Satisfaction survey: what is it, how to do it?

    Consumer feedback is a very rich source of information that presents business opportunities, reveals problems and even offers solutions to solve them.

    This sharing of experiences and opinions often happens spontaneously through the initiative of customers to collaborate with the improvement of the product or service that is being consumed. However, the information contained in these feedbacks is too valuable to be collected at random.

    It was then that, from the search for details that offer advantages in a competitive market, however small they may seem, an active way to collect the opinion of consumers was created: the satisfaction survey.

    It is an essential tool for companies that seek to measure the efficiency of their strategies, enabling changes during the execution of their planning so that they never deviate from their main objectives.

    In our article, we will talk about all aspects of the satisfaction survey and the best way to apply them to bring your business closer to your customers.

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    What is a satisfaction survey?

    It is one of the most efficient ways to measure the quality and perception of what a company is delivering to its audience.

    Questionnaires with objective, quantitative and qualitative questions help businesses understand and measure customer satisfaction.

    To better understand the importance of this concept, let’s check out the definition of satisfaction presented by Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller: “The feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing the expected performance of the product (or result) in relation to the expectations of person”.

    Aligning the expectations of what your customers expect from your product or service can be the difference between the success and failure of a business.

    The ideal is to conduct a satisfaction survey that extends to all your communication channels, whether applied to customers who closed a deal and also to people who did not buy or contract your service.

    This data is essential for managers and entrepreneurs to make decisions consistent with their audience. Corrections and changes in strategies, whether in the elaboration process or already in progress, can be carried out considering which of the KPIs (performance indicators) need more attention.

    How important is business satisfaction surveys?

    woman clicking on a postive response on a screen with a satisfaction survey

    Every opportunity to collect data that provides detailed and relevant assessments for your enterprise is essential in a very competitive market, where one detail makes a difference.

    In addition, ensuring that your customers are satisfied is a very effective way to influence others to consume your product or service. Therefore, investing in the satisfaction of your audience is investing in results.

    Check out some of the main factors that make the satisfaction survey a strategic tool for businesses that prioritize results.

    Understand customer behavior

    Information about how your audience thinks, acts and perceives your brand is essential to creating an effective sales funnel. These data that will help to understand the pains and desires of your customers can be found in a satisfaction survey.

    After collecting and analyzing the information offered, it will be possible to map the most relevant issues for your audience and create personalized shopping journeys for each audience profile found in your search.

    Ensuring brand reputation

    A brand’s bad reputation can be costly. A business’s marketing strategies and communication costs can be wasted if a problem recurs with customers.

    Criticism originating from the customers’ point of view is essential to understand how your brand is being perceived by the public and to identify what the errors are preventing the growth of your enterprise.

    When conducting a satisfaction survey, it is necessary to understand that not all opinions will be positive. In fact, it is necessary to see these criticisms in a professional way, after all, negative opinions play a more important role in revealing what are the issues in which the brand leaves something to be desired.

    From this point, solutions can be originated from the information, bypassing the identified problems.

    Avoid complaints and actions that can harm the company

    The effort to get your customers to recommend your brand is great, but it is worth it. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to offer quality products and services, excellent service and always being attentive to details .

    The opposite can easily happen. Delays in responses, service errors, lack of support. These are just a few problems that can cause customers to share their negative experiences in conversations, on social media and depending on the degree of dissatisfaction, even on complaint sites.

    The satisfaction survey is a powerful tool to prevent this type of negative communication about your business from happening. Through the answers obtained, it is possible to understand where these errors happen and take action to correct them.

    Take a positive stance and transform your business for the better from the failures pointed out in the responses obtained.

    Focus your resources on the sectors that most need improvement

    The role of a manager is to manage his resources to find solutions that need priority in the short, medium and long term.

    Investing time in superficial problems while more serious problems exist can have a big impact on your business results.

    The satisfaction survey is a tool that will provide managers with the information they need to decide which solutions should become a priority.

    What is the best time to conduct a satisfaction survey?

    Just as research can be done on the different channels that your company uses to communicate with customers, it can also be done at different times. The best opportunity may vary according to the research objective.

    If the purpose is to evaluate the service offered, do the research right after contacting the customer. Is the objective to assess whether a product was delivered on time, its quality or how well a service was provided? Take the assessment hours later. If your goal is to evaluate your brand in general, do research periodically.

