read the review of an excellent Italian hosting 2020

    The best hosting Italian that I was able to test recently is absolutely ServerPlan. An excellent service hosting that offers high quality services at affordable prices.

    I always want to introduce my readers to truly excellent services and tools, so I recommend that you read this review of mine carefully ServerPlan and to find out why I think it is among the best hosting in Italy.

    If you are building your new website, or if you are planning to transfer your WordPress site to another hosting, you may have found the service that is right for you, without surprises and with the guarantee of top quality.

    ServerPlan: what makes it the best Italian hosting according to Websites Are Us

    Before analyzing all the advantages of ServerPlan, I would like to show you in practice what we are talking about. Watch this video where I install WordPress and run a speed test.

    ServerPlan was born in 2002 with the aim of providing a service hosting Italian of quality, but with low prices. All their work focuses on two key points:

    • excellent datacenters;
    • qualified staff.

    In fact, if from the hardware and software point of view they are able to provide cutting-edge technologies, from the most human one you can rely on a highly qualified technical staff, ready to intervene at your every request 24 hours a day.

    To all this is added one of the best security systems and an always active surveillance service that guarantees the constant reliability of the servers.

    Not bad, right?

    Of course, it’s not just about words, but there is a guarantee Money Back Guarantee 30 days after purchase. Try the services of ServerPlan for one month and, if you are not completely satisfied, you have the right to withdraw from the contract with a refund.

    In these aspects, I must say that it is very convenient. But now, after having seen what are the guarantees offered byhosting Italian ServerPlan, let’s discover the main services it offers.

    Serverplan: WordPress hosting

    ServerPlan WordPress hosting

    If you want to create a website on WordPress, your best bet is to buy a plan hosting WordPress. There are several types of membership:

    • Starterkit at € 24 * per year;
    • Startup at 69 € * per year;
    • Enterprise at 129 € * per year;
    • Enterprise Plus for € 210 * per year.

    * prices excluding VAT

    All plans include a domain, a daily backup of your site and the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Also, you have no traffic limit.

    Serverplan: which hosting plan to choose?

    The plan that I absolutely recommend is the Startup.

    While you may be tempted by the price of the Starterkit, I feel it is not ideal, as it has several limitations and the services offered are not enough to ensure you get the most out of your online activity. The Serverplan Startup planInstead, it guarantees you all the services you might need while creating and maintaining your website.

    Here are the exact reasons why I don’t recommend the Starterkit plan.

    First of all, EasyApp is not included in the Starterkit which allows you to install WordPress with one click and so this part would be quite complicated if you are a beginner and don’t want too many complications.

    So just subscribe to the plan and with just a few clicks you can immediately start working on your site or create your blog, without worrying about making complicated installations. If you then want to transfer your WordPress site from another hosting, the procedure is fast and safe.

    Speaking of security, the Startup plan also includes SSH access, not available in the Starterkit plan.

    Finally, with the Startup you have the convenience of 50 email accounts and 20 databases available, and the available web space is 10 GB on SSD.

    The Starterkit instead includes only 5 email accounts, a single database and just 2GB of space, definitely insufficient if you intend to open an online business.

    In summary, the Startup plan is definitely the most complete one for those who do not have special needs. All the essential features for your website are included with a great price.

    Remember to enter your promo code SOSWP for an even cheaper price!

    Are you wondering if maybe you need a more advanced plan? The Enterprise and Enterprise Plus are suitable for those who need more space or more performance, and therefore for websites that are already started and with a certain traffic.

    If you are starting, go quiet on the Startup. But keep in mind that you can still upgrade your plan at any time.

    Serverplan offers Certified Electronic Mail (PEC)

    PEC service

    One of the services not hosting that ServerPlan provides, and which I consider extremely important to everyone by now, is the PEC. Certified e-mail is an e-mail with legal value, like registered mail with return receipt.

    Have you ever wondered how much you spend on recommended in a year? Surely, the solution with Certified Email is the cheapest and safest.

    ServerPlan offers the PEC service starting from only € 9 (+ VAT) per year with 1 GB of storage space. The email address will end with @

    However, the Certified Domain option is also available, which allows you to associate the certified email with your domain or subdomain. A great solution for companies.

    Serverplan: support service

    I have already mentioned above that the assistance of Serverplan is available at any time. That’s right: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Experts respond promptly and are always available to help you solve your problems. Being a hosting Italian, the support is of course available in Italian, and often this is one of the most important things for many customers.

    Why choose ServerPlan

    Surely, you are wondering: “But I really want to go up ServerPlan? “. Of course, it is a hosting hosting extremely valid, so we try to evaluate it as objectively as possible.

    As I said at the beginning, I am pleased to be able to present to my readers a service that could meet the needs of many of you.

    What interests me most, in fact, is that you, who follow us with such affection, are able to find the service that satisfies you 100%. The main objective of Websites Are Us is to present you with truly impartial reviews in order to offer you the best, and not to propose a service for pure advertising purposes.

    That said, let’s summarize the benefits of together ServerPlan.

    With ServerPlan the annual cost of the Startup plan is € 69 + VAT. The cost for the years following the first is always the same.

    One of the services that ServerPlan offers and instead lacks many hosting services is that of Certified Electronic Mail. As explained above, you can choose the service starting from € 9 per year and you also have the possibility to create a PEC with your domain.

    However, you have limits on classic email, for example, 50 emails for the Startup plan (which is a good number anyway).

    The datacenters of Serverplan are located in Italy, and it can be a great advantage if you get more visits from our country.

    Is ServerPlan really the best Italian hosting? The practical test.

    This hosting Italian promises really well, right? Many services, many guarantees, many securities, but … in practice?

    I wanted to personally test ServerPlan before speaking to you, just to ascertain personally the promises made by them. It’s not enough for me to read technical features or positive reviews. Before presenting a product, I like to test it and make sure it’s really top! Well, this is what I concluded after installing and using WordPress on ServerPlan.

    At first glance, I really liked the cPanel customization. The graphics are simple and neat and you will find what you need right away.

    From section Web Applications you can install WordPress with a few clicks. In fact, the WordPress installation page allows you to apply all the basic configurations, from the options for automatic updates, to the login data, to the title of the site etc. This way, within seconds you can already work on your site.

    WordPress installation on the Italian hosting Serverplan

    In less than half an hour I went from zero to a fully configured site, including theme and plugins. Everything was very fast and simple.

    But the thing that impressed me the most was the site speed test. Without even installing a cache plugin, I got a jaw-dropping result: 1.40 seconds for loading a 5 MB page!

    I am really very happy with the performance of this one hosting. But let’s also see what other customers think.

    ServerPlan opinion: here is all the data

    I went to Trustpilot to check customer reviews ServerPlan and I must say I was very impressed. It’s rare to find so many more than positive reviews. Currently, 81% of customers have rated ServerPlan “Exceptional”, 17% consider it “Very good”, only 1% “Acceptable” and 1% “Poor”. Great!

    Many of these reviews also speak of prompt and efficient assistance. Some have been customers for several years and speak of great reliability of the service.

    Now, I’m waiting to have a nice chat with one of their technicians, which I will be happy to share with all Websites Are Us readers.



    I am really happy to be able to recommend thehosting Italian ServerPlan. The service is really above expectations and I am sure that if you want to try it you will agree with me too.

    Do you think that you too will try to use the hosting of ServerPlan?

    Or have you already tried its services and want to let us know what you think?

    Leave a comment in the box below.

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