Open a dropshipping shop with WooCommerce 2020

    The system of dropshipping is also increasingly popular in Italy and many managers of eCommerce sites have asked me for advice on how to use the dropshipping with WooCommerce.

    Fortunately, our great ally to create an online store has thought of this too and there are several WooCommerce extensions available to manage a dropshipping shop.

    Open a dropshipping shop with WooCommerce

    The advantage of dropshipping is to start an online business without having to face large initial costs for the purchase of goods, for the management of a warehouse and to organize shipments. In fact, the supplier will take care of all these aspects.

    A tip: make sure you go to extremely reliable suppliers, that are efficient in shipping and that their products are of quality. Remember that, for a customer, the seller is you, so activate an after-sales service to resolve any type of complaint or problem.

    Creating an online shop of this type allows you to start selling immediately as soon as your website is ready. So start right away with the purchase of a domain and hosting space.

    I recommend starting with SiteGround’s WooCommerce Startup hosting service, which will provide you with everything you need to start your eCommerce:

    • Free domain
    • SSL certificate included
    • Free CDN
    • WooCommerce pre-installed with Storefront theme
    • Fast and safe platform
    • 24/7 support service also in Italian

    Once everything is set up, you can start configuring the system for sell your dropshipping products with WooCommerce, with the help of these very useful plugins.

    Dropshipping plugin with WooCommerce

    The tools that I will show you now are very practical and allow you to fully automate the management of your sales.

    WooCommerce Dropshipping

    WooCommerce Dropshipping

    This is definitely the best plugin for your dropshipping eCommerce. You can add multiple suppliers and assign products to each supplier quickly and easily.

    The supplier will be notified by email as soon as their product is sold through your site. You will receive all the information about the order, the address and the shipping method. These emails are automatic but can be personalized.

    You don’t need to manually add all products. In fact, they can be imported into your store through a CSV file that the supplier will make available to you.

    The WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin also supports Amazon affiliations and product import from AliExpress.



    If you use AliExpress, I recommend that you use this plugin. Even though the previous plugin still supports this service, with AliDropship you will have much greater ease of management.

    It allows you to filter products based on parameters you have selected and add them to your eCommerce in an instant.

    The handy Google Chrome extension will also allow you to import the products you want to sell with just one click. You can then customize the product sheet by changing the images and setting preferences on shipping methods and areas.

    AliDropship even allows you to import reviews from AliExpress to your site, to get more user engagement and prove trustworthiness.

    WP Amazon Shop

    WP Amazon Shop

    If you want to sell Amazon products, I suggest you use WP Amazon Shop, which allows you to select and import all the Amazon products you want directly into your eCommerce.

    Your Affiliate ID will be automatically added to all product links and allows you to set different prices, automatically adding a percentage that you set.

    WordPress hosting


    I hope this article helped you choose the best tool for create your own dropshipping WooCommerce store.

    If you have difficulty configuring your eCommerce or for any technical need, contact our WordPress Support service, we will be happy to help you!

    Have you decided how to set up your dropshipping eCommerce?

    Do you think this online trading system is destined to grow in Italy?

    Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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