SEO Friendly Website

    SEO friendly website? let’s explain what an SEO Friendly website is!

    Countless times you hear the phrase “SEO friendly website“ or “SEO friendly” but what does this mean why do you need one? How can having an SEO friendly website help improve sales or grow your business?

    We will try to avoid advanced SEO practices or technical phrases. All the websites we produce are SEO Friendly and can easily be found in all major search engines.

    What is a Search Engine Friendly Website?

    All of our websites are SEO friendly and have been configured to make it easy for search engines to read (crawl) and learn what that particular website is all about. The most significant aspects of our SEO friendly website are:

    1/ Unique Descriptions and Titles

    Each page of the site (including the main home page) has a different description and title. The titles are usually between 60-65 characters, and the description is around 150 characters. Descriptions and titles describe precisely what the page is about without being keyword packed. Here is an example of a good title and description:


    2/ Correctly formatted URLs

    Permanent links (that’s the URL of a webpage) are well-formatted, separated by dashes and are all lower case. Example of a well-formatted URL:


    Correctly formatted URLs

    3/ Fast loading web pages

    Neither search engines nor people want websites that are slow to open. On the other hand our fast loading, sites are SEO friendly (indicating they have the edge in ranking algorithms over websites that are slower) and produce more user interactions (contact forms submissions, newsletter signups, sales etc.).

    4/ Unique content

    All content used on our websites is unique and has not been copied from another website or used before,  and all pages have useful content and flow together making it easy to understand for everyone.

    5/ Images formatted for search engines

    Search engines favour text that’s a fact, but you also have to use images in your pages because everyone likes it, it will make your content more attractive, sharable, easier to read etc. We always make sure that we optimise all the image sizes before we add them to a website using tinyjpg this helps to reduce the image file size without losing any quality. We also set a meaningful image ALT text and filenames.


    6/ Pages will have a meaningful structure!

    A web page usually has the following elements:

    • Header
    • Breadcrumb menu
    • Page Title (that’s the H1 tag and will explain what the page is about there is only one H1 per page)
    • Well formatted text – text is separated into many short paragraphs including subheadings
    • Footer

    Why do you need an SEO friendly website?

    Something that most small business owners, CEOs or new webmasters don’t readily understand is why you need an SEO friendly website and why it is important to have a website that is friendlier to search engines. Well, the reasons are a lot, but the main six you need to know are:

    1/ It will get you more traffic from search engines (that is organic traffic )

    As you would expect, an SEO friendly website would get you more traffic from search engines as it is likely to run higher in the search engine results pages (SERPS). If you take into account most people who use the search boxes tend to choose one of the first five results; you can recognise the significance of SEO.


    2/ It will make your website user-friendly

    SEO is not just for search engines, SEO is for users too. By applying the fundamentals of SEO to all of our websites it makes it simpler to use, and this will improve the user experience.

    3/  It gives your brand credibility

    People are more inclined to trust websites (companies) that are found in the first pages of Yahoo Bing or Google. This is good for both brand credibility and brand awareness.

    4/ It is cost-effective

    An SEO friendly website will send targeted traffic 24/7 without needing to spend money on PPC or other methods of online advertising. While there is a cost to reach that point, the long term advantages are more significant.

    5/ It helps you know what your most valuable clients want

    SEO drives quality traffic and by examining the behaviour of those users (how they enter your website, what they like, what they click, how they leave etc.) is a great way to learn what your clients want and modify your products or website to match their demands.

    6/ SEO is even more important for mobiles

    A site that has good rankings on mobile searches is mobile-friendly will get more consumers and traffic than a website that is not mobile SEO friendly. These days more users are using their mobiles to search for products or information while on the move it is essential to be on top of the search results or you are losing clients to the competition, particularly those searching for local services or products.


    An SEO friendly website has specific characteristics and features that help search engines understand what the site is all about, and this improves the odds of gaining better rankings in the SERPS.

    If you want a head start with a new website you need to take SEO into account first. All of our Website Design plans have all major SEO functions and features added before we publish them.

    The most important advantage of having an SEO friendly website is that you will get more targeted organic traffic from search engines.


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