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    If you are building a multilingual site, you are probably wondering if you have everything set up perfectly. Not only do you have to translate all the content and create a button to easily switch between languages, but it is essential to give Google the right signals to correctly interpret your site’s structure.

    For this, the first step is to make sure you have set the hreflang correctly on all pages.

    What is hreflang

    Example hreflang in the head

    L’hreflang it is a signal to search engines that there are different language versions of this same page.

    I specify that hreflang is not a tag, as is often mistakenly thought, but a attribute of the link tag. It is located within the section page and this is an example of what it looks like:

    This piece of code basically reads like this:

    This page has an alternative version (rel = ”alternate”) in English (hreflang = ”en”) which can be found at this URL (href = ””).

    If you are familiar with HTML, you will surely understand everything. If not, I’m sure your face has taken the shape of a question mark!

    Don’t worry, WordPress is a wonderful tool made just for you.

    How to insert the link tag with the hreflang attribute

    The best multilingual plugins for WordPress implement hreflang automatically, so you won’t need to do anything.

    To make sure everything is correct, do this:

    • Open your page on the browser;
    • Click on the page with the right button;
    • Select “View source”;
    • Look for the section (located at the top of the page;
      • Check that the link tag with the hreflang attribute appears inside it,
      • Press CTRL + F, type hreflang in the search field and hit enter.

    If your translation plugin does not include automatic hreflang insertion or if you don’t use any plugins, switch to WPML now!

    Alternatively, you can use the HREFLANG Tags Lite plugin, a free plugin that you can install directly from your Dashboard and use in a very simple way.

    How to use the HREFLANG Tags Lite plugin

    After installing and activating the plugin on your WordPress site, go to the new menu item HREFLANG. Here you will find several tabs. In the main one, Dashboard, you can select which types of pages to set the attribute on.

    Hreflang Tag Lite plugin configuration

    Remember to always save your changes before exiting!

    At this point, all types of content you have chosen will be present the hreflang attribute.

    The other tabs you find on this screen are reserved for PRO users. Let’s see them briefly, so you can evaluate if you need these features.

    • HTML Code Generator: Generates an HTML code to be able to manually insert the link tag with hreflang on any website.
    • Bulk Editor: You can change the hreflang settings of all your pages in one place.
    • Validation Tool: Check the hreflang attributes on your pages.
    • Go Pro: Activate the Pro version. Costs start at $ 9.99 for one website.

    When to use the hreflang

    It is certainly obvious that if you have translated the content of a page, the hreflang attribute is required.

    However, there are cases in which it is not so obvious whether you need it or not. So, let’s do some clarity.

    I strongly advise you to use hreflang se:

    • you have translated the entire content
    • you translated the menu and footer, but not the content
    • you have several locales of the same language

    In the latter case, for example, you have an English page, but there are also different versions: one for British English, one for American English and one for Australian. Here, you will need to add a dash and the abbreviation of the location to the language code indicated by hreflang. Example: hreflang = ”en-gb”.

    This type of structure is especially common when you need to show prices in different currencies, such as dollars or pounds.


    The hreflang attribute is very important to allow Google to correctly index and position your multilingual site. Make sure you use it on all pages!

    Do you need more clarification on the use of hreflang?

    Leave a comment below and we’ll gladly help you!

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