▷Top 10 of the best video conferencing software to organize your meetings remotely 2020

    Are you looking for video conferencing software? There are several tools to organize your meetings remotely, whether for private or professional use. The Covid-19 crisis caused a lot of talk about Zoom, but it is far from being the only solution on the market. We have selected for you the 10 best video conferencing software, among which Google Meet, Teams, Zoho Meeting, or GoToMeeting.

    You will have a good overview of the main possibilities available to you. This comparison should help you find the solution that suits you best!

    Top 10 video conferencing software – summary table

    In 2020, videoconferencing is more and more popular with entrepreneurs because there is no need to travel, the distance between you and your partners is reduced even if they are thousands of kilometers from your home.

    Thanks to a microphone, a good internet connection and a camera, it’s as if you were all in the same room. Video conferencing software would be even cheaper and greener, minimizing unnecessary travel and the costs it generates. This will even allow you to frame your meetings and shorten their duration by going to the essentials with very useful options, such as, for example, screen sharing, recording meetings or even slideshows that can be used by participants and you to benchmark from start to finish.

    Discover our top 10 of the best video conferencing software in the summary table below to help you decide in a few minutes!

    Video conferencing software Free version Paid formula from Ideal for…
    Google Meet Yes 4.68 € / user / month * Businesses, Education sector, but also recently, the general public.
    Microsoft Teams Yes 4.20 € * /user / month (Annual subscription only) Companies with an office 365 ETI subscription / Large groups / Schools / collaborative work for very small businesses and Start-ups for the free version
    GoToMeeting Yes for 14 days € 10.75 *

    Billed annually

    (Monthly billing option available but higher)

    Companies of all sizes
    Cisco Webex Yes € 12.85 * / month / host Whatever the size of the teams and companies from the smallest to the largest
    Zoho Meeting Yes € 7.40 * / host / month

    Billed annually

    Individuals, customers, small and large businesses Yes for 14 days € 9 * / month / user

    Billed annually

    Restricted teams. Small businesses and Start-ups
    Zoom Yes € 13.99 * / month / leader Billed monthly

    (Annual option available at reduced price)

    Companies of all sizes
    Skype Yes Free Personal or professional
    ClickMeeting Yes for 7 days Around 23 € / month billed annually *

    (Monthly billing option available but higher)

    Organizations of all sizes
    Adobe Connect Yes for 90 days

    (The test duration may decrease depending on several criteria of use)

    € 46 / month * Companies, professionals and schools

    * Prices: may increase or decrease depending on the plan for which you have opted, if it will be invoiced all year or per month, HT or TTC, basic options, premium, or the various changes linked to a health crisis (for example: the Covid19).

    The 10 best video conferencing software under the microscope

    Google Meet

    Google Meet is a video conferencing tool integrated into Google’s GSuite. Formerly called Hangouts Meet, it is presented as an easy-to-use video conferencing tool for professionals and does not require a specific installation.

    To organize meetings, you just need to have a Gsuite account and share a link with different participants to join the meeting without them having to create an account or install a plugin. However, the options to which you will have access vary depending on the plan chosen.

    The Meet video conferencing tool has undergone several changes since the onset and prolongation of the Covid19 health crisis. Here are the most recent:

    • The tool became free and accessible to the general public provided you just have a classic Google account with access to Gmail. Option available for the web now and soon for the mobile.
    • Gsuite customers who have subscribed to limited paid plans: basic or business, can now access the premium video conferencing options from Google Meet, ranging from live streaming to recording meetings and organizing large meetings that can reach 250 participants, until September 30, 2020. After this date, the account will switch to the initial plan to which the user had subscribed.
    • The presentation of your screen on computer, could display a mosaic of 16 most active participants simultaneously.

    Benefits :

    • Free and attractive prices for access to a wider range of options
    • Access to participants via a simple link without prior registration or account creation.
    • High security level with data encryption during calls / meetings.
    • The Gsuite linked to the Google Meet. Something that greatly facilitates organization by linking your meetings to your google calendar as well as all the other Gsuite features.
    • With Hangouts Enterprise, a call number is generated to reach participants (very useful if your participants do not necessarily have access to an internet connection)
    • Meet application available for Android via the Play Store and iOS via the Apple Store (Installation required for meetings via Mobile)
    • No installation for the web. The app is available via different browsers: chrome, safari, the latest Edge version and firefox.


    • Even with a premium Enterprise ’Enterprise’ account, the number of participants is limited to 250 participants.


    Basic package: € 4.68 / user / month, Business package: 9.36 € / user / month, Enterprise package: € 23 / user / month

    Microsoft Teams

    Since the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, Skype for Business becomes Microsoft Teams! More than just video conferencing software, Microsoft Teams is a very practical and fairly complete collaborative platform for online meetings, file transfer and storage, with instant messaging between team members or any other working group. This video conferencing software is integrated into the Microsoft Office 365 suite but is also available on its own, in free version.

