Videos on Facebook

Since I started managing social networks, I have always been looking for ways to increase the engagement of followers on Facebook business pages.

Using the video editor on Facebook You will get more engagement on this social network of more than 1590 million users.

At first I was trying to find ways to get more “I like”, that they share it more, and that they will comment saying how amazing the information they shared using different materials and formats was.

Fiddling here and there, I came across an online video editor that didn’t seem very good at first, but after trying it changed my perspective on the tool.

The online video editor had a functionality that I had never found in other video editors, I had not even found a tool that offered me the simplicity and speed when creating videos that this tool has.

The tool is called Videolean, an amazing social media video maker. All videos are structured in Problem, Solution, and Conclusion, to facilitate the user the problem of having to think about how to structure their videos.

The most outstanding functionality that I see is the possibility of using a much more visual type of videos, the Article to Video (text plus background videos) or the Post To Video (text plus background photos).

For those who do not know these types of videos, they are those that use sites like PlayGround or La Vanguardia. If we compare the values ​​of engagement of these videos with the rest of the video, Post To Video they win by a landslide.

When we are in the online video editor, each scene has limited characters so that it does not get out of hand (because when they leave us a blank page to write about something we want to sell or promote, we all know what happens … we go hand in hand and we want to put as much as possible) and that the video does not become a quick master-class.

What are the direct benefits of using Videolean on Facebook?

1.- Speed

The system allows you to have a final video in less than 15 minutes. They have a very intuitive system and the learning curve is ridiculously fast.

2.- Increase the commitment of your followers

Templates like Article To Video or Post To Video They allow you to get higher percentages of followers’ commitment to your brand. Before you had to create a very effective strategy Content Marketing to start gaining followers, or to have a very attractive product / service.

The Video Marketing It allows you to take interesting articles published in other media and make a summary video that captures the attention of your followers, in true Playground style.

3.- Opening of new borders

This free video editor for social networks uses different very innovative templates that allow you to use other formats to hook and retain your audience.

How to use the free video editor for social networks?

    1. We register and activate our account
Registration and account activation
    1. We choose the category Video Bumper or Promotion Video and we select the template Post to Video or Article to Video, depending on your needs.
Video Bumper or Video Promotion
  • If you want to see the results they provide, look at the GIF (below) that the online video editor offers so that you can see the conversion rates that they handle, they are much more viral if you know how to distribute it correctly where there are people to whom you can interest.
  • Select the template you have chosen, and click Customize Now as the following picture shows.
Customize Now
  • You choose the Medium Plan, since the other accounts do not allow choosing the template Post to Video or Article To Video (not everything will be free), and that’s it. Before following the process, take a look at all the features that the online video editor offers to connect with your audience on the main social networks.
Medium Plan
  • We are already starting to use the online video editor and the first sensations are surprising … Here we can see the impact that Gran Canaria had since it started using Videolean and the results that were obtained before its use. The increase in ‘shares’ is abysmal.





The advantage of increasing the times a video is shared is that it is very useful to increase the K factor or Virality Rate of the System and being able to connect with a larger audience for the same cost in time and money that generating the video itself produces.

K-Factor or Virality Rate of the System


We start using the online video editor

1º We choose the title of our video

Choose a striking title that can generate interest for your target audience. Normally, I choose 3 titles and share it natively in different Facebook groups that handle a similar audience to be able to see which one gets better metrics.

Video editor


2nd We select the message

You must select the general message that you want to transmit and the videos that you will use, in the case of Article To Video.

What I do is make summaries of my articles to redirect traffic to the complete article within my blog.

Article To Video

The structure of the video is: Problem, Solution, Conclusion, Close, and Music. It really is a way for anyone to make a mind map of what they need. A start that generates enough interest with a closure that can turn the user into a new reader.

The online video editor lets you incorporate 7 phrases plus the closing with your logo. It may seem short enough to generate content that adds value to the user, but you are very wrong. It is much more likely that the user ends up seeing the message you want to transmit with the video in the duration of this type of videos than if we made a video of 2 or 3 minutes.

Remember before starting to edit the video have:

  • 3-4 attractive titles
  • 7 sentences with less than 85 characters (the maximum allowed by the tool).
  • Select the videos that you are going to use with each phrase.

In the event that you do not know where to download these videos, the tool has a fairly complete free gallery that can be used to test the tool and test whether it has any added value for your business.

3º Generate the video preview

After 3-5 minutes, you will have the preview of the video available for viewing. I like to see the preview to see if the global message I want to convey is achieved with the phrases that I have included in the video.

And just friends, I think it is a good online video editor to create something different and entertaining for users.

Creativity with its templates knows no limits and therefore you can try different ways to connect with your potential clients to improve conversion rates.

I have already shown the results that they have offered to other brands, now it’s up to you to test if it works for you and show your experience with this great online video creation tool.

I started my career when I was 21 years old, founding Taljobs, an employment platform that aims to connect the labor market in UK.

Subsequently, I created my own blog about Online Marketing, Growth Hacking, and SEO, Adseoweb.

I have always considered myself a lover of the online world and today I live from it.