▷What is the Importance of Payment Automation for Ecommerce?

    Online shopping has grown every year in London. This scenario demands constant evolution, in addition to speed and quality throughout the process. Payment automation is the main tool in adapting online businesses to faster and safer checkout processes.

    Automation means increased sales and better financial management. Everything is done online, eliminating repetitive processes, reducing delinquency and cart abandonment.

    In this article, you will learn about the definitions of payment automation and its benefits for e-commerce. In addition to the way this tool impacts the customer’s good shopping experience.

    E-commerce in London

    E-commerce fell in the London taste, gaining expressive space in consumption habits. In 2018 alone, growth was 12%, representing a total of R $ 53.2 billion, according to Ebit. The rise of e-commerce in the country has led many stores to migrate from physical to digital space, or even work with the two together.

    Cellular purchases already represent an expressive value and tend to grow more and more. The requirements for this medium are different, as they require practicality, good experience and, above all, speed.

    For this reason, the entire research process until checkout must be free of obstacles and bureaucracy. A good means of payment is able to guarantee these features, all with more security.

    Ecommerce in Brazil

    What is payment automation?

    Payment automation is nothing more than the integration of electronic processes related to financial transactions. Specific software is used that integrates all processes and performs them automatically, mainly repetitive ones.

    For e-commerce, we have gateways, also called payment intermediaries. These solutions make the connection between virtual stores and customers. From there, they do the analysis and the transaction process with the bank, which they may or may not authorize. This is where automation comes in, which will allow you to manage collections, organize payments, generate slips, reports, among others.

    Data security

    Automation allows you to add more layers of security, because, by being integrated with the processes of the intermediary, it is managed by only one part avoiding risks.

    With the processes concentrated in a single place, it is possible to establish communication between the sectors of the company. Thus it is possible to predict failures, identify problems and suggest improvements to the process.

    Registered payment slip

    With a payment intermediary it is possible to issue registered slips automatically and still send them completely electronically. It is faster and eliminates the cost of printing.

    Recalling that a payment slip issued by payment automation platforms has no costs, being paid only after clearing. Again, we have cost savings that can make all the difference to a growing online business.

    Sales performance control

    Payment automation allows complete parameterization of all sales, generating complete reports to monitor the volume of business. Thus, it is possible to identify bottlenecks or management failures that previously went unnoticed.

    Financial management

    Generating profits and having a good profitability is essential for the growth of any business. But to achieve these goals, it is necessary to plan and analyze expenses and revenues, in order to distribute resources in a balanced way.

    Financial management allows forecasting sales for the coming months and preventing any losses caused by low sales volume. Everything possible from data consolidation and a complete platform that delivers this type of functionality.

    Financial management

    Evolution of customer experience

    The consumer is adopting new behaviors, becoming more and more demanding. This means that companies have to constantly adapt and improve their services and platforms.

    Therefore, an e-commerce should offer the best browsing experience, product selection, purchase and payment. It must also guarantee total security in financial transactions, since it deals with sensitive customer information.

    If the customer is not satisfied with what your site offers, he will certainly go to the other dozens of options on the market. Therefore, you must stand out from all of them and offer a differential. And so, retain them for future purchases.

    Transparent checkout

    Did you know that 80% of carts are abandoned before finalizing the purchase? This can occur for several reasons, but the main ones are difficulties in the process, a lot of information to be filled out. The consumer demands speed in all processes, when he encounters obstacles he feels unmotivated.

    A transparent checkout ensures more fluidity in the purchase process, because the customer stays on the site from start to finish, without redirections. In addition to offering several facilities such as 1-click purchase. This reduces unnecessary friction during checkout.

    Payment options

    More payment possibilities give the customer flexibility. Even with all credit and debit card technologies, boleto bancário is still the favorite of Brazilians. Therefore, offering all options is the best way to serve your customer in the best way.

    Payment automation

    Customer service

    It is essential that the online business has an open channel and is always available to serve the customer, when he needs it. Whether to solve a problem or explain a product.

    A humanized service focused on customer satisfaction is so important that it is no longer a differential but something intrinsic. Therefore, your company must ensure a good platform, which is easy and intuitive to use. In addition to having a trained team to provide full service.

    With the information concentrated in a single system, access is facilitated and service can be done in real time. The customer cannot and does not want to waste time, speed is essential.


    As we saw throughout the article, payment automation brings more productivity, security and still guarantees a great experience for your customer. This has a positive impact on the company’s reputation, and reduces chances and losses.

    Assess how your business is doing today and find out how you can start implementing payment automation.

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