How to transfer a WordPress domain and site to SiteGround 2020

    Do you already have a website or do you already have a WordPress domain that you want to use and transfer to another hosting ? In this guide I will explain step by step how to transfer site and domain to SiteGround correctly and exploit all the potential of what I consider the best hosting in circulation, now IN ITALIAN!

    I show you how to do it also in my WordPress course, a path to build your site from scratch and in total autonomy.

    At the moment, I believe that SiteGround is the provider with the best value for money, for server performance , security offered and quality of support. If you have decided to transfer your site and domain to SiteGround , you have made a great choice.

    I’ll explain all the benefits of this hosting in my SiteGround review .

    Let’s start!

    Transfer WordPress site and domain to SiteGround: take a subscription

    Check out SiteGround’s hosting plans and choose the one that best matches your needs.

    The difference between the three plans offered relates to the volume of traffic the site will receive. In fact, the StartUp plan is perfect for small or medium-sized sites, which receive a maximum of 10,000 monthly visits.

    The two most advanced plans are instead intended for higher traffic volumes and the available web space increases. Furthermore, thanks to the GrowBig and GoGeek plans you can manage different subscriptions from a single control panel, if you want to register multiple sites with a single account.

    Once you’ve determined which plan is right for you, click Buy .

    SiteGround 2020 WordPress plans

    The first step to transfer your site and domain to SiteGround is registering the hosting plan . The next phase is the one concerning the domain.

    To transfer a domain already registered in the past to SiteGround, select I already have a domain and enter it in the field below.

    transfer WordPress site and domain to SiteGround

    Enter both the name and extension of your domain, then click Proceed .

    At this point, you will need to fill in the fields on the next screen, as indicated in the following image:

    SiteGround account information

    Choose a strong and strong password, which contains letters, numbers and symbols. This will in fact be the password to access your SiteGround control panel.

    The Company and VAT / TAX ID fields are not mandatory. Enter them only if you register as a company or freelancer.


    The invoice will be issued at the time you make the payment and will be stored in your User Area.

    In the Payment Information panel , enter your credit card information. If the billing address is different from the contact address, uncheck the box The billing address is the same as in the contact information . A new box will appear in which to enter the correct data.

    SiteGround payment

    Before completing the purchase … I remind you that for any hitch or difficulty, you can contact our WordPress Support. Our service can help you transfer your site and domain to SiteGround , as well as in all phases of creating and managing your website, and any technical doubts or difficulties you may encounter.

    Complete the order and access the panel

    You have almost completed your order and will soon be able to transfer your site and domain to SiteGround ! Then continue to fill in the remaining fields concerning the services chosen.

    Choose datacenter


    I advise you to choose Europe, The Netherlands , or Germany, Frankfurt as the server location and not the others, if the user of your site is mainly located in Italy . This is because the European datacenters allow those who connect from Italy to view the site faster.

    Another thing I recommend: choose the 1, 2 or 3 year subscription option but DO NOT choose the one month trial. This is because, at the end of the month, you will have to pay for the rest of the subscription without taking advantage of the 53% discount, so full price!

    The 53% discount instead can be applied up to 3 years! So if you want to save, better spend a little more now than paying full price next year.

    Then, by opting for an annual, two-year or three-year plan, you have the Satisfied or Reimbursed formula, plus a 53% discount on the actual price.

    Services - transfer WordPress site and domain to SiteGround


    At the bottom of the page you will also be presented with an optional paid service that I think you do NOT need at the moment. If you are afraid of your site being attacked by hackers you can read one of our guides on how to protect your site without spending money. In any case, you can activate it in the future, like so many other features.

    All you have to do is click on Pay now and you are done!


    On SiteGround, you can upgrade to a higher plan at any time.

    Payment by prepaid, credit card or PayPal

    If you have a prepaid or credit card, on the page where you choose the plan to buy, you will find a  Chat with an expert button . You can ask pre-purchase support to send you a link to complete the payment through PayPal. Just write the following message: “Hi, can I complete the purchase by paying via PayPal link ?”

    presale chat


    The operators will send you a link to be able to complete the payment without the need for a credit card.

    How to transfer a WordPress site on your own

    If you want to transfer your site to SiteGround on your own and you already have a WordPress site , you can use the new SiteGround Migrator plugin .

    The plugin generates a token, which is a long series of numbers and letters, which will allow you to make the transfer in total safety.

    Note: This tool does not work with local installations and Multisite installations. But in this case you can always take advantage of our WordPress Support.

    These are the steps you will need to take.

    1) Generate the transfer token

    generate migration token


    Log into your SiteGround Site Tools and enter the WordPress > Migration section .

