▷What is Google Drive? 2020

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    Google Drive is Google’s cloud service that allows you to store and sync your files for easy backup and access from multiple devices such as your desktop computer, smartphone, and tablet. You can also use Google Drive to collaborate with others, share documents, and let others edit them in real time.

    What is Google Drive?

    Google Drive is part of the suite of Google apps. Drive allows you to store documents and files in the Cloud. Basic Drive is free for all registered Google users and gives you up to 15 gigabytes of free storage. You can upload documents to your Google Drive and share them with friends, family and even colleagues. You can set permissions so that your Google documents or forms can be edited by those who have access to the file. Documentation; it can also be locked so people can only view and edit the document.

    How to Open a Google Drive Account?

    To start using Google Drive, you must create a Google Drive account at Click Create Account. Fill in your information and click Next.

    On the welcome screen that will come after the account is opened, click on the Google Docs option, which takes you to your Google Drive.

    What Can Be Done With Google Drive?

    The benefits you get from Google Drive depend on how extensively you use it. You can use Google Drive to back up your files. Your free account comes with 15 GB of free storage, and you have the option to purchase more storage for a monthly fee. For safe storage, simply upload your files from your desktop computer to your Drive.

    Or you can download the Google Drive app to automatically sync your files with your Drive.

    You can download the Google Drive app to your smartphone or tablet. The app lets you view, share and print your documents from wherever you take your device. You can also scan documents with your phone or tablet’s camera and upload them to your Drive.

    But Google Drive isn’t just for storage purposes. To get the most out of your Drive, you can use it as a productivity tool like a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a slide show program, and even a drawing program. If you don’t want to spend money on software, that’s great because these Google apps are free and have basic functions that most people need. Documents you create are stored in your Google Drive account, which you can view from your computer or other devices.

    Google Drive Functions

    ✔ Drive offers you 15 GB of free online storage. You can store a wide variety of file types and folders.

    ✔ You can access your files from anywhere.

    ✔ You can search files by content and name.

    ✔ You can easily share folders and files.

    ✔ You can view your content quickly.

    ✔ You can set the access levels for people who can view, edit and comment.

    ✔ You can view the file activity and details.

    ✔ You can use your device’s camera to scan paper documents.

    ✔ If you are not connected to the internet, you can edit and view some files offline.

    ✔ With integrated Sheets, Docs and Slides applications, you can create documents and files instantly.

    ✔ You can browse past versions: You can look up to 30 days ago on most file types, making it easy to see changes and revert to previous versions.

    ✔ Android app allows you to scan all your printed documents as PDF, just take a photo.

    ✔ You can save gmail attachments by hovering over an attachment in Gmail and searching for the Drive logo to save any attachment to your Drive.

    ✕ It is not recommended to upload your confidential files.

    If you really want to get the most out of using Google Drive, you can use it to collaborate with others. For example, let’s say you are creating a document that requires input from several different colleagues. You do not need to email this document for updates, and then check repeatedly that you are using the most current version. Just start your new document on your Drive and then share it with your colleagues. Depending on the permissions you set, your colleagues can only view or edit the document. There is only one document, but many people (even at the same time) can modify it.

    However, keep in mind that when you share a document in Google Drive, the people you share it with will be able to see all the changes you have made, and can change the document if you allow them. So be sure to allow people you trust.

    Sample: Suppose you meet your colleagues and brainstorm something new. Open a Google Drive document (a word processing document or spreadsheet) and share it with others. Use the document as a virtual whiteboard to take notes about your brainstorming session. Or let others update the document with their own ideas in real time, visible to everyone else in the meeting. This can be useful especially if your colleagues are in different places these days when we are experiencing the corona epidemic.

    What Does Cloud Storage Mean?

    Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service. It allows you to store files in the cloud and easily share files with others. Google Drive is also an office suite that includes Google Docs (word processing), Google Sheets (spreadsheets), Slides (slideshow presentations) and more. You can collaborate with others to edit Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides at the same time.

    “Cloud” is the term for a network of servers working together to provide a service. “Cloud” is not actually a cloud, but a short term used to describe a network of servers spread over various locations. When you store files on a cloud storage device, this means that the files are stored on a network of servers owned by the storage provider rather than a single physical location (such as a computer’s hard drive).

    When you upload a file to your Google Drive, it is now stored in multiple copies (called “redundancy”) on Google’s server network of many data centers spread around the world. For more information on Google’s data center network, you can check out Google’s data center locations page.

    The cloud is considered more secure, as the risk of losing files is much less. Files stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. On the other hand, files stored on a physical hard drive may not be as secure; If the hard drive fails, all files are lost.

    However, the opposite is also true. Keeping your confidential files on cloud drives can be a risk for you.

    Does Google Drive Provide Privacy?

    If you value high levels of privacy, Google Drive probably won’t be for you. Google acknowledges that it actively scans and analyzes everything you upload.

    They do this to “provide you with personally relevant product features such as customized search results, custom advertising, and spam and malware detection”.

    Mainly, they are interested in making money from you with ads, in theory. This is theoretically what business models are based on. The actual situation may be different.

    What Types of Files Can I Store in Google Drive?

    You can store almost any type of file on Google Drive. Google Drive office suite files (including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides) are all specific to Google Drive, meaning they can only be stored and opened on Google Drive.

    Which Browsers Work with the Web-Based Platform for Google Drive?

    You can use the Google Chrome browser for a good Google Drive experience. Most other browsers will run the web-based version of Google Drive but with more limited functionality.

    Final Words About Google Drive

    Google Drive is an online file storage service that provides you with 15 GB of cloud storage for free. You can use it to create and store documents, and share folders and files with other people. Google Drive is also used to synchronize files between your online Google drive and computer. It also allows you to right-click a document in the Google drive folder on your computer to share files, documents online through your computer file system. Although the benefits outweigh the benefits in general, we do not recommend that you upload confidential files.

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