The experience of the new Adwords in 2018

Are you ready for the changes of the new AdWords in 2018?

Currently, Google AdWords is undergoing a process of changes related to the migration to a new interface and it is loaded with many new features!

Some of them are only available from the new AdWords experience, as they call it from Google.

In case you did not know, some of these changes to the new AdWords we are talking about, can affect the performance of our advertising campaigns, if our competitors take advantage of the news before us.

In fact, let’s note that when new products come out, they tend to work much better when they have not yet been used by everyone.

You know why?

Because they fulfill the objective of surprising the end user and this is important. An example of this was given when advertising began in the Gmail mail.

Currently, we may encounter two problems when we want to advertise on Google AdWords:

  1. The old interface starts to fail: This is something that normally happens, so the team is working on getting the new AdWords out of its beta phase.
  2. The new interface is not fully developed And it lacks features that are not yet available – it may give you little glitches. Therefore, we have some difficult transition months ahead.

In addition, Google Analytics is also behaving strangely: new changes are expected in the way of measuring conversions because the codes used are going to be modified.

But as the saying goes:

“A river uprooted, gain of fishermen”

Why do I say it?

With the arrival of the great news that is coming, those advertisers who know how to take advantage of them and adapt them to their business are going to be able to grow and differentiate themselves from their competitors, this is nothing new.

We have to learn, therefore, to take advantage of these changes, Times of new opportunities are coming!

What advantages does the new Adwords bring in 2018?

Let’s see below some brushstrokes of what is new in the new Adwords Experience in 2018:

  • Powerful reporting tools.
  • Features are accessed faster Most used, so we save time and increase our productivity.
  • Changes do not affect performance, campaigns will continue to be published in the same way as before and you can always go back to the previous experience.

Main functions of the new Adwords

These are some of the exclusive functionalities that the platform will allow in this new interface:

  1. Promotion extensions– Highlight specific offers and promotions alongside our search ads.
  2. Import data from third-party application analytics platforms: The account is linked with analytical platforms to import data to this platform and thus keep track of mobile app conversions.
  3. Audience Manager: Unifies display network segmentation options and search ad remarketing lists.
  4. Shopping catalog ads: It groups related products and presents them together to get customers interested in our brand.
  5. Call bid settings on call extensions, to account for the lost impressions quota.

Let’s see now in this video how to navigate the new Adwords experienceWe hope it clarifies your doubts!

Learning Adwords 2018 will be key to improve our strategy

Learning about the new features of AdWords today, and also from scratch, is complex, but keep us updated on this platform if we work with it on a daily basis it is also necessary.

We must be aware of the news published by the program, so that this helps us to properly manage our account.

Remember that this is a very strategic tool, with many tricks and we find that there is a need for training advanced to work with it.

In recent years, Google has been dedicated to offering this basic training. to create a fabric that feeds the AdWords universe.

For example, there is a support center, about the new experience with comparisons and videos that can guide us in the arrival of the new interface, have you seen them already?

Presentation of the “I Master AdWords 2018”

Taking advantage of the upcoming launch of the new Adwords interface in 2018, I would like to tell you that there is an event related to this topic and that it could be very useful to you.

If you are an online marketing professional or manage your own business, it will surely interest you.

Master in Madrid of the new Adwords

On the occasion of the I edition of the “Master on Google AdWords for professionals”, which will start in Madrid in February 2018, it is planned that the next November 23, 2017 a presentation day is held.

Attendees of this conference will be able to see first-hand all the planning, content, schedules and much more information about the exclusive AdWords training, which teaches “Learn with Darkmoon”, an agency specialized in AdWords, which has been working since 2009.

The event will take place in the heart of Madrid, on Calle Jacometrezo 15, Santo Domingo Business Center, a few meters from Plaza del Callao.

It is an ideal opportunity in which to interact and get to know first-hand the training methodology, know how it can help us to express our knowledge about digital marketing and make the most of our AdWords campaigns.

In addition, during this conference there will be a short presentation on the latest news from the new AdWords, there will be raffles among the consultants, training and book assistants.

In it, the doubts that may exist at the end of the session will also be resolved and the sessions will be held at different times, so that you can attend the one that best suits you.

Reserve your place now to attend the presentation of the Adwords Master 2018!

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Do not miss a unique opportunity to know the main characteristics of this face-to-face training in Adwords.

Enrique del Valle, main collaborator of the English-speaking Adwords community and teacher of half of the subjects you will see in the Master, will be there to guide you.

Get ready now for the new Adwords and get the most out of your campaigns!

Team management and Commercial Director of DarkMoon and Learn with darkmoon: growing the agency is a dream and a constant job, since we started on the training path in Adwords we decided to share our experience with professionals in the same sector, who are our profile of the most recurring student in the training we provide.

I am also in charge of training on Adwords sales and team management for CEOS; At DarkMoon we work hard on our standards to improve the quality of service and above all to focus well on viable projects with a future.