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    SEOZoom is an excellent SEO tool that I warmly recommend, given its high potential at a fairly low cost. If you also intend to use it, I’ll show you how to do a keyword research with SEOZoom that will be the basis for all your SEO strategy.

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    In addition to keyword research tool, SEOZoom offers many other tools. If you want to study it further and become an expert, you can enroll in the Academy and take the final exams that will even give you a certification to be able to teach in your turn.

    How to do keyword research with SEOZoom

    There keyword research with SEOZoom allows you to discover valuable information for the SEO of your website. Let’s see immediately where to start with the analysis.

    Basic research

    keyword research with SEOZoom

    First, choose a keyword with which you would like to position yourself. Think about the topic you want to talk about and identify a relevant keyword, the most relevant you can think of. Don’t worry if it turns out to be unsuitable. Going forward with the analysis you will find the perfect keyword.

    Enter your word in the search field above and go to the button Analyze. Here a first overview will already appear in the tab Keyword Info, which offers you a lot of information about this word.

    The first two values ​​you will see are calculated precisely by SEOZoom, Keyword difficulty and Keyword opportunity: the Keyword difficulty will tell you how difficult it is to position yourself for that keyword; the Keyword opportunity instead shows how many possibilities you have to compete.

    If, thanks to keyword research with SEOZoom, find that the keyword opportunity is high, it means that you will have little competition and the content present in SERP for your keyword is not very well optimized.

    The Average search volume it will tell you how many times that word is searched for in a month. This is also an important fact, as you will find out how high the interest in that topic is.

    Look at the list Last SERP. You will find out who your main competitors are and get to know them Zoom Authority, that is, what their reputation is within the search engines.

    Another fact that may interest you on this screen is seasonality. Some keywords are more frequent at certain times of the year (will there be someone looking for “Christmas decorations” in June?), Therefore you can plan the publication of certain contents based on seasonality.

    Competitor analysis

    SEOZoom competitor analysis

    Let’s move now on the tab Competitor analysis. Interesting data of this screen are: the number of words that appear in the articles on average, how many internal links there are on average towards the posts, and how many external backlinks these pages have.

    To compete, therefore, with the other pages present in SERP, I advise you to stay on these values.

    Related keywords

    Keyword research with SEOZoom - related keywords

    The third tab is the one related to related keywords, in which we find two tables: Related keywords is Keyword with same search intent. The difference between the two is simple: the related keywords indicate variations of the main one, usually with more specific additional words; keywords with the same search intent mean synonyms or words with similar meaning.

    This is where the real begins keyword research with SEOZoom. In fact, you can begin to refine your search and select words with a similar purpose but easier to conquer, taking advantage of the presence for each of them of the keyword opportunity score.

    Save the words that interest you most:

    1. Go to the button at the top left to choose the position in which to save the keywords;
    2. Select Favorite, Project or Keyword research;
    3. Go to the list and click on the ‘+’ symbol next to the word.

    It will be inserted in the position you have chosen.

    Then go down and explore the patterns of questions, prepositions and actions: these are queries actually made by users and from here you can choose more specific keywords related to your main keyword.

    You can consult the keyword graph or the table, as you prefer.

    Suggest article keywords

    There keyword research with SEOZoom begins to translate into practice thanks to this very useful report, which you can activate by clicking on the green button at the top right of the basic analysis screen. Indeed, with Suggest article keywords an analysis of the top 9 competitors will be carried out for the chosen keyword (or rather, their most relevant URL) and their monthly visit volume.

    To work more easily with this list, click on the button to export the keywords to the Keyword Grouper. After that, enter Your the groups and remove the less relevant ones from the list by clicking on the trash.

    Now, get SEOZoom to help you write your post by clicking on Example article. That’s right! An outline of an article will be automatically generated that you could follow to create your content.
    Suggest SEOZoom Article

    Keyword search intent

    We continue in ours keyword research with SEOZoom going to focus more on what the research intent is instead of the keyword we have chosen.

    Go to the menu on the left under the heading Keyword Research> Keyword search intent. Starting from your keyword, you will find a whole series of other related words that reflect similar intent.

    Keyword research with SEOZoom - search intent

    Also in this chart you will have both the keyword opportunity and the keyword difficulty, so look carefully at the relationship between these two values ​​to choose the best keywords for you.