    Benefits :

    • Integration into the Office 365 suite and Microsoft tools, making it possible, among other things, to share and modify excel, powerpoint, word files, etc., allowing real-time collaboration between people on the same team.
    • Safe and secure with a free version available including: unlimited conversations, audio and video calls for individual, group and whole team meetings, unlimited application integration with more than 140 professional applications to choose from, including Adobe, Evernote and Trello, file sharing, personal and team file storage, real-time collaboration with Office, custom screen and background sharing.
    • Available on computers and mobile devices iOS and Android



    Apart from the free and non-binding Microsoft Teams option, you have the choice between the following paid versions giving access to the office 365 suite: microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly Office 365 Business Essentials) at 4.20 € HT /user / month (annual subscription), the Microsoft 365 Business Standard (Formerly Office 365 Business Premium) at 10.50 € HT/user / month (annual subscription) and finally the office 365 E3 € 19.70 excl./user / month (annual subscription).


    GoToMeeting is a simple and reliable video conferencing software created by LogMeIn, allowing you to launch an online meeting in just a few clicks, instantly or scheduled according to your agenda, all without the hassle!

    This videoconferencing software intended for companies of all sizes, promises a pleasant experience, of very high quality, thanks to an intuitive design and the taking into account of possible constraints on the user side, since the tool adapts and synchronizes automatically with the hardware. of these so that the quality of the user experience is as optimal as possible, without cuts or other technical problems.

    As an administrator you will be able to configure a meeting room and grant it its own URL. A new meeting can be started by simply sharing this URL via instant messaging or email with the people you want to invite, regardless of whether they’re connected to a computer or mobile device.

    Discover 19 digital tools to organize remote work, and make telework rhyme with productivity.

    Benefits :

    • A free 14-day trial without adding a bank card, giving you access to fast and efficient videoconferences of up to 250 participants!
    • No obligation to have an account on the attendee side to join an online meeting on GoToMeeting. The possibility of joining a GoToMeeting meeting can be done from the user’s phone, a fixed or mobile application or a web browser.
    • Participants can join a meeting without having to download the software, but just via the browser. (The download is still available if the participant wishes to do so)
    • Flat rates including unlimited video and audio meetings of unlimited duration with screen sharing and instant messaging function regardless of the plan chosen.
    • Integration of GoToMeeting with Slack, Google Calendar, Office 365 module (calendar only) and Salesforce to plan, launch or manage your meetings.
    • 24/7 customer service whatever your package
    • Toll-free numbers for more than 50 countries
    • Encryption of interactions
    • Automatic bandwidth adjustment
    • Availability of voice command to start a meeting with Siri
    • Keyboard and mouse sharing for Business and Enterprise plans


    • The need to have a high speed internet connection rather than the WIFI connection at the risk of experiencing a slowdown in functionality.
    • To take full advantage of GoToMeeting features, installation of the Desktop application is required

    Prices :

    Professional package: 10.75 €: / organizer / month * up to 150 Participants, Business package: 14.33 € / organizer / month * up to 250 Participants, Enterprise package: up to 3000 participants and for which it is necessary to call the sales department for a personalized rate and possibility of group discounts on webinars, conference room solutions and telephones.

    Cisco Webex

    Webex is the video conferencing software that has made its service compatible with a maximum of different platforms, collaboration software and devices, with an incomparable ease of handling. From your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, Mac, enjoy an HD video experience whether you are on the Host or Guest side. Organize your meetings with one click and invite people from outside your organization to join your meeting without any constraints.

    When it comes to video conferencing software, it says interactivity. Cisco understands this with its screen sharing option, even available on a mobile device, to allow any participant to view the documents in question. The recording option of the meeting is just as practical allowing to send by email the recording in MP4 format so as not to miss a thing!

    Benefits :

    • Full screen or document sharing. With possibility of sharing from mobile device
    • Mobile app available and free
    • The Free Plan which offers several interesting options, such as the possibility of reaching 100 participants and the absence of meeting limits.
    • Recording meetings in the cloud with the possibility of receiving recorded meetings in mp4 format by e-mail
    • Unlimited online meetings with no time limit.
    • Integration with Facebook Live making it easy to share the meeting with your subscribers
    • The participant only picks up when he receives a call to join a meeting. No need to download, everything happens on the browser.
    • Packages for everyone. Whether you need to call 2 or 40,000 people, you will no doubt find the Webex solution that is best for you!
    • A productivity gain thanks to the integration of several collaboration tools allowing to launch or join meetings without interrupting your activity: support of your Outlook, Office 365, Google calendars, etc. as well as other tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Slack or Canvas and Moodle!


