▷Website hosting – Why it is important to choose the best service possible

    Before you even define which of the ecommerce platforms you will use to build your ecommerce, it is necessary to choose a hosting service for websites. These are the companies that will allow you to set up your domain and take care to keep your website up and running. In other words, they are the ones who will “hold the stride” on the busiest dates in online stores, such as Black Friday or Christmas Eve, days when sales reach their best results.

    This reason alone justifies the hiring of an excellent service for hosting websites, but that is not the only reason that should weigh in your decision. In the following paragraphs, we will show other factors that highlight the importance of choice, we will talk about the different types of hosting and we will demonstrate the services for hosting the best known websites in the market.

    Why is it important to choose a good hosting service?

    What makes the choice more difficult is that there are a multitude of companies that provide this service, reaching the most different price ranges. So there are a number of recommendations to take into consideration before choosing your favorite.

    The first thing to consider is the type of website you want to create and what types of functions it will have. For example, a site focused on video web classes that are sent directly to the site – instead of being shown on YouTube – will have a different need than those who are setting up a virtual store and need systems like shopping cart, checkout and galleries.


    It is also recommended to check with the developer of your website (if you have hired one), what tools and programming languages ​​he will need to use to make the website run perfectly. Remember that hosting services support only a few languages ​​and you will need to know which ones you will need to make your choice.

    The level of security that a service offers is also another key element to take into account. Financial companies that upload customer records online, for example, will need to have security as a decisive factor when choosing the service. Functionalities such as the possibility of also hosting email accounts are also important, especially for those who want to use email marketing as their main tool for dissemination.


    Other details such as the number of sites you intend to open and the volume of traffic expected are also determining factors, especially for businesses that earn through online sales. These are just some of the criteria involved in choosing a page.

    Shared hosting vs private hosting: which one to choose?

    When choosing a service for hosting websites, you will come across these two models. Both have advantages and disadvantages, especially considering the size of your company. To understand both, it is first necessary to explain how hosting works. When hiring a hosting service, you rent space on a server, which will store the information on your page and connect it to the internet, making it accessible to users. That is, it is as if you were renting a property to set up your physical store.


    In shared hosting, several sites – including yours – share the same server. Returning to the comparison of the previous paragraph, shared hosting is like renting a room in a commercial building. You share space and benefits with other tenants, but you are also subject to problems due to your neighbors or the users who access the building. For example, a hacker can break into the server where you are hosted through another website that has nothing to do with you, but that could end up harming you.

    In terms of costs, shared hosting is a good deal, especially for most startups. On the other hand, the division of server capacity and security are more compromised on sites hosted in this way.


    Private hosting is the complete opposite of this. Instead of taking up space on a shared server, in private hosting you rent the server in question, as if you were renting the entire office building. Obviously, the cost of using private hosting is higher than that of shared hosting, but you will be less at risk of being attacked, as the server will be better protected. It is also worth considering that your sites will be the only ones to use server resources, that is, your sites will not suffer from spikes in access from other pages outside your domain.

    8 most popular services for hosting websites

    Possibly the best known website hosting service. With affordable plans and the possibility to hire both shared and private hosting, HostGator also allows you to host pages made in WordPress, ideal for blogs that intend to open an ecommerce.


    Hostinger really stands out among the rest, being one of the best options for hosting websites in the world. They cover a wide variety of services, such as hosting for WordPress, Cloud, VPS, cPanel and also offer their own website creator and domain verifier. Ensure a responsive, stable and fast website using their service.


    The third hosting service is GoDaddy. Also counting on affordable plans, one of his main advantages is his website creator, allowing him to create his own page without having to hire the services of another platform. Other features include email hosting and a wide variety of domains to choose from.


    One of the biggest services for hosting websites in London. Founded in 1998, Locaweb brings hosting and professional servers in the cloud – with more space and security than free services like Google Drive or Dropbox. It also allows you to hire private accommodation and brings plans in all price ranges.


    Another London service, UOLHost also brings servers in the cloud and an internal website creator. Its main advantage for those who want to open a virtual store is its service VirtUOL Store, which brings the .store domain, consultancy in the area and allows you to create a mobile version of your ecommerce in the intermediate and advanced plan. Another advantage is the lower rate for sales through the PagSeguro digital wallet, the main alternative to PayPal in London.


    Closing the list, we have KingHost, which brings hosting of websites and emails, in addition to compatibility with WordPress. Also relying on a website creator, KingHost also brings the .store domain to virtual stores, in addition to having an SSL security certificate and bringing educational material in SEO to help your page have better ranking on Google.

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    Now that you know the importance of choosing a good service for hosting websites and also some examples among the best known, you can choose which one will best serve you more wisely. After choosing your hosting and domain, you can now build your website and plan which tools you will put in your ecommerce. At this stage, acquiring an online chat is essential to serve your future visitors and customers, so be sure to check out our features and click on the link to register and test Websites Are Us for FREE for 14 days!

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