▷Top 10 of the best software to carry out your webinars 2020

    You need to organize a webinar soon and you don’t know which tool to use? That’s good, Websites Are Us has listed for you the 10 best webinar software on the market.

    We have reviewed the features, pros and cons of each software, as well as their features, to make a full comparison of the best webinar platforms in 2020.

    We hope that, after reading this article, you will leave with the webinar software that best meets your expectations and your selection criteria. Let’s go !


    livestorm screenshot

    Livestorm is a browser-based webinar platform designed for customer training, online courses and group meetings. Features include capture pages, video reruns, advanced analytics, audience segmentation and integration with CRM programs.

    Benefits :

    • Easy to use and no download required
    • HIPPA-compliant streaming technology
    • All data is encrypted


    • Cheaper packages are limited to 8 participants
    • Does not support more than 1000 participants
    • Mail workflow functionality is limited

    Useful features:

    • No download required
    • Survey and survey tools
    • Robust analytics for post-webinar data


    clickmeeting screenshot

    ClickMeeting is an online webinar solution that allows companies to run personalized webinars to educate and engage their audience. Features include the ability to create custom capture pages and waiting rooms, support for paid sessions, and an address book with information for each customer.


    • Supports paid webinars
    • Easy and intuitive to use on the presenter side
    • Add-ons make it easy to buy the additional resources you need


    • Larger video files should be downloaded through the media manager
    • Several reviewers have reported connection issues
    • Difficult for participants to navigate on the platform

    Useful features

    • Customize the branding of your webinar
    • Registration page with customizable design
    • The waiting room can be personalized with an agenda


    everwebinar screenshot

    EverWebinar is a platform for creating automated webinars. You can connect with the traveling public, instead of waiting for the next live webinar. They also offer detailed analysis and brand customization options.


    • Very easy to set up webinars
    • Advanced planning system
    • Offers in-depth analysis


    • Does not support live webinars
    • Can be expensive compared to alternative options

    Useful features

    • Just-in-time feature allows webinars to start within 15 minutes of user registration
    • Live chat moderation feature to simulate a live event
    • Integrates with the best email marketing tools

    Zoho Meeting

    zoho screenshot

    Zoho Meeting is a webinar software created by the Zoho CRM platform. Although the functionality is limited, its integration with their CRM and workflow tools can make it a powerful addition for customers who are already using the platform.


    • Supports live and on-demand webinars
    • 15-day free trial, and very affordable after that
    • Integrates with Google Ads and more popular software


    • Limited functionality compared to other webinar platforms
    • Limited to 250 participants (100 for meetings)
    • Limited customization options

    Useful features

    • “Raise your hand” function increases public engagement
    • Possibility to have participating presenters
    • Detailed analytical reports

    Adobe Connect

    adobe screenshot

    Adobe Connect is part of the webinar software from the creators of Photoshop. It allows users to collaborate via video, audio, screen sharing, polls and question and answer sessions. It has a learning curve for new users.


    • Does not require Flash (although it supports it)
    • Ability to control access to URL or registered users
    • Many ways to personalize with webinar templates


    • Limit of 25 participants for lower level plans
    • Expensive, plans start at $ 135 a month
    • Requires third-party connection service for audio

    Useful features

    • Persistent parts, allowing you to reuse content
    • A plethora of engagement features, including surveys
    • Email and capture page templates make configuration easy


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    gotowebinar screenshot

    One of the best known webinar platforms, GoToWebinar is trusted by over 50,000 presenters. It allows you to plan, launch and promote webinars using audio or visual presentations. This platform is ideal for marketing, training and internal communication.


    • 30 day free trial
    • Automates reminders and logon for emails
    • Allows multiple hosts


    • The basic plan is very limited in its characteristics
    • Presenter’s control panel is dated
    • Must download the app for mobile access

    Useful features

    • Automatic invitations and follow-up emails
    • Engagement stimulation surveys and functions
    • Analysis of participant and performance data


    bigmarker screenshot

    BigMarker is a cloud-based web hosting and automation platform designed to help businesses grow through webinars and videos. Features include a no download platform, tons of automation tools, and the ability to reach up to 10,000 attendees.


    • 24/7 assistance
    • Free trial available
    • Easy file sharing in chat


    • No A / B test for landing pages
    • No mobile access

    Useful features

    • Screen sharing
    • Social media promotion tools
    • Polls and vote for engagement


    screenshot zoom

    Zoom is a video conferencing and webinar platform that emphasizes clear audio and flawless video. Their webinar offering allows small businesses to reach 100 interactive video participants and more than 10,000 participants in total. The implementation is designed to be simple and the tools for managing registrations are flexible.


    • Free for up to 100 participants for 40 minutes per webinar
    • Affordable plans start at $ 14.99.
    • Full hosting controls, including mute and polls


    • Limited collaboration tools
    • No mobile access
    • Additional features can make plans more expensive than other options

    Useful features

    • Assistance available for major events
    • Reports for registrants, participants, surveys, engagement and questions and answers
    • HD video and audio capabilities


    webex screenshot

    WebEx is a corporate video conferencing and webinar platform owned by technology giant Cisco. Features include online meetings, team collaboration tools, integration with CRM and other tools, interactive features like screen sharing, chat and polls.


    • Free for up to 50 participants / 40 minute presentations
    • Call option
    • Event planning from start to finish, including emails and follow-ups


    • Additional features can quickly add up in price
    • Stronger learning curve than the other options

    Useful features

    • Organize events for up to 3,000 participants
    • Robust recording and tracking analysis
    • Automated email management


    getresponse screenshot

    GetResponse is a well-known email marketing tool that now offers a webinar function designed to work hand in hand with their current offerings to increase conversions and engagement rates.


    • No plug-in download required
    • Integrates perfectly with their email marketing tools
    • Easy to use interface


    • Limited features compared to other specialized webinar software
    • Lack of automation functions

    Useful features

    • Very powerful chat function to stimulate engagement
    • Real-time feed on Facebook or YouTube
    • Interactive whiteboard for collaboration

    Launch your very first webinar today!

    Have you made your choice and selected one of the best webinar software listed for your activity or business? No time to lose, it’s time to get started.

    Here are the next steps for your very first webinar:

    • Register for the webinar platform of your choice.
    • Choose a date for the webinar and start creating the home page.
    • Write your presentation and create slides.
    • Create a promotion calendar. Make sure to promote on social media and in your email database.
    • Give it a try to make sure you’re comfortable using the platform before your live event.
    • Organize your webinar.
    • Follow up with participants.

    After your webinar is over, be sure to take a look at its stats. You must pay attention to the number of people registered but who did not show up, and those who stayed during the whole presentation.

    Be sure to contact attendees after your event to take advantage of the new leads you have generated. If possible, set up an emailing automation campaign to warm up these potential new customers or cross-sell with existing customers.

    Pay close attention to how your statistics evolve over time. Significant increases or decreases may indicate problems with your webinar platform, email tracking, or even problems with your own presentation.


    Are you looking for a great technical or web marketing provider?




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