    • It is not possible to play a network recording on a mobile device.
    • Deadlines may be slow for joining meetings if a major update has been performed.
    • If you are a Mac user you will not be able to join multiple events at the same time. Only one at a time.
    • The session may end if the recipient runs out of disk space during a file transfer.


    Free plan for personal use, Starter plan (for small teams) at € 12.85 / month / host, Plus plan (for medium-sized teams) € 17.30, Business plan (for large teams and large companies) 25.65 €, Enterprise plan: tailor-made price after consultation with the sales teams.
    -the total price of the chosen plan will be calculated at the time of payment-

    Note that Webex prices have been suspended on the official website following the overload encountered due to the Covid19 health crisis. The above plans may experience a change in price or options.

    Zoho Meeting

    Zoho Meeting is a videoconferencing software facilitating remote collaborative work that is part of the toolbox of the very complete and solid, Zoho CRM.

    This videoconferencing software offers a reliable, simple, secure experience during which you can collaborate within your company, by communicating with your team members or maintaining the relationship with your customers via Q&A sessions for example!

    Organizing and holding meetings has never been more fluid and efficient, thanks to, among other things, the function of screen sharing, recording, cloud storage, reports and analyzes. It is even possible to send invitations to participants by email for meetings planned in advance indicating the agenda, date and time, configure automatic reminders and RSVP to confirm attendance while sharing an overview of the the progression of the reunion.

    With Zoho Meeting it is possible to launch and participate in online meetings without any download but only on browser. However, the desktop application remains downloadable for meetings requiring more bandwidth.


    • Availability of Android and iOS applications
    • No download obligation. Zoho Meeting is available from the browser
    • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac
    • Chrome and Firefox extensions to start a meeting instantly
    • Synchronization with your calendars
    • Free 14-day trial version of the plan you are interested in
    • Availability of a completely free version
    • Chat function
    • Ability to launch meetings instantly, by simply sharing a link by SMS, Chat or E-mail
    • Moderator control to get to the point and avoid wasting time. Mute if necessary or remove participants who are no longer concerned by the content of the meeting.
    • Recording and screen sharing
    • International phone numbers
    • Multi-user account and co-branding option
    • Security using SSL protocol and 128-bit AES encryption


    • Limit of free version options

    Discover our selection of the 10 best webinar software.


    Free plan, Meeting plan from around € 7.40 / host / month billed annually.


  favors through its video conferencing and screen sharing software, ease of use with zero complications!

    This videoconferencing software created by LogMeIn, aims to make remote discussions pleasant and possible, with the least effort. Attendees don’t need to install software or create an account to join an online meeting, organizers sign up


    • Screen sharing with possibility of takeover by one of the remote participants
    • Easy to use and intuitive interface
    • Playful format of video thumbnails in a circle instead of the classic square. With the possibility to rearrange the thumbnails as you see fit
    • Synchronization with Outlook calendars and Google calendar
    • In addition to the integration of planning tools, possibility of integrating productivity tools like Slack, Trello and Gsuite and accelerating sales like Hubspot, Yesware, Saleforce, etc.
    • Unlimited audio and easy-to-use instant messaging
    • Customize sharing and background URLs
    • Easy access for videoconference participants via a personalized URL or by entering the meeting code from the website.


    • No webcam feed in the Lite plan
    • The permanent free version has been canceled by LogMeIn with the priority of developing its paid plans and their performance.
    • Quite high prices compared to competing offers, much more enriched with options at lower cost
    • Whiteboard only available for iOS on Iphone and Ipad


    Lite plan at € 9 / month / user for easy online meetings with voice and screen sharing features, Pro plan for online meetings with productivity features at € 17 / month / user, Business plan for high-end meetings range with advanced management functions at 24 € / month / user. Annual payment.


    Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing software in the world. Cloud-based, Zoom offers quality videoconferencing sessions with real-time messaging and content sharing for both internal and external business communications.
    Built-in HD video and audio, recording and transcripts, the possibility of audio calls only, and many other options make the Zoom video conferencing experience as complete as possible.


    • Free version hosting up to 100 participants with unlimited face-to-face meetings
    • The diversity and richness of the packages that can be adapted to any business.
    • Integrated private or public group messaging with the possibility of sharing various content
    • Recording sessions and transcriptions
    • Zoom mobile apps available on iOS and Android
    • Simultaneous screen sharing of participants and annotations
    • Video retouching and virtual backgrounds
    • Various collaboration and calendar tools integrated
    • Available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry
    • Data encryption


    • Limit of 40 minutes for group meetings for the free version of Zoom
    • Mandatory software download


    Free plan, Pro plan € 13.99 / month / leader, Business plan € 18.99 / month / leader, Business plan € 18.99 / month / leader (From 100 hosts for € 1.899 per month).


