Error 504, what is it and how to fix it?

Does your browser display the message “HTTP Error 504″ when trying to access your website? Have you come across a screen with a error code 504?

Do not worry, here we explain what may be causing this error on our website and all the ways to fix it.

What does error 504 mean?

When a visitor enters our website, they make a request via http to our server, which responds by sending the desired content in hypertext form.

This hypertext is interpreted by the browser (Chrome, Firefox …) and displays the page.

The error 504 is caused when it takes too long for our server to process a request.

This is normally due to a failure in the server communication process, which will return an error screen with a code 504 or a Gateway Timeout Error.

Causes of error 504

The 504 error message It appears when an intermediate server between our website and the client’s browser, or a network interface cannot respond to requests from our visitors’ browsers.

These systems transmit communication as links in a chain in such a way that if one stops responding the failure affects the other systems.

There are various causes that can cause failures in these systems. When our local network or our router are overloaded It is common for this error to happen, which will not be limited only when accessing a specific website, but will happen when trying to access any website.

A wrong proxy setting Both client-side and server-side can also cause this error to appear.

You have to look at whether the problem only affects our server or also affects other servers from our provider.

If it affects more sites it is possible that the error is caused by the provider and we will rule out the above causes.

Fix error 504

If your website is experiencing error 504 it is necessary that you get down to work as soon as possible, since the inactivity that this error causes on your site can make you lose traffic Web or that you cannot access tools that you may need at any given time.

There are several solutions that we can try to fix our problem with error 504.

In the event that you use a proxy for your website it is recommended that increase resources, since it is very likely that this is the problem that is causing the error, because if your traffic increases or has peaks it may be short of resources.

If you use a proxy too it is recommended that you configure it again, since the problem can be caused by an incorrect configuration of the file nginx.conf.

Check the plugin, the version and the structure of the databases if you use WordPressAs the failure to update any of them, an incompatibility or a failure in the database can cause this error 504.

It is advisable have only the necessary plugins so as not to consume too many resources.

Although a more common error than error 504 would be error 500, so I leave you a post on how to fix error 500.

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