Websites Are Us London: how Mutant used Content Marketing to sell via Inbound and become a reference in the market

    The human being lives in a life cycle distributed in levels and, therefore, goes through several phases until the end of his life. His ability to adapt and constantly change is simply a gift, which makes him an eternal mutant.

    And companies that have committed purposes to enable quality of life for these changes, will certainly be differentiated in the market.

    So we want to introduce Mutant, a big dream company that aims to facilitate the relationship between brands and people by providing the best experiences through digital platforms.

    Mutant decided to follow the development of companies using technology to promote comfort for human changes.

    How many companies do you know who are privileged to use their services to change the world?

    Stay with us and follow this successful case!

    Who is Mutant?

    Customer Experience Specialist, Mutant takes care of interactions between brands and customers on multiple digital channels.


    Formed by multidisciplinary teams, the company follows market trends and always brings the best practices and innovations to make the experience in contact with companies more personalized, humanized and positive.

    After all, customer experience is a service culture focused on the customer.

    The company has the mission of make it more accessible and intuitive people’s relationship with digital platforms. This is what Mutant has developed as a service. It is how she intends to impact the life around her.

    Mutant’s purpose is extremely relevant, but they had a big challenge ahead of them: making the company known and attracting ideal customers who needed their solutions to overcome a specific difficulty in interacting with their customers.

    With that in mind, they opted to look for a strategy that would help them position the brand as a reference in CX in Brazil and lead their potential customers through the funnel, educating, in a way, the market about solutions that may seem complex at first.

    That’s when they realized that Content Marketing had the right characteristics to solve this company’s pain.

    How has content marketing contributed to building Mutant’s authority?

    “Mutant is a company focused on customer experience on digital platforms and we always miss specialized content on the topic in Brazil. As our goal was to become a reference in CX (Customer Experience) and reach an increasing audience, we opted for the Content Marketing strategy. ”, explained Jéssica Uchôa, Marketing Coordinator at Mutant.

    Hiring a content strategy was the best way out for Mutant, which needed to establish reliable relationships with its customers.

    One of its premises was to provide the best experience for its audience and users of its customers before, during and after the sale. This to enchant them and, thus, make them promoters of your brand.

    Today the communication market already understands that the only strategy – until now – capable of elucidating a pain that your client has and educating him to use his product, is Content Marketing.

    Therefore, Ana Paula Viana, Customer Success Analyst at Websites Are Us, and Jessica Uchôa, Marketing Coordinator at Mutant, worked hard until the actions generated their first results: <strong>the first sales coming by Inbound Marketing, a strategy that uses Content Marketing as a pillar.

    How did Websites Are Us help to achieve the expected result?

    Websites Are Us created a specific methodology, initially focused on producing relevant content on various topics related to CX. Thus, Mutant’s blog would achieve good organic positions in search engines and brand recognition as an expert in the field.

    With that, Mutant started working towards its goal with its marketing team and Rock participated with its expertise in Digital Marketing by ordering Mutant’s traffic acquisition channels to deliver the expected result.

    It took a few steps until there was synchrony between the teams:

    • the first of them was to determine for which keywords the result would arrive first;
    • the second was to structure the top, middle and bottom posts of the funnel;
    • the third it was to get the Mutant team to engage in giving the interviews, in which the bottom texts of the funnel would be produced with maximum quality and techniques that the company needed to generate authority;
    • the fourth step was align language and lecture it in a way that was didactic and easy to understand, for the personas who tended to use the product, but would not be attracted by content that was incomprehensible.

    Understanding what the customer needs in this process is very important to align expectations between both parties. Only then does the strategy work and flow.

    To kick off the actions planned by Rock exclusively for Mutant, were:

    • production of rich materials: to attract visitors to the site and thus generate leads for the base;
    • content extension: in order to optimize the texts and thus help in ranking the keywords;
    • CTAs: customized and developed exclusively to bring the customer into the sales funnel;
    • nutrition flows: as part of the lead’s education and thus encourage him to ask for a quote and close the sale.

    Thus, the Rock team started the path of endless success, through posts ranging from attraction to the middle and bottom of the shopping journey funnel.

    We would like to draw attention to the third step, which was producing funnel bottom content. For these posts to be produced, Websites Are Us made available to Mutant a journalist specialized in copywriting, to give life and significance to the posts that were born from interviews with the company’s UX specialists.

    This step was crucial for the success of the strategy, because it’s not just about transcribing an interview, but about understanding the universe of the specialist, planning what to address, produce an agenda beforehand to guide the post towards a specific objective.

    The result

    In 6 months

    • Mutant reached the 1st place in organic searches for your main term.
    rankeria mutant for main keyword

    At 12 months

    • Grew 500% in the number of sessions on the site, the organic channel being the most relevant for traffic acquisition and the highest number of goal completions (conversions on the website form);
    • Over 70% growth of keywords indexed on Google;
    • And more than 90% on the first page.

    In this way, the results of the strategy only tend to grow and evolve, since the Content marketing is a long-term strategy. In other words, more authority and credibility can be achieved over time in search engines, without forgetting, of course, to keep them updated.

    That is how this success story between Websites Are Us and Mutant has given the perfect match to generate revenue and authority.

    Do you want similar results and a content strategy of your own?

    Talk to one of our consultants! We are able to provide the best results in your segment.

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