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    Create a address e-mail with your own domain it’s one of the essential steps to create an all-around online presence to be proud of.

    There is no doubt that Gmail, Yahoo and similar services are more than good for create a address e-mail staff. But if you want to use the web for professional purposes, I recommend you create a address e-mail with your domain (i.e. that in the second part of theaddress has yours domain, instead of,, etc.).

    Note: this guide is for anyone who wants create a address e-mail with your own domain and also has a WordPress site (and therefore a hosting plan).

    If you want to create a website, but you don’t have a hosting space yet, know that buying a WordPress hosting space will still be necessary.

    So read my guide to the best WordPress hosting later.

    If instead you are not interested in creating a blog, however, you still want to have a blog domain and a address e-mail customized, read the guide I wrote on where to buy a domain, where you can find references to some providers that allow you to buy domains and some additional services – including, in fact, the email box.

    How to create a personal email address

    If you have a WordPress site, most likely you’ve already registered yours domain and the hosting plan is signed. If you have not yet done these steps, as I have already mentioned, I recommend you read the guide on the best WordPress hosting.

    The vast majority of hosting providers give the opportunity to create a address e-mail, even for basic hosting plans.

    If you already have a hosting plan and have chosen one of the providers most popular, you probably use SiteGround (the best in our opinion for performance, security and support). If you are an old customer, you can manage your account via the cPanel, while if you are new you will use the SiteTools.

    On SiteGround it is very simple to create an email address, indeed, you can create as many as you want, because all plans include unlimited email accounts. In addition, thanks to the webmail interface, i.e. the ability to consult and manage your mail directly from within your SiteGround account, you can create automatic and autoresponder submissions.

    I’ll show you the procedure both with cPanel and with SiteTools.

    Create email address with cPanel

    The cPanel is a very useful control panel, find more information in this guide.

    First, log in to yours account hosting and browse within the cPanel.

    Scroll down the page until you find a section called Posta (or Mail if your cPanel is in English). You should be able to find this section easily enough if you dwell on the envelope icons.

    Probably, the screen is similar to the one in the image below (the appearance of the icons may change slightly, however the functionality should be the same).

    create an email address

    Then, click on Account is-email.

    On this page you will see the form to use for create a address e-mail with your own domain through cPanel.

    form new email address

    In the field e-email, type the first part of theaddress e-mail you want to create (so to speak, the first part of the scroll).

    Then, select the from the drop-down menu domain to be used for create theaddress e-mail. If you only registered one domain, you will only be able to select that.

    The two parts together, the one you typed + the domain, will go to make up yours address e-mail.

    Now, in the following fields enter the password you want to use for the mailbox and reconfirm it.

    Finally, choose how much space to allocate to the mailbox. This is a detail that you can still edit later if necessary.

    Finally, click Create Account.

    These are all the steps for create a address e-mail with your own domain: your new address now it will appear in the list below the form.

    As you can see, from here you can change the password, change the quota and also completely delete theaddress mail (of course, be careful not to do this if you start using yours address!).

    email address management

    To access your new mailbox, click More> Sign in to webmail. You will be taken to a page where you can choose one of three services to manage yours e-mail. Personally, I usually use SquirrelMail.

    Another way to access your mailbox is, from the cPanel, by selecting the call icon WebMail.

    When you are inside your inbox, also try logging out. You will be redirected to the login screen of thee-mail. I advise you to write down theurl of this page so that you can reach it directly, without having to go through the cPanel.

    Create an email address with SiteTools

    If you are a new SiteGround customer, you will have already had the opportunity to discover the new SiteTools management panel.

    In the menu on the left, you will find the entry E-mail.

    Enter the section Account and select the domain for which to create the email account.

    In the area Create new email account enter your username and password. You can generate a secure password by clicking on the appropriate button, but remember to copy and save it!

    Finally click on the button Create.

    In the section on the right, you will see that there is all the information to configure your mail client or to receive emails on your mobile phone.

    Once you have created your personalized email address, you will be able to access the webmail from the menu next to your account.

    Create email address with SiteTools

    Create an email address if hosting plan and domain are located at two different providers

    It’s possible create an address e-mail customized even if yours domain is registered with a providers different from what you use for hosting.

    If you don’t yet have a domain and you want one in particular, hurry to check that the domain is available. I’ll explain how to do it in the guide on how to verify a domain.

    However, if you already own a domain, but it is registered with another provider, then in this case, you will have to create the mailbox via cPanel, following the steps described above.

    So, you will need to edit the MX records for your domain, so that these also point to hosting providers. The MX records they can be modified from the same management panel as the domains from which they can be configured NS is A records. If you are not sure which ip address /domain enter in the field MX, I advise you to contact your hosting providers who will be able to provide you with the exact references.

    Finally, did you know that you can use Gmail with your domain? Read our guide to know how.

    Web services and technical development


    We have also come to the end of this guide, in which we have seen how to create a address e-mail with your own domain. The steps are few and simple enough, but I can assure you that it’s worth it.

    Let me know if you can create yours address e-mail and, as always, if you have any doubt, leave a message below in the comments.


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