    Infinity Keyword

    To develop an editorial plan for your blog, I recommend using the tool Infinity Keyword for the search for related keywords both informative and transactional.

    The informative keywords are those used to search for information, while transactional ones concern any type of commercial transaction.

    Open the tool in the section Keyword Research> Keyword infinity. The analysis with Keword infinity works like this: enter the keyword and possibly add filters to include or exclude other words, to limit the search to certain traffic volumes or to certain cost per click values.

    Again, as we saw before with the search for related keywords, the result will be displayed in the form of a keyword graph that contains queries in the form of questions, actions, prepositions. You can view it in the appropriate tab.

    SEOZoom keyword infinity query graph

    Find the most interesting keywords in the graph and use them to create your editorial calendar.

    Discover keywords

    There keyword research with SEOZoom continue with Discover keywords, which you can always find in the Keyword research section. This tool allows you to find related keywords using both Google, YouTube, and even Amazon and eBay.

    Furthermore, it is also a multilingual tool: select the language from the drop-down menu and enter the keyword. If you have a site in different languages, remember that multilingual SEO is a very important aspect that should not be underestimated.

    The result of this research will be a cell chart in which the words that can be connected to your keyword appear: the larger the cell, the greater the volume.

    With a double click on the cell, you will discover all the linked words, also forming long tail keywords.

    Find out SEOZoom keywords

    Now that we have this list, we can choose the most relevant and the most convenient, but how do we select them? First of all, use filters to eliminate the ones that don’t interest you. Then select the list, copy and paste in the section Tools> Analyze keyword lists. In this way you will see keyword difficulty and keyword opportunity.

    Relevance analysis

    By continuing our research based on the analysis of competitors, you can use Relevance analysis. Go to the entry Editorial tools> Keyword analysis to scan the first 10 results present in SERP for a given keyword and find out for which other keywords these domains are positioned.

    It can be useful to give you an idea of ​​how to improve your content, enriching it with the keywords found in this chart.

    Intent gap

    SEOZoom intent gap

    A new tool for the keyword research with SEOZoom is Intent gap. It is used to improve a content for which you are already optimized, comparing it with the content of your competitors.

    In particular, you will be able to understand what does not work in your optimization and what prevents you from ranking at the top.

    To use the Intent gap, you will need to have created a project. Enter your project, then open the section Pages> Pages with potential. Click in the row menu corresponding to the page to be analyzed and select Analyze intent gap.

    How to structure a keyword research with SEOZoom

    Now you have seen how keyword research with SEOZoom use many tools: each one gives you more information on how to develop the SEO strategy for your site.

    Now that you have an idea of ​​all you can do, try following this action plan that will help you get familiar with the tool.

    Analyze your keywords

    1. Basic research: First, if you already have a keyword to test, do a basic search. See if it’s a keyword you can conquer, based on keyword opportunity and keyword difficulty, as well as on the Zoom authority of competitors.
    2. Related keywords: Go now to the related keywords tab to find out other keywords that have a good keyword opportunity. Save the most interesting ones.
    3. Keyword search intent: Observe the keywords based on the search intent and, once again, save those that have a greater keyword opportunity.

    Analyze competitors

    Now that you have a good list of keywords, analyze your competitors using each of the words you have chosen. You will discover the correspondences between your words and theirs and the way they use them.

    1. Competitor analysis: Go to the tab Competitor analysis basic research and take notes on the characteristics of their content.
    2. Relevance analysis: Find out what keywords your competitors are positioned for and keep them in mind to enrich your content.

    Start creating your post

    Use Suggest Article Keyword this tool to create a draft of your article and start writing.

    Refine your content

    Once your post is created, perform the analysis with Intent gap to find out what the differences are between your content and that of the opponents.

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    SEOZoom is, as you may have guessed, a tool for SEO that helps a lot to develop a strategy and to conquer the first positions of Google. There keyword research with SEOZoom it’s not particularly complicated, but it still gives you a lot of really very useful information.

    Did I convince you to try SEOZoom?

    And if you already use it, how did you find yourself with the search for keywords?

    What are (if there are) the things that have not satisfied you.

    I hope to read your comment soon in our Facebook group EVERYTHING SEO, the community dedicated to SEO where you can share your experiences, find answers to your questions and view videos with tricks and strategies to be applied to make your site go up on Google. Do you want to be one of ours?

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