▷Voice Searches on Google and Their Future 2020

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    In the digital world, major innovations are changing the way we all use the internet. As voice search technology has advanced in recent years, the way most of us search online is changing. To take advantage of the rapid increase in popularity, SEO professionals should be aware of emerging trends in voice search statistics. This article summarizes the general trends in this framework.

    The voice search feature, introduced by Google in 2011, became important with advances in speech recognition technology, putting voice search at the forefront of search marketing.

    Alexa and Siri

    Current statistics show that 41% of adults use voice search at least once a day.

    Smart speakers are becoming more common in homes around the world. Early products like Alexa and Siri were initially just new and fun; It was fun asking Alexa silly questions just to see how “she” would respond. However, sound technologies have improved greatly.

    Rank Brain

    Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have had a huge impact on how we interact with our smart devices and search the internet. Google’s RankBrain is a prime example designed to recognize words and phrases to learn and predict better results. When RankBrain encounters a phrase it has never heard before, it makes its best “guess” of the searcher’s meaning and intent, and then gives the appropriate matching responses. This ability to “think” makes AI like RankBrain more effective at handling unexpected search queries.

    Voice Search on Phones

    Smart speakers aren’t the only devices that enable voice search adoption. Google’s voice search on mobile is now available in over 100 languages. Until 2016, Google reported that 20% of searches on its apps and Android devices were made using voice search.

    Local Businesses

    Over the past year, 58% of consumers have found local businesses using voice search. And not only is the number of voice search users growing, but the volume of voice searches continues to grow, as 46% of these users use voice search repeatedly to find a local business each time they call.

    The global change and search for flawless voice technology means that marketers will need to regularly review their SEO strategies to optimize voice search. The voice recognition rate offered by Google is already 95% accurate, and Google is not the only technology company working on the excellence of voice recognition to take advantage of voice search.

    Voice Search SEO

    SEO For Voice Searches

    SEO For Voice Searches

    Some of the optimization work you need to do to get hits from voice searches on your site are as follows:

    Using natural language with direct answers to specific questions is a key SEO technique.

    Schema markup (structured data) and rich snippets can help keep queries and answers in context that are better understood by search engines.

    You also need to make sure your content is optimized and up-to-date by eliminating duplicate pages, old contact information, and out of date hours on your site.

    Google My Business

    Because voice search is often used for local searches, it is important for retailers to keep their eCommerce store in the right order with up-to-date operating information in Google business rankings.

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