    To find out what is the best time to perform the satisfaction survey, test it in different stages of the purchase process and try to do it in different formats: online, by phone and even in person using a printed form.

    Can every company do?

    The answer is simple, yes. If a business has defined strategies and objectives, the results of the satisfaction survey will apply regardless of which segment is in question.

    It is worth mentioning that this tool can also be used internally to measure a company’s organizational climate.

    Below are the main benefits of applying a satisfaction survey.

    6 reasons to do a satisfaction survey in your business

    group of people evaluating a questionnaire on a smartphone screen

    Creating marketing plans in search of specific results is an integral part of the work of managers and entrepreneurs that requires a lot of emotional and strategic intelligence. It is necessary to understand that not all ideas when put into practice will achieve success.

    Some will need minor adjustments, others will need major changes and at times the best attitude will be to give up a plan and look for another viable alternative. However, when we are completely involved with the process, we may not have this perception.

    The satisfaction survey offers the point of view of those who are not included in the creative and administrative process. This is a very good thing, as it shows mistakes and successes that would not be seen inside a company.

    This exercise of listening to different opinions and accepting them in a neutral and critical way about your business can bring a number of benefits. Meet the main ones.

    Find the problems that need to be solved

    One of the main benefits of conducting a satisfaction survey is that you receive relevant and practical information to identify which sectors of your business need adjustment.

    When problems happen, from the smallest as unavailable product pages to the biggest as recurring service errors, your business is at risk of losing customers, resulting in a direct impact on your results.

    Therefore, finding these flaws quickly and resolving them efficiently, before problems affect more people, is an essential task that must be performed continuously, ensuring the optimization of your company’s income.

    Optimize your time and resources

    The job of investing time and resources to optimize your company’s operations will become much easier once you identify which points need improvement.

    With the information contained in the satisfaction survey, it will be possible to classify the priority of the problems that must be solved, putting forward those with the greatest impact on their results.

    Find opportunities

    Another great advantage of having points of view that come from outside your company is the opportunity to find new business ideas that you can take advantage of.

    After all, one of the people who best understands your product or service and how they are consumed is your customer. Your collaboration during a satisfaction survey can be much greater than just an opinion, it can come in the form of a creative idea or in solving a problem.

    Consumer opinion can actively collaborate with updating your company to meet market demands, service improvements, finding new audience profiles interested in what you have to offer and even creating new products.

    Keep your strategy up to date

    Maintaining a marketing strategy that doesn’t work, in addition to not bringing results, will cost money.

    When a satisfaction survey is done correctly and has questions related to the purpose of your planning, the feedback contained in the responses will provide key information that can be used together with sales and service data to analyze the effectiveness of your strategy.

    Are the results promising? Look for ways to keep your planning. Isn’t the income worth it? Evaluate what are the flaws in your strategy, find the best ways to correct them, put them into practice and re-test until you guarantee an effective sales process.

    Adjust expectations

    Expectations play a very important role in the perception of customers about a business. By analyzing what is expected of your brand through the responses, it is possible to identify whether changes are needed in communication and service.

    Depending on the intensity of the response level, even rebranding can be an option.

    From the satisfaction survey, it is also possible to identify which customers had problems and to contact them directly, understanding the cause of the discontent and offering solutions for these people to close deals with your company.

    Customer loyalty

    According to the recommendations of one of the greatest experts in the world, David Skok, the cost of acquiring customers from a profitable business should be between 3 and 5 times higher than the value of the customer’s lifetime, also known as LTV.

    If the cost to win new customers is higher, investing in the loyalty of those who already buy from you can be a much more profitable strategy.

    In addition, listening to your customers’ pains and taking action to end the problems that cause them strengthens the relationship between them and your business. When you notice that suggestions have been turned into solutions, your audience will naturally realize that your brand’s concern in offering the best experience is genuine.

    What happens to brands that don’t use satisfaction surveys?

    By not applying a satisfaction test, companies miss the opportunity to identify the negative experiences that have alienated their customers. Without this information, it will not be possible to plan actions that correct specific errors and prevent new customers from being lost by the same failure.