    Almost everyone knows Skype … This videoconferencing software is among the oldest on the market, having undergone several developments over the years to adapt to current needs and even more changes since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2011.

    Whether on your browser, desktop or mobile application, use Skype for personal or professional use and benefit from a multitude of options that will simplify your exchanges. To participate in a meeting and test the application, it is no longer mandatory to have a Skype account, just join the meeting from the link provided to you, select the “guest” option and continue to Skype web. You will have an overview of the tool but your exchanges will not be recorded. After testing, creating a Skype account is free and will only make your task easier for your next exchanges.

    With Skype you can launch your videoconference in 1 click and invite 3 to 50 participants for free! Note that this video conferencing software supports mobile devices, Windows computers, Mac and Linux, the web via Microsoft Edge and latest versions of chrome and even Alexa from Amazon and Xbox.


    • HD videos with background blur option
    • Ability to launch free meetings without registering or downloading, with only the generation of a meeting link, from Skype on the Web.
    • Exchange encryption for maximum security
    • Possibility to reach people directly on their phone (consumption of Skype credit or subscription to fixed price)
    • Real-time video conferencing captions and translation
    • Screen sharing
    • Mobile app available for iOS and Android


    • There is a fair use limit for Skype which is 100 hours per month, 10 hours per day and 4 hours per video call. After reaching the mentioned thresholds, the video is cut and the videoconference switches to an audio call.
    • Limit of additional options built into Skype.


    Free for video conferences from and to Skype.


    ClickMeeting is basically a webinar tool that also offers online business meetings and collaborations. This videoconferencing and webinar tool has established itself among the largest solutions on the market, due to its reliability, the quality of the user experience and its attractive packages, which are quickly profitable!

    To perform an online meeting, no prior installation is required except for the mobile application necessary to operate on certain devices. To start one, you will have to launch a new event which will be configured by default as a webinar. Just make a few settings to switch to online meeting mode by first entering the created webinar and then switching from “audio” mode to “discussion” mode or, when planning your event, at the level from the list of parameters, search for “room type” and choose “Meeting”.

    Note that online meetings can host with ClickMeeting up to 25 participants for the 3 types of paid plans offered.


    • Lack of installation required
    • Unlimited number of webinars and online meetings can be organized with a single ClickMeeting account
    • Whiteboard
    • Mobile app available and compatible with all the latest versions of browsers, operating systems and devices, including iPads, iPhones and Android devices.
    • Multi-user: from 3 to 5 account users, depending on the plan chosen
    • Availability of screen sharing, screen control, storage of recordings from 6 to 10 hours and file storage from 1 to 2 GB depending on the plan chosen.
    • HD videos with all-new WebRTC technology
    • Possibility of having 1 additional leader at his online meeting
    • Surveys and surveys
    • Private chat with translation and moderation of the chat
    • Integration with a multitude of external tools and software


    • Record storage time limit
    • Limit on the number of participants


    Live package: € 23 per month, billed annually until canceled, Automated: € 37 per month billed annually until canceled, Enterprise package: personalized, for the price consult the sales department.

    Adobe Connect

    The Adobe suite has always made people happy thanks to its powerful graphic creation software, but many are unaware that Adobe systems also offers Adobe Connect, a videoconferencing software based on Adobe flash which offers online meetings to companies, to collaborate remotely thanks the provision of online meeting rooms through its “Meeting” offer, as well as online classes via Adobe Connect Learning and Webinars via Adobe connect Webinars.

    The video conferencing software allows you to launch instant or scheduled online meetings ranging from 25 to 100 participants depending on the package chosen, to share your screen, to use the whiteboard, file sharing, recording, editing and republication online meetings, chat, the option of advanced reports as well as other functionality extensions.


    • Ability to create and share interactive content in one place
    • Mobile application for iOS and Android, Blackberry and Linux, Mac, Web, Windows compatibility…
    • Integrated VOIP
    • Adobe Connect 10.5 version which supports PowerPoint slides, mp4 videos, mp3 audios, pdf documents, etc. in the HTML client.
    • The participant joins the meeting without downloading from his computer
    • Meeting room environment customizable to match your brand image
    • Customizable and permanent URL. With the possibility of scheduling it weekly for example, without having to manually recreate a recurring meeting. The URL remains accessible at any time until the organizer decides to delete or close it once it has ended.
    • Secure exchanges with advanced compliance and privacy protection



    Adobe Connect Web Meetings: for 25 participants from around € 46 / month, for 100 participants contact customer service.

    We scanned the top 10 video conferencing software on the market. We hope that this overview will help you find the software that best suits your expectations, your needs, your budget.

    And to conclude, don’t forget that even from home, a videoconference is as if you were at the office surrounded by your colleagues … a neat image, a calm and tidy place, your work tools as well as the objectives of the meeting must be ready, on hand for more efficiency and above all to avoid troublesome situations!

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