▷Steps to Build a Fashion Ecommerce from Scratch

    If you still have doubts on how to create your own Fashion Ecommerce from Zero, this article will answer your main questions.

    Setting up a Fashion Ecommerce is not as difficult as it seems and, in Ecommerce at Prática, we have developed a simple method for those who want to get the idea out of the paper to see the company validated quickly.

    The method is divided into just 4 steps: planning, structure, marketing and customer relationship.

    Throughout this article, you will understand the importance of each of these steps and how they are interlinked to make your business work the right way.

    But first, let’s reflect on some relevant points for a Fashion Ecommerce.

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    Private Brand vs Resale

    A fundamental point to be evaluated during planning (first step of the method that we will talk about later), is whether you will work with your own brand or choose to resell some product.

    Why is this so relevant?

    This detail can change some stages of your Ecommerce, such as the production phase and structure of the online store.

    For example, if your dream is to have your own brand and create your own clothes, you need to make a plan based on your creative work and everything you need to make the piece ready.

    In the case of resale, the planning will focus on copyright issues, suppliers of the ready-made part, among other issues.

    So, first of all, think about which of these two areas you are going to work on and only then can we go on to the method of setting up a Fashion Ecommerce from Zero.

    Come on? First step to create a Fashion Ecommerce is:

    1. Planning

    Graphic design of an arrow indicating planning

    One of the reasons that leads many online stores to bankruptcy is the lack of planning. The action plan is essential so that you have a path to be followed, with goals, objectives and basic information for a company.

    And it doesn’t have to be a plan with thousands of pages and several details. To start, the ideal is to have a simple plan in hand so you don’t waste time and put it into practice as soon as possible.

    Within that planning, you have to think about 3 main factors. Are they:

    Once you know if you are going to create your own products or resell, you can define which products to sell. As we are talking about the fashion industry specifically, you already have a more closed market niche. Just look for something that you are really interested in within that niche.

    There are several options and you can vary, such as printed blouses, accessories, shoes …

    Suppose you wanted to work with accessories, but that niche is still very broad. It is possible to specify even more, for example, selling earrings and silver cords. This makes it easier for you to reach your persona, subject to the next topic.

    As we mentioned earlier, here you will have to define your persona. What audience do you want to reach? Who are these people? What are their characteristics? All of this must be taken into account when defining your persona.

    And, remember: persona is different from target audience. For you to understand better, let’s make a brief explanation:

    Your company’s target audience is thought of in a macro, broader way. Points such as age group, gender, tastes and hobbies are guided to understand who your audience is.

    Ex: Women, aged between 18 and 35 years, who like beach fashion and live in Rio de Janeiro.

    Meanwhile, the persona is the embodiment of your customer. That is, it is an idea with more specific information, much more targeted.

    And, to define the persona, it is important to talk to your possible customers and thus get the necessary information. It is more laborious, but it is very useful to apply the company’s Marketing strategies.

    Mapping the best suppliers is also part of the planning stage. It is here that you will search (but search), the best suppliers in the market and that offer what you need.

    A tip we give our students is: have more than one supplier to ensure that your stock is not missing anything. It may happen that there is a delay or something unexpected and you must be prepared for it.

    2. Structure

    Just like in a physical store, Ecommerce also has a minimum structure for you to start selling on the internet. And here, this structure is much cheaper and simpler.

    We made a list with the main points of the basic structure of Ecommerce:

    3. Marketing

    Megaphone and various graphics representing digital marketing strategies

    To sell fashion on the internet, Marketing is extremely important. It is through good marketing strategies that you will attract customers into your store.

    And how to do that?

    The basis of a good Marketing strategy is the creation of valuable content in your company’s audience channels and advertisements.

    First, let’s talk about content: for your store to reach people on the internet, it is important that you create content related to your product and niche in general.

    And it is not necessary to be very creative for this, simple ideas and directed to your persona will bring good results.

    Let’s imagine that you chose the beach fashion niche and want to promote your store. You can create content showing possible beach looks with the new collection, encourage skin care when exposed to the sun, suggest accessories that can complement the look …

    This type of content creates value for the customer and brings them closer to the brand. After all, just posting product photos doesn’t add much to people’s lives. You need to show your company’s values ​​and create that relationship with the customer through content on social networks.

    Already the ads for those starting from Zero, the most interesting would be to advertise in the broad Marketplaces and also in niche ones like Enjoei, one of the largest Fashion Marketplaces in London. It is a way to reach more people and validate the business as soon as possible.

    4. Relationship

    Finally, and which also has to do with marketing, are the customer relationship strategies.

    We separated these strategies into two stages: service and sales.

    The customer service relationship is directed to doubts, problems and any other questions that may arise during the customer’s purchase journey.

    Because of this, it is recommended that you have more than one service channel (e-mail, direct messages on social networks, phone, whatsapp…) and most importantly: reply to all messages quickly!

    In addition to the solution factor that you must bring when answering the customer, the response time is also crucial to create a healthy relationship with the customer.

    One tool that can help you a lot in customer service is Websites Are Us. This tool integrates all communication channels on the same platform, which saves you time, in addition to optimizing customer service.

    As for sales, what you need to know is that the content there of the Marketing strategies must be aligned with the sales funnel, taking the customer from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel.

    This communication needs to be divided into three phases of the sales funnel, creating the relationship with the customer and stimulating the main action: the finalization of the purchase.

    The funnel works like this:

    Following these 4 steps, you will have a Fashion Ecommerce validated and ready to follow the successful journey of the digital market.

    You can put your idea into practice today …

    And we, from Ecommerce in Practice, will help you. Today, our school is a reference in Ecommerce and has already supported the growth of thousands of online businesses in London.

    In our content and training, you will find vast material that is helping many Brazilians to create and leverage Ecommerce itself.

    *This article was written by the Ecommerce team at Prática.

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