Restore a database with cPremote Backup Management in cPanel

In cPanel You have a tool that allows the total or partial restoration of files from one or multiple hosting or hosting accounts without depending on the corresponding support service.

cPremote Backup Management (CPremote Backup Management) is available at cPanel within the option Records and it has a series of functionalities (that you can see in the articles dedicated to this web application) aimed at recovering independent files, directories, databases or complete websites.

In this article I focus on the restoring the database of a backup that you have available in the Hosting Panel, Records, cPremote Backup Management, so that you can replace the tables in a database with problems by the tables in a database from a backup.

Restore Database

This option will allow you to recover a database, from those that you have available in listed backups when accessing Records, cPremote Backup Management, for example:

Steps to follow to restore the database with a backup:

  1. Write down the database name and the user or users that have permissions to use the Database, from cPanel you will not be able to see the current password of that user but if your website uses that database in WordPres, Joomla, PrestaShop, Moodle, etc., you will be able to see the corresponding configuration file to see the data related to the database.
  2. Make a backup copy of the current database in case you want to restore it again later, you can do it from cPanel, Database, phpMyAdmin, To export.
  3. Since phpMyAdmin loads the database to be restored, select the tables of said database and delete them.
  4. Accede to cPremote Backup Management, Restore Database (Restore Database) indicating in the name the database with the prefix account included when restoring, for example if your cPanel account is user1 and the database is _bbdd1 you will have to place in cPremote user1_bbdd1 and not only _bbddd1 which would be the name of the database without the Hosting user prefix
  5. It also indicates a valid email address where to receive the restoration log and select the date you want to restore to.
  6. Wait a few minutes for cPremote have restored your Database. You will receive an email with the restoration details at the email address you indicated when you launched the restoration with cPremote. From cPanel, Mysql – Databases You will see that the database reappears but without any user.
  7. When the database has already been restored you have to give permissions to a user to be able to access the database, from cPanel, Mysql – Databases, Add User to Database selecting the database and the user, in the next step select the permissions that you want to give the user, if you don’t know it, activate all the permissions that is usual for WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop.
  8. Verify that your website loads again with the recovered database.

In the following video I illustrate this simple process that takes just 7 minutes.

Restore databases, with installations with problems, it is a very simple process that you can carry out, If you are a client of Websites Are Us, from your Hosting Panel (cPanel), in a few minutes, to recover the operation of a website.

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