Online shopping sites: 15 largest and how to create your own

    With the growth of the ecommerce market, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for ways to create their own online shopping sites and online stores.

    As a survey conducted by NZN in 2019 indicates, 74% of Brazilian consumers already prefer to shop online rather than buying in physical stores.

    However, it is important to know how to choose where to buy so that you, as a consumer, have a good shopping experience through online sales channels.

    In this article, we will help you find the largest online shopping sites in Brazil, international and also how you can undertake and create your own ecommerce.

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    Largest online shopping sites

    Online shopping sites

    First, get to know the main sites for shopping on the internet. It is worth mentioning that they are not listed in any particular order, all the marketplaces options below are already well established in the digital market.

    Amazon is now considered the largest online marketplace, serving countries worldwide, including Brazil. Here, you can find everything from books to electronics, fashion articles, beauty, fitness, among several other categories.

    At Casas Bahia, you can also find essentially all types of products, including telephony, home appliances, computers and even services. The company also has stores spread across the country and uses its digital channels as an extension to serve more Brazilian cities.

    There is no way to talk about online shopping sites without mentioning Mercado Livre, a marketplace in which several stores in the country can list their products to sell through a secure channel and with payment methods protected through Mercado Pago, among other solutions.

    Submarino offers several categories of products, such as books, cell phones, fashion articles, sports, beauty and perfumery and even services and travel. The company also offers cashback to its consumers, meaning you can get a portion of the value of your purchases back.

    Offering several physical stores in different states of Brazil, Americanas also has its own sales channel for those who want to shop online. Just access the page, check the products and promotions, inform your zip code and calculate shipping for delivery.

    Ebay is an international online shopping site, but it could not be left out of that list as it also positions itself as an authority in the online market. However, even in their Brazilian domain, the products are listed with prices in dollars.

    AliExpress is part of the Alibaba Group, a group of companies that have their headquarters in China, but sells several products in multiple categories with highly competitive prices for Brazil.

    Zattini is one of the largest sites for online shopping in the fashion and accessories niche in Brazil, offering men’s and women’s clothing for all ages and also selling shoes.

    From the same group as Zattini, Netshoes also has a wide catalog of clothes, shoes, accessories, underwear and beauty products and is able to serve customers in almost all cities in Brazil.

    Founded in 2010, Wish is an international online shopping company that acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, offering a varied and extensive catalog of products on its website.

    Buscapé is not necessarily a shopping site, but one of the largest price comparators in Brazil. Through it, you can search for different types of products and the platform is able to display which stores and websites sell them at the lowest price.

    For those looking for smartphones, computers and peripherals, as well as home office equipment, Kabum is an excellent option among Brazilian shopping sites and works with a focus on this niche.

    Ponto Frio is another great store for home appliances, cell phones, furniture and audio equipment and also offers services on its platform, in addition to offering delivery to almost all cities in Brazil.

    We cannot fail to mention Magazine Luiza’s marketplace in this list. With multiple stores spread across the country, the company also sells products via digital sales channels through its website.

    Shoptime also has several product categories and retailers offering on its platform. It differentiates itself by offering frequent discounts and cashback for selected offers.

    Among all the options presented, you will certainly be able to find the products you need without difficulties.

    Care when shopping online

    Even if you choose to shop at one of the sites presented above, it is still important to take some precautions whenever you are ready to make a purchase and place an order online.

    Check seller rating

    If you are shopping on marketplaces, always pay attention to the seller’s evaluation to identify if he is trustworthy. In Mercado Livre, for example, you can check if sellers have ratings such as “MercadoLivre Platinum” in the store information, available on the product page itself.

    Search for reviews from other buyers

    In addition to checking the evaluation, look for comments from people who have already done business with the seller, especially if you are buying from marketplaces like Amazon or Mercado Livre, for example.

    In addition, whenever possible, clear all your doubts with the seller before making your purchase to avoid surprises – good shopkeepers always try to respond to their potential customers, even if it takes some time.

    Make sure you are buying the right product

    Read the product description carefully to be absolutely sure that you are buying the exact product you are looking for. For some items, such as home appliances, computers, smartphones, some model variations can end up confusing consumers.

    Read the payment terms carefully

    Before making the payment and finalizing your online purchase, be sure to carefully read all the terms and how the amount will be charged and be sure to check the shipping amount so that there are no surprises at the time of receipt or when you see the value on your invoice.

    How to Create an Online Shopping Website

    If your goal is not to buy online, but to create your online store so that you can start selling on the internet, we have prepared a list of ecommerce platforms that can help you do this, as well as tips to ensure that your website really sells. , check out.

    First, to create an online shopping site, we recommend that you do this through an ecommerce platform because, in addition to being able to count on professional resources, designed to boost your chances of selling, you can also find solutions that allow you to offer products not only in your store, but also in marketplaces such as Mercado Livre, Americanas, among others already listed above.

    Find out below the best options for you to create your own store.

    Nuvemshop is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the country, having already been awarded by ABCOMM (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce) as the best ecommerce platform in 2020.

    Through its solutions, you will be able to put your online shopping website on the air easily, with professional models and designs, advanced resources to manage inventory, products and process payments, among other features that you can check on the Nuvemshop page.