    This can be costly, increasing the cost to win new customers, decreasing the number of loyal customers, increasing the operating costs of errors that could be corrected and causing damage to the brand image.

    How to apply an efficient satisfaction survey

    group of people answering a questionnaire on a huge clipboard

    Once you understand the importance and influence that the satisfaction survey has on the results of a business, it is time to learn how to put it into practice.

    The processes and aspects that make up a successful survey start even before your questions are asked. Check out some tips that will help you gather relevant and information-rich answers for your company.

    Define a goal

    What is your goal with the satisfaction survey? When answering this question, you will have a direction of which will be the target audience, in which channel the survey should be conducted and what will be the content of your questions.

    The questions can be related to the quality of care, product or service offered, but the possibilities do not stop there. You can acquire opinions about the competition, ideas for your business and even ask about specific issues.

    Define your target audience

    The satisfaction survey can be carried out with all its consumers, however, after defining a specific objective, it is necessary to choose the target audience so that their goals are efficiently met.

    Is the survey about a product that has a specific consumer profile? Or is it about service in a specific area of ​​the country? Use the data you already have about your audience to create more assertive questions and to ask those who really should answer them.

    Develop clear and objective questions in line with your goal

    Once you’ve defined your goal and chosen the audience to respond to your survey, you need to ensure that the right questions are asked.

    Define the topics covered and try to create objective questions. Try to talk to your team to identify the most common questions and complaints.

    After completing the questionnaire, do tests! It is by testing that you will find out if your questions are easily understood and if the number of questions is too large, making the test difficult and creating chances of withdrawal, or if the amount is insufficient, gathering little information about your customers.

    An important tip is to try to answer questionnaires from competing companies. Thus, it is possible to assess your priorities and understand how a questionnaire is designed.

    Choose the appropriate communication channel

    A satisfaction survey can be conducted in several ways. Through online forms, filling out a questionnaire after a sale, after the end of a call, for example.

    After defining the target audience in line with your goal, you need to choose a channel used by this customer profile, otherwise your search will reach fewer people and lose effectiveness.

    There is no exact formula that can assist you in this choice. Then, analyze your metrics, define the best options and test with different channels until you find a way that is efficient for your business.

    Choose an evaluation method

    There are several methodologies and questionnaire models for different purposes. Some are simple and small, with only objective questions, while other tests can be more elaborate, have qualitative questions and their own scoring system, such as the NPS (Net Promoter Score).

    Next, we will present the main methods that can be used in a satisfaction survey. We recommend that you test different alternatives to find the best option for your business.

    Check out the main satisfaction survey models

    isometric elements that make up a satisfaction survey

    Net Promoter Score – NPS

    NPS is an easy-to-apply satisfaction survey method that offers both quantitative and qualitative responses.

    From the question “On a scale of 0 to 10, how much would you recommend (a brand or product) to a friend or colleague?” customers will be divided into 3 categories:

    • Promoters, grades 9-10: customers who already like your company, tend to cultivate a relationship with it and can probably refer it to family, friends and colleagues.
    • Neutral, grades 7 to 8: customers who are not dissatisfied, however, are not loyal to your company.
    • Detractors, grades from 0 to 6: people dissatisfied with their brand, product or service. There is a great chance that they will stop buying or using your services and may damage your business image.

    The answer that follows this question is very important. Use the question “Why did you rate this?” to understand customers’ motivations, opinions and even suggestions.

    After completing the survey and collecting the answers, a calculation will be made to evaluate the performance of your business using the formula:% of Promoters -% of Detractors. Neutral respondents are not used in the account.

    Customer Satisfaction Score – CSAT

    The Costumer Satisfaction Score, or “Customer Satisfaction Score”, is a metric for measuring consumer expectations and contentment with your brand.

    Generally, the method uses specific questions such as: * Did the service meet your expectations? * How do you rate the service offered? * Are you happy with our product?

    The questions asked using the CSAT can count on open answers or deterministic answers, which will classify customers in different groups making it easier to visualize the generated data.

    Customer Effort Score – CES

    The Customer Effort Score, or “Consumer Effort Score”, is a satisfaction survey method that measures the effort made by customers when using or buying products in your business.

    CES is a great method to find solutions that optimize and facilitate customers’ shopping journey.

