▷Website design: what has changed – what will change

    In this article, we will see what 2020 would bring and how it has been revised.

    In short, for 2020, the following were expected to happen or strengthen:

    1. Module design and cost reduction
    2. Additional increase in mobile usage and responsive design
    3. Customer support via robots
    4. Speed ​​up mobile pages and increase loading speed
    5. Optimization for voice search
    6. Interface-based design
    7. Animated User Interface
    8. Artificial intelligence and cyber security

    Let us now look at them in more detail by adding the changes brought by Covid19.

    # 1. Design in modules and cost reduction

    Websites are built piece by piece, using ready-made pieces that are attached to the frame we have chosen, in order to reduce construction costs. This trend does not seem to be affected by the changes brought to us by Covid19. Equally, due to the reduced revenues of all companies, the tendency to reduce costs will not be limited. The need for cheap sites exists because more and more small businesses are realizing the need to communicate with a wider audience and open their field of action.

    # 2. Additional increase in mobile usage and responsive design

    And here we are dealing with a trend that is not influenced by Covid19. More and more users are using mobile devices and especially their mobile for more and more transactions. This makes the need for responsive design increasingly imperative. Those who do not have websites designed for mobile devices, are out of the game. The almighty Google will display them at the end of the search (if it displays them).

    # 3. Customer support via robots

    The remote work imposed or selected by Covid19 worked in favor of the use of robots for customer service needs. Many customers even find them extremely nice given the immediacy they offer in solving problems. Responsive robots have come to stay and the trend has definitely intensified with the pandemic, as access to physical service points is no longer so tried and tested.

    # 4. AMP and increase loading speed

    Even if one prefers the laptop or the desktop to make a transaction, the information download and market research is done from the mobile. As a result, we understand the role that a site’s mobile loading speed plays.

    Google with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is trying to get entrepreneurs to build sites that load instantly and work smoothly on mobile devices. To achieve this requires very strict regulations in the construction of the site but the tangible result is real, since Google rewards these sites with higher rankings and ads.

    To make the above more understandable, let’s think about the difference between a site that loads in 0.7 seconds and one that loads in 22 seconds. That’s right- this is HUGE!

    The following example shows that even global giants have not yet managed to adapt to Google’s practice.

    # 5. Optimization for voice search

    With or without Covid19 voice search is the future and that does not seem to be changing. As a reminder we will mention that 55% of teenagers and 40% of adults use voice search on a daily basis. The growing trend of using voice search continues, unaffected by Covid19 and this brings many changes to both the search engines, which have to adapt the way the results are found, and the sites that have to adapt their texts so that appear in search results.

    One thing worth noting is that voice searches are mostly done from mobile, which reinforces what is written above for site friendly and adapted to use by mobile devices.

    Another point that needs attention as the voice search spreads is the idea of ​​integrating voice search within the website of each company.

    # 6. Interface-based design

    Here is a much more technical issue: building the function of the applications so that all the connections between them work. What has been happening so far is that first the application was built and then the operating interface. However, it seemed easier for developers to start from the interface (which by the way can “click” in more than one application), and then build the application itself. This benefits in time but also in cost, since the cost of creating the interface can be shared with more customers.

    # 7. Animated User Interface

    The average user’s attention span is constantly decreasing. Some, jokingly, say that it has become smaller than a goldfish. With data from 2013 it seems to be at 8 seconds when the goldfish is at 9 seconds!

    What does this mean;

    Quite simply that we need to get the user’s attention very, very quickly. And what more effective than a moving interface.

    Of course this is not something that was reinforced by Covid19. It is something that has emerged from the constant use of the Internet and the abundance of information circulating through it.

    # 8. Artificial intelligence and cyber security

    In terms of cybersecurity, what is expected is for robots to take over. As the use of Artificial Intelligence grows, which can help from photo recognition to customer service, one realizes that safeguarding internet security is not far off.

    According to Statista, businesses worldwide will spend about $ 2.5 billion on cybersecurity between 2016 and 2025.

    But why are robots so effective at cyber security?

    For many reasons. First of all, because they are on 24-hour vigil without having to sleep, take a break for food or go to the toilet. Secondly, because humans cannot prevent a cyber attack. They can only see it after it has happened and correct the problems. Thirdly because it is ultimately much cheaper.

    If you look like 57% of medium-sized businesses, then you are planning to upgrade your site to be faster, more powerful and more adapted to the new requirements and technologies, so you should not ignore the above article.

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