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    SSH / Secure Shell is a network communication protocol that allows two computers to communicate and share data. A natural feature of ssh is that the communication between the two computers is encrypted, meaning it is suitable for use on unsecured networks.

    SSH is often used to “log in” and perform transactions on remote computers, but it can also be used for data transfer.

    What is SSH?

    SSH, Secure Shell, is a popular, powerful, software-based approach to network security. When data is sent to the network by a computer, SSH automatically encrypts / scrambles the data. Then, when the data reaches the targeted recipient, SSH automatically decrypts it. The result is transparent encryption. Users can operate normally without realizing that their communications are securely encrypted on the network.

    In addition, SSH uses modern, secure encryption algorithms and is effective enough to be involved in mission-critical applications at large companies.

    How Does SSH Work?

    SSH has a client / server architecture. Usually an SSH server program installed and run by a system administrator accepts or rejects incoming connections to its host. Users then run SSH client programs on other computers to make requests from the SSH server, such as “Please run this command”. All communications between clients and servers are securely encrypted and protected against tampering.

    Functionality of SSH

    Encryption is a way of hiding a piece of data so it becomes unreadable unless you know how to decrypt or decrypt the data. SSH was created as a secure communication path that encrypts data through a tunnel so bad people cannot receive the data in transit. With SSH, you can still see the data being transferred and how much data was transferred, but you cannot see what the data was.

    SSH is really useful because you don’t need physical access to another machine; you can easily connect to it over the internet. This allows us to control servers remotely. SSH first emerged in the mid-1990s and was also designed to replace Telnet, an application layer protocol that transfers data without encryption.

    SSH is generally implemented using a client-server model. One computer is called an SSH client and another machine acts as an SSH server or host.

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