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    Do not underestimate the importance of having clear and easy to memorize URLs: let’s see how to optimize and remove “category” from category pages, either manually or through a plugin.

    It often happens that many efforts are made to build the site, one ventures into the maze of the SEO, Digital Marketing practices also apply but then no attention is paid to URL used on the site.

    URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is an acronym for del text that links to a resource such as a site or page web, for example: THE Web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.) show the URL in the bar that we commonly call the site address.

    How to remove “category” from your URLs on WordPress?

    WordPress automatically adds to your permalink of the category pages this text: “/ category”. This addition in many cases is not necessary and weighs down the structure of the URL uselessly. Using the basic settings of WordPress we will get like URL of the category pages and it would be much better to have

    Before continuing with these specific solutions, please read our guide up how to optimize the permalinks of your WordPress site. If you have a site already started, think about making these changes; change the structure of the permalink equivalent to editing all link of your site or blog, a process that can easily become very laborious.

    I also address this theme in the WordPress video course, the simple and practical course to learn how to use WordPress effortlessly and carry out your online business project. Visit the page of our video courses.

    Remove “category” through WordPress settings

    remove categories from permalinks

    A quick and easy solution to remove category is to use in the item “Custom structure”: /% category% /% postname% / and in the item “Base of categories”:. (a point).

    Let’s see how to do it step by step.

    After making the wl-thing”>login to your site WordPress, from the main screen of WordPress click on Settings and then on Permalink. In the new screen just displayed, click on “Custom structure” and in the text box on the right of this item type or paste:


    Further down in the same screen click on the item “Base of categories” and in the text box on the right of this item type or paste:


    If you leave the latter blank wl-creative-work”>WordPress will show category again, the basic setting.

    The Top Level Categories PV plugin

    Remove Category plugin

    In case you don’t want to do what just described manually, as always wl-creative-work”>WordPress has the plugin that’s right for you. With the plugin Remove Category you can remove the category prefix from your category pages. For example: by activating the plugin will become We encourage you to do various tests before using this plugin, edit i link it is always a delicate operation on your site.

    We recommend that you take a look at ours guide: “How to decide whether to install a WordPress plugin“Will help you decide if it is appropriate to use the plugin or better to do things manually.

    How to change the basis of categories?

    change the basis of the categories

    In case you want to replace “category” in the structure of permalink in another word, wl-creative-work”>WordPress allows you to change this setting too. Let’s see how.

    In the usual wl-thing”>screenPermalink“Which is accessed from screen main of WordPress, by clicking on Settings, click on the item “Base of categories” and in the text box on the right of this item type or paste the word you prefer, for example: topics.

    Using “arguments” as the basis of your categories permalink will look like this:

    How to remove “category” from the title of the category pages


    WordPress in addition to showing the category prefix in the tree structure permalink, also shows it in themes base as the TwentySeventeen on the category pages. Often having this structure in the title of your page is not the best of aesthetics and weighs down the text.

    If, for example, on the page in question you talk about Sport, it is much better to have only the title “Sport” instead of having “Category: Sport”.

    How to change your theme to not show “category” in the page title

    To make this change you need to know what is a WordPress child theme especially if you use a theme a payment. Before making any changes to your site always remember that it is essential backup.

    Open the file functions.php of your theme and add the following code at the end of file with a text editor.

    function prefix_category_title( $title ) {
        if ( is_category() ) {
            $title = single_cat_title( '', false );
        return $title;
    add_filter( 'get_the_archive_title', 'prefix_category_title' );

    Simply reload your category pages after this change to see the effects of the change.

    Web services and technical development


    In this wl-thing”>guide we briefly discussed the importance of URL and the structure of the permalink, we saw how to remove category from url of your site manually and through a plugin, we also saw how to edit the category entry and finally how to remove category from the page title.

    Have you ever tried to remove or edit categories from url? You used a plugin? If so, which one? Let us know in the comments.


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