▷What to avoid to succeed in online sales of your online store

    London e-commerce has never experienced a movement as intense as in recent months, more precisely since the beginning of the quarantine in the country in March. Online sales are soaring, e-commerce has gained millions of new consumers and the creation of online stores has increased considerably.

    E-commerce has become a great opportunity for many people who have lost their jobs or who have had to close their physical stores. And as many say about the “new normal” due to the pandemic, the trend is that the role of online sales will remain over the next few months.

    But every opportunity also brings challenges. It is not enough to simply create a store and have good products to sell on the Internet. You need to have a strategy, structure your actions well, do a good job of marketing for disclosure and avoid some mistakes that have been common in this medium.

    We will see in this article what are the main mistakes that should be avoided, as well as some necessary precautions when opening your online store and starting your sales.

    Slightly harmonic layout and structure

    With so many stores created in such a short time (there are more than 100 thousand new stores in two months according to ABComm), in addition to the lack of experience and knowledge of many tenants, some sites end up sinning in the visual aspect.

    You must have already accessed some visually disorganized online page, which gives a feeling of mess and does not pass credibility. Yes, it is possible to lose a lot of sales due to problems like these.

    It is essential to have a standardized visual identity for your store. Highlight your brand, use colors harmoniously, organize your categories and products well. Your business card and showcase are the visual quality of your website. This is how you will attract the attention of those who visit your store.

    Do not make the mistake of many shopkeepers who, in the rush to start selling soon, are not taking good care of the layout, structure and look of the website. Take time to organize everything properly, explore experts if you can afford it and ask the opinion of people close to you to help you evaluate.

    Most e-commerce platforms offer tools for you to customize the store yourself. The use of ready-made templates facilitates this process, and you just adjust and adapt to have the “face” of your brand and stay a website with an attractive and practical look for consumers.

    Lack of product information

    Another recurring problem in e-commerce is the lack of more complete product information. And in the case of a virtual store, especially if you are unable to offer an online chat, there is no salesperson or attendant who can take questions from the consumer.

    So, ideally, you should give your store visitors as much information as possible. It is quite common for a person to give up on a purchase because he does not find if product X has a detail he is looking for. This happens a lot, for example, with electronics and home appliances.

    It could be the voltage, it could be some kind of secondary function that the device could perform, it could be the colors and so on. When in doubt, the consumer abandons the purchase and looks on another website that contains the description he was looking for in the description.

    And there’s one more important detail! Use good images to assertively illustrate each product. The images positively complement the descriptions, and they are the ones that will initially attract the attention of visitors. And the impact of the images goes much further, they also interfere with the previous topic, the layout and visual aspect, and even the next one that we will deal with, on navigability.

    Once again, spend extra time and care for your product descriptions and information. This work will be rewarded up front.

    Have good product descriptions to improve online sales

    Poor navigability

    Have you ever visited a website that had poor navigation, was slow to load, had problems with images and had difficulty finding the most basic information?

    We bet yes!

    This is another very recurring situation and one that causes many complaints and disorders. A bad browsing experience is crucial for the visitor to leave the site before even starting a purchase process.

    Imagine you invest heavily in advertising, marketing and advertising, bring hundreds of visitors to your site daily and unfriendly navigation raise your bounce rates?

    This will represent a wasted investment, little conversion of visitors into leads and consequently little sales. So avoid bad navigability and run tests. If there are problems, identify them and make the necessary corrections.

    High freight costs and long delivery times

    Freight costs and very long delivery times always appear as the main reasons for abandoning the shopping cart. You may be doing everything correctly in relation to the previous topics.

    Your visitor accesses the site, is attracted by the visual aspect, finds the product and the information he would like, but when it comes to finalizing the purchase he is faced with a high freight cost. There, all previous efforts are lost.

    This happens when the shopkeeper does not have a contract with the Post Office, and thus loses the chance of having some exclusive benefits and services. It has a basic plan or uses very simple platforms, so it does not have integration with carriers. In short, the limitations of shipping services end up increasing costs, which are passed on to the consumer and impact sales.

    To compensate for the cost, some sites end up increasing the delivery time too much. The negative effect ends up being the same. In most online purchases, people are urgent, or are willing to wait a maximum of 5 to 7 working days. When your deliveries pass much of this, the cart abandonment percentage will possibly increase in your store.


    Having a virtual store is relatively simple really, today there are many platforms that offer practicality for you to create, assemble and put on the air. This is not the challenge, the challenge is to maintain the store, enjoy the good moment of online sales and grow.

    And for that to happen, as we saw throughout the article, it is necessary to avoid some recurring and very impactful errors. By knowing what not to do (and even giving suggestions on good practices), you will positively differentiate yourself from many of your competitors.

    If you already have an e-commerce, evaluate your store based on everything we’ve said and identify the improvements that can be made. For you who have not yet set up the store, it is important to start your journey already taking all this into consideration!

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