant to see the entire conversation in a pop-up, aiming for faster processing.

    The messages are only visible to the merchant. This allows for better readability and avoidance of misunderstandings. After the 5th message, the full conversation appears in a pop-up.


    They entered a new, more strategic position to match the layout design and offer a better user experience. At the same time new ones were created which replace other older ones, with the most important one grouping the actions at the top of the page and replacing the displayBackOfficeOrderActions.

    In recent months, PrestaShop has worked hard to present the changes and solve the program’s problems. And yes, they finally showed up. Also, 31 bugs were fixed!

    Photo source: Prestashop blog

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