    There is no way to talk about selling on the internet without mentioning Shopify, a platform that in addition to allowing you to easily create a virtual store, also allows you to sell even on social networks, such as on Instagram and Facebook.

    Accessing through the link you can take advantage of a free trial and learn about the main resources offered by the platform to create your online shopping website.


    Jumpseller is not far behind when it comes to launching online stores that really draw the attention of consumers looking to buy on the internet.

    To create your online store on the platform, simply access, register, select a professional theme, set up your sales channels and start promoting the site to your target audience.


    Wobiz can also help you launch a shopping website on the Internet without difficulty, especially by having an intuitive builder in which you can easily choose the design of your store, configure it and put it on the air.

    In addition, they also offer resources so that you can make digital marketing campaigns and boost your online presence both on social networks and on search engines, such as Google itself.


    CartX is ideal for those who do not want to make an initial investment, since its basic plan does not charge any monthly amount, but only a fee on online purchases made.

    The platform also offers all the resources you need to start selling on the internet without difficulty, just access and check.

    Create your CartX online store

    Dooca is a robust platform, capable of serving small, medium and large companies and offers scalable plans to accompany the growth of its ecommerce as it gains more customers and increases its product catalog.

    It is also worth mentioning that they offer integration with several solutions that optimize the online shopping experience, such as, resources for grouping products, making mass discounts, among others.


    Bagy is ideal for those who want to start selling on major online shopping sites. They offer integration with Mercado Livre, Instagram Shopping and Facebook and do not have any product registration limits even in any of their plans.

    The biggest advantage is that with Bagy, all your operations, such as registering products and making sales, can be done directly on the company’s mobile application, that is, on your cell phone.


    Tray is an ecommerce platform that has also received awards from ABCOMM for being truly complete, robust and facilitating the creation of online stores. In addition, they offer a variety of scalable plans to suit from newcomers to large companies in the market.

    By creating a sales website with Tray, you will have no difficulty in promoting it to anyone looking for products to buy on the internet.


    SITE123 is one of the best website creators available online and, with it, you can put your own online shopping website on the air without having advanced knowledge in programming or web design.

    The website builder of SITE123 is really intuitive and agile, so launching your page online and starting selling does not take more than just a few minutes.


    Webnode is not far behind the other alternatives for those who want to create an online shopping site and start selling on the internet.

    It has professional resources for stock control, shopping cart, payment solutions and also offers several professional templates so that you can guarantee the good design of your pages, in addition to making sure they are optimized for mobile devices.


    Tips for having a successful online shopping site

    Creating and getting your website up and running is just the first step for you to start generating sales and attracting consumers. So it is important to pay attention to some features that every good online shopping site already offers today, understand …

    Determine your market niche

    The first step will be to determine exactly what you are going to sell on the internet. There are hundreds of niches that you can explore in the digital environment and we have even created a list with over 100 ideas for you to check out.

    If you’re starting now, it’s worth considering focusing on fewer niches and expanding as you gain more space and grow your own customer base.

    Have a responsive online shopping site

    Having a responsive website means optimizing it to work perfectly on mobile devices, that is, smartphones and tablets.

    Today, a large part of online shopping takes place via mobile, and that is exactly why the term m-commerce has been gaining more and more coverage when it comes to selling through digital channels.

    But don’t worry, this is not a complex thing to find, all the platforms that we presented above allow you to create a responsive ecommerce.

    Structure your delivery logistics

    Delivery logistics and freight are extremely important factors for those who work with physical products that must be transported to their customers, especially if you intend to serve customers across the country or also list your products in the largest marketplaces.

    Therefore, seek to ensure fast deliveries and make the value of freight a differential in your online store to stand out from the competition.

    Cherish good design and use high quality images

    Your chances of selling are significantly reduced if you don’t offer product images or if you don’t use professional photos. So be sure to make high quality images available and use a free photo editor to get customers’ attention.

    In addition, your graphic material, such as banners, pamphlets and even email templates, must also look professional. Fortunately, today there are solutions like Canva , which can help you create them without any difficulty, even if you are not an expert in the field.

    Run marketing campaigns

    Investing in digital marketing is the way to spread your brand in the online environment. There is no way for consumers to find your page if they don’t know it exists, so you need to promote it through email marketing campaigns, on social media, search engines and through SEO optimizations on their own. product pages.

    Be ready to serve customers

    And of course, similar to retail, customer service is also a crucial factor for you to be successful in launching your own online shopping website.

    So, be sure to invest in optimizing your channels, such as offering a professional online chat directly on your page to chat with customers. To do this, consider installing the Are Us Websites on your page , for example, and integrating it with applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, E-mail, Telephone, Callback, among others.

    Did you learn everything you need to make sales and purchases online?

    We hope that we have helped both to find sites already well established in the market to make their purchases online and solutions and platforms aimed at entrepreneurs who want to become shopkeepers and open their own ecommerces.

    Do not forget, if you are taking your first steps to launch your online store, be sure to install the Are Us Websites for free so that you can chat with customers in real time, answer your questions and earn their trust – these are aspects very important, especially for new online businesses.

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