The best webinar software and plugins to use with your WordPress site 2020

    With the exponential growth of video calling and online conferencing, get organized with a good one webinar software or plugin to integrate with WordPress it’s probably necessary for your business as well.

    The webinars will allow you to get in touch with your customers throughout Italy and even around the world through any device, desktop or mobile. Furthermore, you will be able to interact with users through the chat and share material.

    Let’s find out how to use webinars on your WordPress site.

    When to use a webinar plugin on your WordPress site

    There are many situations in which hosting a webinar can help you gain more customers and retain the ones you already have.

    First of all, you can use Live webinar directly on your WordPress site to do group video lessons. This will also allow your students to interact with each other. They will help each other to better understand the topics you are presenting and they will be able to overcome difficulties all together, as in a nice, close-knit class.

    You can also take advantage of the webinar to promote your products or services. Invite your customers to participate in an in-depth session on a particular issue that interests them. At the end of the event, you can propose your service as a solution to the problem discussed in the conference.

    One type of online event that is having particular success lately is unpacking. Take advantage of the webinar to organize a live online unpacking. You will have the opportunity to show all the qualities of the product and convince those who follow you to buy it.

    Free your imagination! There are tons of ways to take advantage of webinars.


    Zoom plugin for WordPress

    The Zoom platform is certainly among the most used of 2020, as it adapts perfectly to video conferences, video chats and webinars and is very easy to use.

    To use Zoom with WordPress, you will be able to install the Video Conferencing with Zoom plugin that will allow you to create “meeting-articles”, through which users can connect to the webinar directly from your WordPress site.

    You have many features available, including the countdown to the next webinar, the date and time will be displayed according to the user’s time zone, and you can integrate your webinars with WooCommerce.


    GoTo Webinar WordPress plugin

    If you have a GoToWebinar subscription, you can integrate the WP GoToWebinar plugin, available in free and Pro version.

    The free version allows you to view all scheduled webinars through a table, calendar or widget, which contain a link to the event registration form.

    Date and time can be viewed by the user based on their geographical area, so you can rest assured that no one will miss the appointment due to time zone misunderstandings.

    After the date of the webinar, the list will update automatically, without you having to manually remove the past ones.

    The Pro version includes integrations with email marketing tools, management and sales of past webinars, countdown to the next webinar and other exciting features.


    WebinarPress plugin

    WebinarPress is another very useful plugin to manage your webinars with WordPress. The number of webinars you can run and users to connect with is unlimited.

    You can create webinars for everyone, for a fee, or for members only. You have live chat available to communicate in real time with those following the conference and a “raise your hand” button is included to allow users to speak.

    The registration and confirmation pages and emails are fully customizable and you can integrate the webinar with Google, with Facebook pixels and with your newsletter service.


    Organizing your business in such a way that you can connect in real time with all your customers has become necessary not only because of the events of this period, but it is an effective strategy that is always valid to grow your business globally.

    Among these WordPress webinar plugins there will surely be the right solution for your needs.

    Which one will you use on your website?

    Do you know any other interesting webinar services for WordPress?

    For any questions, as always, leave a comment below!

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