▷What is Brand Awareness? 2020

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    Brand awareness, the degree to which a brand is recognized by the target group and is associated with a product or product category. This is the customer awareness of the brand. Brand awareness is the first step in strategically influencing the customer’s decision making process.

    Companies spend a lot of money to inform their customers of their brands. However, it is still an unmeasurable metric, and having awareness doesn’t always mean people will buy your brand’s products. However, brand awareness is of great importance for companies, especially new ones.

    Brand awareness is a popular term and is the process of getting the products and services of businesses of all sizes recognized. Companies improve brand awareness through messaging, design, social media, ads and more.

    Why Is Brand Awareness Important?

    Brand awareness, It is the level of recognition and attribution of a potential customer to your products and services. For example, if you need a cold drink while walking in Kadıköy on a hot day, chances are you may think of Pepsi or Coca-Cola. There are many other cold drinks on the market, but both Pepsi and Coca have managed to create brand awareness in consumers’ minds.

    Coca-Cola is the greatest example of brand awareness in history. Even if you haven’t been drinking, you know what Coca-Cola’s logo looks like, the shape of the glass bottle.

    Brand awareness, referrals, public relations, news, social media etc. It spreads through channels. If it goes as planned by the company, it creates a positive perception in customers’ minds. Suppose a friend told you about a Uyghur restaurant where he had a good experience. Even if you don’t go to the restaurant, you tend to recommend the Uyghur restaurant to everyone in a positive way.

    Brand awareness nurtures trust. When you see people interact with a brand and have a good experience, it builds your trust in that brand, even if you haven’t tried it yet. Suppose you visit a third world country and come across three different restaurants; Two are local restaurants and one is McDonald’s. Even if you haven’t eaten in your country, you are likely to go to McDonald’s. This is because you know the brand and trust hygiene practices.

    The more people become aware of a brand, the more valuable that brand becomes. Brand equity is the value of the brand as a separate asset. It makes a generic offer that stands out just because it is offered by a particular brand. Brand awareness creates the perceived value of the brand.

    Companies with high brand awareness can earn more revenue. For example, when you visit a laptop market, many products and options are available. However, having a differentiated product in mind makes Apple or Monster different from other competitors in the market. This happens when companies successfully promote brand awareness across the marketing location.

    How to Build Brand Awareness?

    Brand awareness is built by establishing a relationship with the customer where their interests come to the fore. You need to focus your brand awareness and awareness strategy in such a way that your products meet the needs of customers without much effort. A strong branding strategy revolves around a strong product. You have to make sure that you meet your customers’ needs without putting too much effort. Whatsapp, for example, created a free instant messaging app in 2009 where most of the target audience communicated via paid text messages. It spread rapidly.

    Positioning is important. Different brands use smart positioning strategies to increase brand awareness. They can position themselves as a premium product in a market filled with everyday products, or an economical and affordable product in a market filled with premium products. To increase your brand awareness, you need to look for a desirable but undiscovered positioning that can be capitalized. A good example of branding through positioning is Apple. The company has positioned itself as the most premium brand anyone could choose in the smartphone industry. This created a cult following, acting as the brand’s heralds and spreading the brand message.

    Another good way to build brand awareness is to let other famous brands talk about you to their audience, interpret you. Companies with good followers, social media influencers, celebrities, etc. can be exemplified as.

    It is difficult for your target audience to get to know you unless you meet them where they are. It’s good to take advantage of trends by using social media to build an image on your target audience. You’d better behave like a human rather than a robot, using social media to create posts that your users love to see and interact with, offer them rewards for sharing, and thus spread your brand message.

    It can often be a good idea to start a referral program or invest in an affiliate strategy. These types of strategies delegate the work of spreading brand awareness to other people at a lower cost than if you did it yourself. What’s more, referrals have more convincing power than your ads.

    You can create an attractive referral program where your existing customers will get something of value when they recommend your brand or product to someone else. Similarly, providing good commission rates attracts your many talented brands with good followers.

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