▷Understand the main mental triggers to sell on the Internet

    The term may be unknown, but you have certainly been impacted by the Mental Triggers here on the internet.

    Mental Triggers are techniques widely used to induce or accelerate the customer’s buying action process.

    In Ecommerce na Prática, we use mental triggers in order to show the customer that, besides being interested, he needs the product!

    Do you know when you are looking for a product on a website and suddenly a warning appears on the screen like “Only X units of this product remain”?

    This message triggers the scarcity trigger (one of which we will comment on here in the next topics). Thus, the customer, knowing that the items are close to running out, decides to buy to guarantee the product soon.

    And there are many more triggers that you can implement in your business …

    Continue reading and understand the main mental triggers to sell on the internet.

    Mental Triggers: What is it?

    We can define Mental Triggers as persuasion techniques you can use to induce a person to act. In these techniques, aspects related to the intuitive, emotional and social side of the human being are taken into account.

    That is, you will have to study the psychological part of your leads and also the behavioral part for them to actually buy your product.

    In practice, the main point for the effectiveness of Mental Triggers is to understand the consumer and what would be able to influence him to buy something.

    Here are some ways to use mental triggers:

    • Offers;
    • Product descriptions;
    • Content on social networks;
    • Recommendation boxes on the website;
    • Campaigns and ads.

    Most of these processes are based on persuasive texts, but you can also use the mental triggers in the visual part, either in photos or videos of the company.

    Main Mental Triggers to Sell on the Internet

    1. Urgency

    The Urgency trigger awakens in your lead the feeling of limited time. For example: you are looking for a shirt in the promotion, but you still don’t know very well whether or not to buy it.

    A box appears on the store’s screen warning that this promotion is for a limited time. Certainly, you will think twice before giving up and you may well decide to buy at that very moment.

    You can use the urgency trigger in lightning offers, letting the customer know that this offer will end as soon as possible and he needs to buy so as not to miss this chance.

    That is, the urgency trigger is totally related to time.

    2. Social proof

    The mental trigger of social proof is essential to show the consumer that your service or product really works.

    Since people believe in other people more than in companies, this type of material will help you to convince yourself that you are telling the truth about the transformation of your product.

    A clear example of using the social proof trigger is from companies that leave customer testimonials on the page. This is very common on websites and social networks, where there is even space for the customer’s review.

    3. Anticipation

    The main objective of the Anticipation mental trigger is to generate an expectation in the client about the situation that you will provide.

    Series teasers, films, countdown on social media for launch, parades … All of this is related to the trigger of anticipation.

    You show the consumer what is coming to make them anxious about the final product.

    Apple does this a lot by launching teasers about the new releases of the iPhones line, promoting a pre-sale.

    It is a very subtle trigger that works in any segment.

    4. Shortages

    Scarcity is a mental trigger that brings out the sense of achievement, of having achieved something before others who could be in the competition.

    Understand: nobody likes to lose. Pressing this button of the possibility of losing something in the consumer’s mind makes him act faster, wanting to avoid that.

    This is one of the most powerful triggers for your business, but it should be used sparingly …

    After all, it is useless to say that they are the last 3 units of a product when, in fact, there are 150 in stock (this goes against the basic principle of trust in the customer-seller relationship).

    If your customer buys thinking that he only had one piece of the product and the next day he will check on the website and realize that he still has stock, it is very frustrating.

    Therefore, your store may lose credibility due to a little lie …

    So, avoid problems like this and follow the right path so that the scarcity technique brings the expected result.

    5. Reciprocity

    When we talk about reciprocity, we are talking about the connection between the brand and the customer. The idea here is not just to try to sell the product in some way, but to connect with it in a more affective way.

    It is natural for our instinct to give back to something that generated value, that gave us a good feeling, solved a problem

    To generate this feeling of reciprocity in the customer, you can offer special gifts, benefits, bonuses …

    Even helping your leads and customers with content that is relevant to them can lead to reciprocity.

    Happy birthday messages via email are also a way to show the customer that the brand cares and wants to have him around.

    Be careful with just one point: the mental trigger of reciprocity is very much linked to people’s emotional, so it is necessary to know how to speak and what to say in order not to generate misinterpretations.

    6. New

    Almost all the new features attract a lot of public attention and that is why you need to use this trigger.

    The trigger of novelty, as well as the trigger of anticipation, makes people who are impacted by this technique create expectations. In other words, the new causes this feeling of anxiety to know what are the innovations that are to come.

    The novelty takes the customer out of his comfort zone and stimulates our action in search of the product. Be one of the first to have the product, status, recognition, problem solving…

    These points are linked to the novelty.

    An example of this are the launches of smartphone companies such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola…

    As much as the customer has the latest release in hand and is in perfect condition, the consumer tends to exchange the product for a newer one to have access to the new features of the device.


    Whichever trigger you use in your strategies, be sure to know very well who your persona is and how best to communicate with that person.

    Aligning this with the mental triggers, you will have a marketing strategy with huge potential and, in a short time, you will see your business sales skyrocket.

    At Ecommerce na Prática school, we talked a lot about this subject to help our students’ sales.

    And you can read about more Mental Triggers to apply to your business by accessing this article here.

    This article was written by the Ecommerce team at Prática.

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