▷What type of hosting should I use in my e-commerce?

    Imagine that the number of buyers in your online store is increasing, you are happy with the sales profits, until at some point your website goes down. Have you ever imagined the damage to your company? If you do not want this to happen on your website, you need to think carefully about choosing hosting for your e-commerce.

    What is web hosting?

    Hosting (a good option is BqHost) is a service in which a hosting company provides a server, that is, the infrastructure necessary to run your online store.

    The hosting service consists of allocating:

    • Specific hard disk size
    • The maximum amount of data to be sent through the server room internet connections,
    • Maximum load in the server room for services,
    • Services supported by the server room

    Different types of hosting services

    There are many different types of hosting for an online store. The hosting companies offer includes shared hosting, VPS servers and dedicated servers. Each of these solutions has its pros and cons. Incorrect selection can result in a slower page load.

    Did you know that up to 40% of people leave the site if it loads for more than 3 seconds? In the worst cases, the online store may not be available or loaded, which will prevent the customer from making purchases. Downtime in store operations is a waste. It is worth protecting yourself from them and thinking carefully about which hosting to choose for an online store.

    If you plan to start a new store, you can start with shared hosting. This is a good and inexpensive solution to get started. However, if you already have an online store with more traffic or are planning a store with numerous promotions that generate abrupt numbers of accesses in the store, it is necessary to have a dedicated server or VPS.

    Technical parameters for choosing a hosting server

    There are many e-commerce platforms on the market, such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and each has its own technical requirements for hosting. All platforms can be installed on Apache or Nginx servers, which are the most reliable and functional.

    Virtually all hosting companies available on the market meet these requirements. Avoid hosting providers that don’t use current versions of PHP. Regular updates are important because the new versions often contain security patches. Remember that older versions of PHP and MySQL are no longer officially supported and, as such, could expose your store to a vulnerability.

    WooCommerce Hosting

    WooCommerce Hosting

    Servers Apache or Nginx are the most reliable and functional servers for WordPress + WooCommerce. WordPress has no high server requirements.

    Due to the very popular WordPress platform, some hosting companies offer servers specially designed for WordPress. Unfortunately, this offer is often just a marketing trick and an optimized and unrealistic WordPress product, for which it is not worth paying a higher price.

    PrestaShop Hosting

    PrestaShop has no high server requirements and can be Apache or Nginx. All you need is a PHP interpreter version 5.6 or later, MySQL database version 5.6 or later and support for HTTPS.

    Magento Hosting

    Magento is more demanding in terms of server requirements, in particular RAM, which is why a VPS or dedicated server is recommended. The Magento Store can be installed on an Apache or Nginx server. The minimum requirements are the PHP interpreter version 7.2 or later, MySQL database version 5.6 or later and support for HTTPS.

    Choosing hosting for e-commerce: what to consider?

    Good hosting companies have mechanisms to improve security from the store. These can be Firewall-type mechanisms, mechanisms that scan files on the server for malicious code, etc. Remember that when it comes to the security of your store, you should not only rely on the hosting company, but this is an important point when choosing a hosting.

    Furthermore, there is nothing more important than 24/7 operational hosting, running on a server with high computing power and stable network connections.

    Another important point to consider is the capacity and amount of space on the server’s hard disk that you have at your disposal to store the files that make up the page, the email and the files sent using the FTP protocol (photos, videos ). The greater the capacity of the account, the more advanced the site can perform.


    Choosing hosting for an online store is an important decision that will affect the stability of your store, the store’s display speed and, indirectly, the store’s image in the eyes of customers.

    When creating an online store, it is worth considering how many people will visit your online store per month and how many views it will generate. If, in the future, you want to organize big promotions or sales, the server parameters must meet the estimated traffic.

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