▷What e-commerce features are essential for Black Friday?

    THE sexta-feira Negra has increasingly become a real success. Last year, 2019, the commemorative date broke the record for highest order handling in just two days!

    In a scenario of great growth of e-commerce and new consumers, sure that this will be the biggest Black Friday ever!

    Therefore, it is essential that your e-commerce has the main features to sell a lot on Black Friday! Continue reading and check out what e-commerce features you need for Black Friday!

    One page checkout

    THE one page checkout it is a payment model and checkout, which mainly helps in conversion rate, but it can also increase your sales.

    In this format, the one page checkout is done in a single page and this helps to avoid the abandonment of carts and, consequently, improves the shopping experience. That is, instead of five pages, the customer finalizes his purchase in one single step.

    More than ever, online consumers are after great shopping experiences. And that can be a big differentiator in a sexta-feira Negra almost completely digital.

    An VERY important part of the customer’s purchase journey is checkout. It can be the reason why a lot of consumers decide abandon a purchase. Prioritize convenience and security, that is, offer customers the facilities they are looking for: various means of delivery and payment, speed and transparency.

    Responsive layout

    Research shows that people spend 51% of their time using the internet on mobile devices, against 42% that is spent on computers. That’s why it’s so important to have a model responsive website that is compatible with mobile devices.

    Responsive design for e-commerce helps in different spheres, especially in the speed of data loading. That is, in addition to the visual being more attractive and structured, the user does not have to wait so long. This measure is effective because assists in reducing the dropout rate, either from the page or purchase.

    So, make sure your e-commerce platform provides responsive layouts.

    Promotion countdown timer

    A widget countdown it can be a fun way to boost the holiday mood and also motivate buyers to take action! It’s a great way to create a sense of urgency in your customers and make them make the purchase decision more easily!

    Find out here how you can set up a promotion countdown on your e-commerce!

    SEO friendly

    Make sure your website is up to date on SEO issues. THE IF THE is important because it can help improve your page visibility and ranking on Google. Check your site’s title tags, meta descriptions, existence of 404 error pages and also URLs.

    Many people ask what is the best e-commerce platform to work with SEO. The answer is simple: an e-commerce platform with friendly SEO.

    Without a e-commerce platform with friendly SEO, some good search optimization practices cannot be applied, compromising the performance of the online store.

    Being positioned on the first page of search engines is wonderful. However, for this to happen it is necessary to follow the good SEO practices. And for that your platform must adapt.

    ISET, for example, is a platform that is always at the forefront of good SEO practices. Many of the optimizations are automatic or semi-automatic (allow customization) while many others you have complete control.


    Regardless of its focus, every promotional campaign is headed towards the same ultimate goal: increase product sales and consequently, generate more profit for the company.

    So, in addition to investing in promotions, it is also ideal to track and analyze stock performance. When the promotion ends, it is very important to extract reports that compile a compilation of good practices to assist in planning of the next steps.

    In addition to pointing out how each stage of the campaign behaved, the data obtained will contribute to the optimization of your budget, ensuring that the amount invested is used to the maximum and always with a focus on the final conversion.

    So, for that, it is essential to have a monthly report made available by your e-commerce platform with all your e-commerce metrics.

    Varied integrations

    In addition to the basics, as varied means of payment and logistics, other features may also be essential.

    Having anti-fraud and management systems integrated into your e-commerce platform can be quite useful, especially on Black Friday. It is interesting to have a price comparator, since keeping an eye on the competition is a good pricing strategy.

    In addition, having the online chat in the online store can be a differentiator for your brand when it comes to customer service. So, make sure your e-commerce platform integrates with an online chat system to start preparing for Black Friday.

    I hope I helped you understand what features are essential for your online store on Black Friday. Now, just start organizing these questions in advance!

    This article was developed by iSET: a complete e-commerce platform to create a virtual store that really has results, where you find all the resources you need to create a store from scratch or sell over the internet more profitably.

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