▷Price comparison: is it worth it for your online store?

    With the increasing popularity of online shopping and the increase in the number of online stores, consumers are increasingly researching the quality, ratings and prices of the products they want to buy.

    To facilitate this task, which can be laborious, considering the amount of store options that exist on the internet, a price comparator was created. A tool that finds information about a product determined by its user’s search, displaying its price in a variety of different stores and websites.

    This means that being in one of these spaces can help bring visibility and traffic to your business. But before investing in this category of tools, it is necessary to take some precautions and evaluate if it is worthwhile.

    So that you can identify the benefits and define if this is a good investment, better understand how a price comparator works and how it should be used. Come on?

    How does a price comparison work?

    Comparator sites advertise and compare products from several different online stores. Because it is a service widely used by consumers who already know which product they want to buy, these tools usually have a very large amount of visitors.

    Then, entrepreneurs who have an ecommerce can take the opportunity to appear to this audience and compare plans in a price comparator so that their merchandise is displayed in the comparisons.

    When is it worth investing in?

    To understand if it is worthwhile to have your comparator products in one of these tools, it is necessary to evaluate what your online store offers.

    Despite being an excellent source of traffic, these platforms are not recommended for those who offer services or sell some category of exclusive products, as the expenses can be greater than the profits.

    The comparison will only bring advantages to your ecommerce if your prices are competitive. Despite this, it is important to emphasize that the lowest value will not always win consumers.

    The credibility of your website, quality photos and with product information, well described, complete and easy to understand will be additional attractions to take these visitors to the purchase page.

    To ensure that this strategy works, it is necessary to constantly analyze the amount of visits generated with the items included in the price comparator and evaluate the results of your sales. Thus, it is possible to identify which products are not doing well, stop your ads and invest in those that offer the best results.

    What your online store needs to be in price comparison

    Did you like the idea of ​​displaying your products on comparator sites and already want to start? Check out some items that it takes to make your ecommerce sites appear comparators.


    A secure website is essential for anyone looking for success from their online store. Having safety certificates is a prerequisite that most comparators will require.

    In addition, the security of the website can affect even the results of your strategy, as customers may stop buying at your store when they notice that their personal data may be at any risk.

    Well done site with a good layout

    To gain as many customers as possible when working with a price comparator you need a well-built, fast, beautiful and easy to use website. Thus, the credibility of your pages will be noticed by visitors, giving them the confidence to buy.

    If your site needs improvements in layout, loading time or even in other aspects, try to improve it before adopting a strategy that uses comparators.

    Understand and respect the rules of each platform

    There are different options for price comparison sites and each one has its own rules.

    Quality of images, quantity of information, photos that faithfully represent the offered product are some common requirements. Understand the demands of the platforms selected for your strategy and ensure that your ads meet these requirements so that they can run.

    Should I be concerned about always having the lowest price?

    No. Although users of these tools always look for the best deals, the lowest price will not guarantee sales. Your attention should be focused on offering quality ads.

    This can also be a great opportunity to make your brand known, after all, comparators can place your store side by side with market giants making new consumers know your business.

    Know the main options

    Google Shopping

    The global giant that has platforms from different segments has guaranteed its space among price comparators. One of the main features that the tool has is the complete integration with Google Ads, presenting its offers based on users’ keyword searches.

    The way Google Shopping displays and ranks your ads is also very interesting, as it is not based on amounts paid by stores, but on the quality and relevance of the ads.


    Quite famous in London, the price comparator Buscapé makes it possible, in addition to product announcements, to display services and subscriptions. A big difference is that users can make the purchase through the platform itself.


    The Bondfaro comparator focuses only on products. The tool, which is part of the Buscapé group, differs from other options in that it displays comments and analyzes from its users. The platform also has an advanced search filter for customers who prefer a more refined search.


    Being on Zoom is a way to show that your store is reliable, because the tool only displays ads from stores with positive reviews. The comparator also relies on a product’s price history, where consumers high and low to define the best time to buy.


    The price comparison Already Cotei has detailed product descriptions, options for your search filter and consumer review. Its main differential is the loyalty program, where users collect points that can be redeemed for miles.

    How to put your products in a price comparison

    If after evaluating the products offered in your online store and meeting the necessary requirements you considered that it is worth using a comparator website in your strategy, it is time to understand how the integration of your ecommerce with the platforms works.

    Integration with your online store

    A common practice for integrating online stores with comparison sites is to use an XML file to provide detailed data on the products the tool will use to make the comparison. Some of the main information that needs to be offered are item names, descriptions, product pages, images, among others.

    Do not use the same table for all sites where you have registered your store, as the data requested by the comparators may vary. So, when filling out this document, pay close attention to the information requested and ensure that no offer will be left without links.

    Well-described information

    Try to adapt to the rules of each price comparator. Some do not allow the disclosure of the value in the product description, others require a minimum quality of each image.

    Try to keep your offers within the standards of the chosen platforms and take advantage of the opportunity to generate traffic to your website.

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