▷Who to contact to create a custom website? 2020

    When you decide to create a website, the first question is often whether it is better to rent your website using web site creation software or to develop a custom website. When we have specific needs in terms of graphics or functionality, creating a tailor-made website is essential. And now, who to entrust the project to? Between entrusting the development of the website to the son of a neighbor studying in computer school and going through a high-end web agency, there is a whole range of possibilities. Small overview of solutions to create a custom website.

    Freelance in website creation

    Junior web freelancer


    Junior freelance has less than 2 years of web development experience. He is often still a student, and creating websites for clients is a great way to make money while learning about new technologies. There are junior freelancers of all ages, from the age of 14 some already manage to convince clients to entrust them with the creation of their website.

    Junior freelance average price

    100 – 200 € / day


    • Price, junior freelance costs much less than experienced freelance.
    • Flexibility, the freelance junior is ready to adapt to all the client’s requests.


    • Lack of freelance experience, which can be a problem for a complex site and above all this results in an estimate of deadlines often very poor.
    • Risk, insofar as the lack of references of a junior freelance limits the possibility of evaluating it on its past projects.

    Senior web freelancer


    Senior web freelance has many years of experience in website development. His references are numerous, often diverse, and allow him to know the type of projects and clients with whom he has worked. Even though many are specialized in certain technologies, most senior web freelancers have sufficient experience to work on all types of projects.

    Average freelance senior price

    300 – 600 € / day


    • Professionalism, senior freelancers are generally very rigorous, they meet deadlines and deliver a website that is fully compliant with the initial specifications.
    • Risk management, by working with a senior freelancer with many references, you limit the risks of getting a poorly designed site.


    • Price, experience comes at a high price in the IT sector.
    • Strong dependence on a person.

    Web design agencies

    Website creation – Personalized price estimation

    Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.

    Offshore agencies


    Faced with the rise in IT salaries in all developed countries, many IT services and web agencies have installed all or part of their programming teams in countries such as India, Ukraine, Morocco, etc. We generally use the expression offshore, or managed offshore to talk about IT services for which technical teams are abroad and project managers in London.

    Average offshore service price

    100 – 300 € / day


    • Price, foreign computer scientists cost 2 to 5 times less than London computer scientists.


    • Quality risk, which results in a code that is not always optimized, little documentation, and therefore a higher cost for future developments.
    • Little support on website promotion, it is a suitable solution for people with some web experience.

    London web agencies


    London web agencies have multiplied since the early 2000s. Generally constituted around 3 poles of skills, programming, graphics and marketing, they are able to support their clients from the creation to the promotion of the website.

    Average web agency price

    300 – 800 € / day


    • Full support, the web agency can support you on all facets of the project. You can also find advice from the Factory on how to best manage the monitoring of your project developed by an agency.
    • Controlling risks and costs, web agencies generally offer flat-rate invoicing on the basis of specifications. You know in advance how much the site will cost.


    • Price, entrusting your project to a web agency is often the most expensive solution, do not hesitate to compare several quotes
    • Dependence on a provider for all of your web communication.
    • Scams, you can never be told enough that not all providers are equal and not all well-intentioned, beware! As soon as your website quote is analyzed, various clues can put your ear to the bug.

    You now know how to choose your provider. You just have to learn how to write him a site creation brief with little onions so that your project starts off on the right foot!

    Are you looking for a digital agency in Paris? Discover our full list of web agencies in Paris (with comparison table).

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