    Likert scale

    The Likert Scale is a way of distributing votes in relation to your service and can be used in conjunction with other methods. Customers will be able to respond to questions by agreeing or disagreeing with any statement on a scale of 1 to 5. The meanings are as follows:

    • 1 – Very dissatisfied
    • 2 – Dissatisfied
    • 3 – Indifferent
    • 4 – Satisfied
    • 5 – Very satisfied

    When calculating the result, add the number of responses between 1 and 2 and then add the number of responses between 4 and 5 to illustrate the negative and positive percentage of customers.

    Objective Yes or No Questions

    This is one of the most practical and applied tests. This satisfaction survey method is simple and uses only objective questions that seek to find out whether customers agree or disagree with a statement.

    An example of its use that can be applied in physical and virtual stores is the question “Would you buy from us again?”

    Know the most common mistakes made in research and learn how to avoid them

    The elaboration of a satisfaction survey is not necessarily a complicated process, but some care must be taken to ensure good results and to ensure the image of your brand.

    Below we list the main research errors and our suggestions for avoiding them.

    1. Do not define the objective of your market research well : the results and the success of your research are completely linked to the objective you want to achieve. Ensure that your research will be done only after you find a goal that justifies your application.
    2. Use inappropriate language : when creating your questions, think about the audience that will answer them. A very formal language may not be the best for a younger audience, as slang and jargon can make a portion of your audience not understand the questions.
    3. Complex or poorly designed questions : ensure that all your questions are neutral and do not lead to a specific answer, otherwise your data will not be accurate.
    4. Spelling and grammatical errors : the only way to ensure that your research will not have any errors is to make a thorough review.
    5. Questionnaire and long questions : ask only the essentials. Questionnaires and very long questions can cause customers to give up sharing their opinions.

    5 Tools to Create Your Satisfaction Survey

    colleagues evaluating a satisfaction survey tool

    Once you understand what a satisfaction survey is and how relevant it is to the results of your business, it’s time to put the new knowledge into practice.

    We have prepared a list with some tools that can help the process of creating your surveys and optimize the work of analyzing all the information collected through the questionnaires.

    Check out the options and choose the best platform for your business.

    1. SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular tools for research forms, in addition to having a website completely in Portuguese.

    The platform is simple to use: create and share questionnaires. Something that can be good to ensure that inexperienced users are not lost in the process of researching, but limits the customization of their resources.

    2. Typeform

    The solutions that this platform offers are already well established in the market. Typeform offers all the necessary tools to create a complete satisfaction survey.

    Its functions allow the creation of humanized questionnaires with responsive layouts, resources that make respondents’ lives easier and stimulate quality responses.

    3. Wufoo

    The feature that stands out when using Wufoo is the possibility to integrate attractive forms directly to your website.

    The tool has a series of questionnaires and forms ready to be personalized and shared with your customers.

    4. MindMiners

    Creating a satisfaction survey based on the knowledge of professionals can make all the difference when analyzing your data.

    The Brazilian startup MindMiner has ready-to-use questionnaires that are certified and tested by statistical experts as its biggest differential.

    5. Google Forms

    Google Forms is an option that could not be left out of our list of tools to create your satisfaction survey.

    The platform is very popular because it is completely free, easy and intuitive to use. Its layout is not very attractive, but in return, the forms are very practical and versatile.

    Is it worth it to hire a company to carry out your satisfaction survey?

    The answer to this question may vary from business to business.

    To assess whether or not it is worthwhile to hire a company to conduct your business satisfaction survey, evaluate the size of your company, define the objectives that must be achieved and understand the complexity required in the survey.

    Generally, large brands and business groups need detailed data due to the large number of consumers of their products or services. Medium and small businesses, on the other hand, can collect valuable data from simpler surveys.

    So, to decide, reflect on your activities within the company, the time needed to execute them and look for budgets to decide which is the best option for your career and your business.

    Ready to create your satisfaction survey?

    We hope that our content has helped you learn everything you need to create efficient searches that collect relevant results.

    If you are also looking for a tool that can help increase customer satisfaction on your site, get to know the features of Websites Are Us, our online chat tool .

    Through it you can monitor your website visitors, start conversations with proactive invitations and answer the main questions of potential customers in real time very easily.

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