▷What is Marketing Automation and What are the Main Advantages

    The advancement of the use of social networks and the digital transformation have given rise to a gigantic volume of interactions on the web. Dealing with this would be practically impossible if it were not for the help of effective marketing automation resources.

    Specialized software allows trigger messages, perform activities and sort leads within the funnel, all automatically. For marketers, having the support of these tools means having great dynamism in their daily tasks.

    But do you really know what marketing automation is? In this post we will show you why this has been so important. Check out the advantages provided and learn how to choose the right tool!

    What is marketing automation?

    Can you imagine what it would be like for a marketer to have to handle all of their daily tasks manually? Classifying leads, triggering emails, maintaining a relationship with the public, posting on social networks, checking indicators and a number of other demands are simply basic activities in the routine.

    However, without the support of a tool it would be tiring and would take a long time to take care of it all. Marketing automation involves scheduling the execution of all these tasks, so that they are performed automatically, using software that supports it.

    These tools are capable of doing a great deal of work from basic commands, identifying patterns and acting in a programmed manner.

    The main function of automation is precisely to increase the productivity of the marketing sector. With a high number of interactions on social networks, the public consuming content and leads entering the sales funnel, for example, it is impossible to be able to handle everything manually. But an automation tool is able to take care of these demands and support the professional.

    In practice, this software has two basic functions in its use: increase the effectiveness of the marketing team’s actions and improve work productivity, that is, providing a greater volume of tasks performed, without requiring more time from the team.

    What is Marketing Automation

    What are the advantages of marketing automation?

    Marketing automation provides a series of advantages that make work more practical, efficient and, above all, strategic. With less need to dedicate to the operational part, the professional focuses on the analysis and development of campaigns, leaving the trigger and execution of them to specialized software.

    See below what are the main advantages of using a tool and know what are the main gains that it offers in daily marketing.

    Reduction of recurring tasks

    The routine of a marketer can be very tiring without automation. After all, there are many recurring and tiring activities, such as shooting, developing landing pages and creating new lead capture mechanisms.

    These and other tasks are part of the strategy, but they simply take too much time that can be used for really strategic and decisive demands.

    If you have a tool as a support, it is capable of automate a large part of that work, leaving everything scheduled to run. The professional can leave the way the e-mails will be triggered during a lead’s nutrition, for example. This ensures that the strategy is effective and that conversions are generated.

    Higher chances of conversion

    From the moment a lead is captured, it enters your nutrition schedule and will be fed to generate new conversions. Have you ever imagined what it would be like for a professional to have to examine each lead, observing from which mechanism it was captured and then continue analyzing his interests to propose new content?

    This job simply would not do anything! Marketing automation allows for the timely registration of the origin of that lead, which already automatically places it in a group with common interests.

    From this information, it is enough for the professional to develop an adequate nutrition flow, which will send more opportune offers and more chances of generating conversions.

    Communication segmentation

    Segmentation is perhaps the most important point when it comes to marketing automation. Every company has a specific audience and needs trigger campaigns, publications, actions and other mechanisms in a specific way, focusing on these people. This would be very difficult to do manually, without the support of a tool capable of carrying out this direction.

    A company may have different segmentations at its base, due to the fact that it works with different offers of products and services. This shows how automatic segmentation provides fundamental support to make offers more appropriate for each group of people. Thus, the chances of proper communication and conversions taking place greatly increase.

    Effective lead nutrition

    Every care is little when it comes to nurturing the leads you got in your digital strategy! Since any precipitation can result in the loss of that contact, what you need is to build a flow of nutrition. Thus, all steps will be properly completed and the final offer will only be made when the lead is fully educated in relation to the product or service.

    Marketing automation plays a big role in supporting email marketing. It is this that allows this cycle of messages with offers to be made respecting the ideal time that that lead needs.

    If you are able to nurture these contacts with the ideal construction of offers, respecting the stage of the funnel in which it is, the chances of getting conversions at the time of the offer are greatly increased.

    Optimized management of social networks

    Social networks are a fundamental and almost primary part of Digital Marketing strategies. Through them it is possible to sell, run campaigns and get good leads to follow a nutrition to generate conversions. However, any work there is only done from automation tools.

    From the posts to the shooting of sponsored links, everything is done with the support of solutions, whether internal, that the networks themselves offer, such as Facebook Ads, or other support platforms. Only in this way is it possible to segment efficiently, consult metrics and continue with a productive and profitable strategy on social networks.

    Marketing Automation How It Works

    What to consider when choosing a tool?

    Once you understand how useful marketing automation can be, the next natural step is to look for a tool that will help you achieve all these advantages. You will find some great options on the market, but understand that the platform needs to be useful for your business.

    Therefore, check below some parameters that should be considered in your search for a tool. Your choice must be fully adapted to the reality of your marketing demands.

    Analyze its functionality

    What does this platform offer in terms of functionality? There are usually countless options, but they need to be really functional and useful for your routine in marketing. Before choosing which tool to use, find out how it will propose this daily support.

    Smaller companies do not always have a broader need and, at first, fewer functions will lead to reduced costs. This may be the best choice, because it is possible to expand services in the future, should the business start to scale.

    Research about ease of operation

    As much as we are in the age of technology, not every digital application is quite simple to operate. The more features, the greater the chances of getting complicated – although this is not a rule. It is precisely because of this possibility that you must understand in advance whether a particular tool is simple to operate in everyday work.

    This facility will provide a quick adaptation and satisfactory results in the first weeks of use. After all, without having to learn to use the tools, employees are able to execute demands in a more intuitive way, without wasting time. All of this contributes to maintaining productivity in marketing strategies.

    It values ​​a platform with integration

    Marketing automation is also done with data support. They are in the leads, in the results of social media campaign and in several other important sources. Tools need to capture this information to generate reports and even to perform their actions automatically.

    Access to this data only happens efficiently if the chosen platform is able to integrate with other tools, like a CRM and mainly social networks. Have you ever imagined having to check these numbers and data to be able to insert in the platform used? This would completely negate the concept of marketing automation and make work tiring.

    Assess the cost of deployment and use

    How much will this tool cost your company? Each company has a financial reality and this needs to be evaluated before choosing which platform to use. The amounts must be compatible with the company’s financial limits, that is, your budget.

    This cost will always be associated with the breadth of functionality and the volume of work with which the tool will work. So, if your company is less demanding, look for a tool with an interesting cost-benefit, that is, one that delivers what you need at a fair price!

    Marketing automation is present in the reality of large companies and agencies. Without these resources, it becomes very difficult to be efficient in strategies, especially in audience segmentation and lead nutrition.

    Do you have questions about choosing an automation tool for your campaigns? Check now which are the main ones!

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