    Choose the domain from the drop-down list, possibly add the subfolder in which you want to transfer your site, and click the Generate button . The unique code for this transfer will appear. (To transfer other sites you will need to create new tokens.)

    2) Install SiteGround Migrator

    Install SiteGround Migrator plugin


    Go to your site to transfer, log into the WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins> Add New> Upload Plugin . Search for SiteGround Migrator , install and activate it.

    3) Insert the token and start the procedure

    Enter transfer token


    In the WordPress Dashboard menu , go to SG Migrator and enter the token generated by SiteGround’s Site Tools. Verify the correctness of the email address , to which you will receive a notification of the completion of the migration, and proceed.

    4) Complete the transfer

    Completion of migration with Siteground migrator


    If you have received the confirmation email , or have seen the screenshot from the plugin, the transfer has been made. You will receive a temporary login URL to your site to verify that everything is in order. This URL only lasts 48 hours.

    If everything is in place, you will need to change the DNS to point your domain to the new site. Read in the last section of this article how to do it.

    To learn more about the new SiteGround Migrator plugin, read our Guide to SiteGround Migrator.

    How to transfer the site to SiteGround through the support service

    If you have opted for assistance during the transfer, you can request that your old site be transferred to SiteGround by the support technicians.

    After completing your purchase, please check your email .

    You will receive access to your User Area, where you can immediately activate the procedure for transferring site and domain to SiteGround . Go to your User Area and click on the question mark in the menu, then select Go to Help Center.

    SiteGround Help


    Then go to the Contact Us  tab  and select  Advanced Technical Support> Site Transfer . Select the domain to which to transfer your site and possibly add a subfolder. Then select the  Manual transfer managed by our team box.

    Request manual transfer of domain and WordPress site to SiteGround


    Then fill out the form that will appear, entering the type of control panel of the old provider and the access data.

    You must click on the cPanel option , if your previous hosting provider provides you with the cPanel, and you will then indicate the respective user and password.

    If you use another control panel (e.g. the Aruba one) you will select Other (Control Panel) and you will also provide here the user and password of that panel.

    Otherwise, select the item Other ( FTP access ) and provide the relevant data.

    IMPORTANT: You may have never used this data before, but you can get it from the messages between you and the previous Provider: SiteGround is used to allow their technicians to exactly transfer your website to their servers .

    Then add a message with more details about your request, complete the payment and request the service.

    compilation of domain and WordPress site transfer request on SiteGround


    If you are unable to complete this step and have our WordPress Support, you can contact us in chat or by email and we will get back to you immediately.

    How to transfer WordPress site and domain to SiteGround: connect the domain to the transferred site or to a new site

    Once the site / blog has been transferred, you need to take care of the domain you already have, to use it on SiteGround and point it correctly to the transferred site, or to a site you want to start from scratch on your new hosting .

    There are two ways to do this, and let’s see them in detail.

    Domain transfer to SiteGround

    To transfer the domain to SiteGround, you must have a code called AuthInfo or EPP from your previous provider.

    Your previous provider is obliged to release it if the domain is in your name.

    Once you have received this code, enter your User Area on SiteGround. You need to go to the Hosting tab to proceed by clicking the Transfer button next to the domain.

    The transfer has a standard cost of 11.95 €, and automatically includes the renewal of the domain for one year.

    You will provide your transfer code, and once you have paid for the procedure, wait for the email that will ask you to confirm the transfer request.

    Click on the confirmation link in the email , and that’s it: wait a few days to complete the transfer, you will be promptly notified when it is completed.

    For any questions, if you have our WordPress support, you can contact us in chat or by email , we will reply promptly.

    How to point the domain to the transferred site (or to a new site) while keeping it on the previous registrar

    You can also point a domain on SiteGround, without having to transfer it.

    You will need to make the domain DNS change, so that they point correctly to your new hosting .

    The most commonly followed way is that of changing the Name Servers.

    Go to your User Area, then click on Websites> Site Tools .

    Once logged in, you will see a box on the right called Site Information and, under the IP address, you will find the Server Names .

    SiteGround Name Server


    You will have to copy the two values ​​in full, the ones starting with ns1… ns2… , and then go to the control panel of the external domain.

    Just enter the two values ​​instead of the current ones, to change the pointing of the domain and direct it to the site on SiteGround. A few hours after the change, the pointing should be active correctly. Remember: it’s not immediate.

    Once the domain is transferred or pointed, you will be able to recreate the email addresses you previously had on SiteGround, following our simple guide on how to create an email address.

    To transfer all your messages from the old server to the new one, see the guide on how to transfer a domain without losing emails instead.

    WordPress hosting


    Transferring your site and domain to SiteGround is not difficult and will certainly bring you advantages from many points of view.

    Have you made the switch to SiteGround or are you planning to do so?

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