What is it and how to add meta description

Still not sure how important the Meta Description of your website is? Learn how to use Meta Description in WordPress and how to write it correctly.

Also, we teach you how add it to your website.

What is the Meta Description and why is it important

If you still don’t know what the Meta Description You can do the following exercise: enter Google and search for any term, you will see that in the different results a title appears in blue, under this a link in green and finally a small page description.

Meta description description example

Well this little description is what is known as Meta Description.

Of course, this has more depth, the Meta Description is an HTML tag placed in the code that indicates to Google that this is the description that will appear in the search results.

The Meta Description is very important, mainly because affects SEO positioning from your website. How? With an attractive description you will attract a greater number of users to your website, which will increase the number of clicks and it will be positively reflected in your CTR and in Google ranking.

However, it is also important at the level of user experience.

There are many pages on the net and what we want is for them to click on ours. How can we achieve this? Differentiating ourselves through our description and using keywords in it.

In addition, it should be noted that, when someone shares a page on social networks or even a link on WhatsApp, the preview that appears is also the Meta Description. So, again, we must emphasize that it must attract the attention of users.

How to include a Meta Description in WordPress

Meta Descriptions can be included in WordPress using HTML code. The only problem is that it cannot be customized for each page or URL. Therefore, the best option for add a Meta Description in WordPress is to install some plugin.

There are several specialized SEO plugins that allow us add a Meta Description to each page or article of our WordPress. They stand out from them Yoast SEO and SEOPress.

With both plugins it allows customize the Meta Description of each page, article or URL of your WordPress.

Our recommendation is that you do some Yoast SEO Free Course like this to learn the basic functions of the plugin and thus be able to correctly perform the SEO analysis of your articles and pages, it will be very useful.

They give you the possibility to put the SEO title and the Meta Description from a paragraph below the edit page.

In addition, they also have beneficial indications for SEOFor example, it limits the number of characters in the title and the Meta Description, allows you to mark what your keywords are on that page and makes an analysis based on them, to then make SEO indications about the content, the tags H2 and H3, readability analysis, etc.

Finally, they also allow viewing a snippet preview that will appear in Google, which is that search result that includes title, URL and Meta Description. You just have to install the plugins (to choose) and they will be ready to use.

This is the preview on mobile devices in the Yoast SEO Plugin of an article, and the ranking that the Plugin makes in terms of SEO and text readability:

Snipet preview plugin Yoast SEO

Tips to make an effective Meta Description

Throughout the article we have been seeing some clues about how to write a meta description but, let’s leave one tip list as a summary to help you write it:

  • make a different Meta Description for each page or URLs, must be personalized for each page.
  • Uses a maximum of 160 characters.
  • Includes the main keywords from that page, make them stand out.
  • Make a text brief and descriptive, indicates what they are going to find on that page or what it can be used for by users, think about the content.
  • Add calls to action, for example, “learn to”, “we show you how to do”, etc.
  • It includes emoticons and distinctive elementsThey attract the attention of users and are more likely to click on your page, but without going over!
  • Do some free course like the ones we recommend for a better knowledge and perfection of the use of this type of plugins:


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