▷VoIP: what is it and how does it work?

    Today, making calls over the internet is no longer a novelty. After all, apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype and other tools already offer this technology for free.

    However, if you still have doubts about what VoIP is, how it works, when it appeared and how you can incorporate this technology in your company to save a lot, you will like to check out this content that we have prepared for you!

    What is VoIP?

    The term VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, or voice over IP (internet protocol). In addition to being named that way, it is possible to find other references to it, such as VoIP telephony, broadband telephony or even IP telephony.

    Essentially, VoIP is the routing of calls through IP-based telecommunications networks or over the internet.

    Its operation is simple and can be understood from the image below. First, an IP-connected device sends audio that is digitized in data packets to the Internet.

    Before reaching the recipient device, these same data packets are converted back to audio for communication to take place.

    image alt text

    For example, if you make a call via Skype to one of your contacts, it can be considered a VoIP call as it only uses broadband to connect both devices.

    Calls made using DDD and DDI data packets from telephone operators are not considered VoIP calls, as they do not use the internet as a data routing channel, but what we know as networks or telephone lines.

    There are also VoIP telephony systems capable of allowing the connection of devices connected to the internet to devices connected to a telephone line. Websites Are Us itself is capable of doing this, for example.

    Thus, it is possible to make calls via the Internet to DDD or DDI numbers without the recipient having to have the same tool or application installed, configured and connected – such as WhatsApp, Skype, among others.

    Origin of VoIP

    As much as this technology is actually widespread and widely used today, in fact its origin dates back to 1973, having been developed as part of the experiments for ARPANET – the agency network for advanced research projects responsible for implementing the set of TCP / protocols IP.

    However, it was only in 1995 that the technology was launched in a commercial system, called Voltatec. Like essentially all technologies and the internet itself, VoIP underwent several changes before reaching the easily accessible model that we find today.

    Advantages and disadvantages of VoIP

    Now that you know what VoIP is, we can highlight the main advantages and disadvantages related to technology – and how it can impact your own business.

    Advantages of VoIP

    • Lowest cost: you probably already have access to a data package that allows you to connect to the internet. To start using VoIP, it is not necessary to purchase anything else, just download a communication software (we will present the best options below).

    • Greater reach: unlike commercial telephone lines, VoIP communication does not suffer over long distances – it depends exclusively on internet connectivity. This also makes your mobility better – you can continue using it even if you are in another country, as long as you are connected to the internet.

    • Offers integrated business solutions: as we already mentioned, it is possible to use VoIP telephony tools and integrate it with your other communication channels to incorporate the technology into your customer service sector and sales processes, for example.

    Disadvantages of VoIP

    • It depends on the internet connection: this is a disadvantage that must be considered in the same way that conventional calls depend on telephone lines. It is necessary to be connected and external and environmental factors can affect the transmission quality of the data packets – and consequently the call quality – as well as the signal.

    • Call delay or delay: depending on the bandwidth and quality of the connection, there may be delays in the transmission of data packets, essentially creating gaps in communication. It is possible that your recipient takes more than 5 seconds to receive your speeches, for example, something that significantly impacts the quality of the contact.

    Best tools for VoIP calls

    Finally, we could not fail to present tools, applications and software capable of facilitating communication via VoIP. Check out the best options for daily use and for companies:

    1. Websites Are Us

    Websites Are Us is an omnichannel communication platform for business, capable of centralizing all the communication channels you need to chat with customers and your own team, including online chat, internal team chat, email and of course, VoIP telephony.

    With Websites Are Us you have access to features like:

    • Customer data storage;

    • Call forwarding and distribution;

    • Voice greetings;

    • Calls via mobile application;

    • Call recording and transcription;

    • Calls to more than 50 countries.

    Thus, it is easy to serve customers over the phone using VoIP telephony. It is worth checking and improving the quality of service.

    image alt text

    2. Skype

    Skype is Microsoft’s best-known communication software. With it, you will also be able to easily acquire credits and call customers, friends or family using VoIP.

    With it, it is possible to obtain a local phone number and call phones with low rates over the internet. In addition, the software offers a subscription plan, ideal for those who use the resource frequently.

    It is also possible to send SMS via Skype, an interesting differential for those who want to incorporate this channel in their communication strategies.

    image alt text

    3. WhatsApp Business

    WhatsApp Business also serves as an alternative for those who already use the application. However, unlike other professional VoIP phone systems, it is only possible to call other contacts who also use the application.

    In addition, through WhatsApp Business it is imperative that both users are connected to the internet, and it is not possible to use it as a business phone for VoIP calls to DDD or DDI, for example.

    Even so, it is free and convenient for those who are already used to chatting with customers, friends and family through the standard version of the app.

    image alt text

    Did you learn what VoIP is?

    We hope that the content has answered all your doubts about what VoIP is and that our referral tools can help you if you want to integrate this technology into your own business!

    Remember, with Websites Are Us you have access to VoIP telephony, online chat, email, internal chat for teams and much more on a single professional platform. Talk to us here in the chat and ask your questions before you start using!

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