what they are and what their role is in SEO 2020

    If you have been using WordPress for a while, or if you are new but have an eye for detail, you will have noticed the presence of the entries Pingback is Trackback.

    Do you know what it is?

    I’ll explain it to you in short.

    When you link to another blog, the owner of the site you linked will receive a comment that warns them of the link you entered. In short, the pingback is the receipt of the notification, while the trackback is sending this notification.

    It’s possible enable or disable pingback and trackback from the general settings of the site or from individual articles.

    The notification will be sent in the form of a comment on the article.

    How pingbacks and trackbacks are activated

    For activate pingback and trackback on your site, go to Settings> Discussion and check the box Attempt to notify all blogs that have a link in the article. This will trigger the automatic sending of notifications every time you insert a link to another blog within your article.

    General pingback and trackback options

    Then check the box Allow notification links from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) for new articles, so you will activate the reception of notifications in case of backlink to your article.

    In addition to the general settings, you can also act within the single article. In fact, you can choose whether to allow these notifications in the area Discussion> Allow pingbacks and trackbacks.

    Pingback and article trackback options

    If you have disabled the automatic sending of notifications, but only if you use the Classic Editor, you will find an additional item instead, Send trackback to. Here you can enter the URL to which you want to manually send the trackback.

    The relationship between pingback / trackback and SEO

    Now that’s clear what pingback and trackback are, you will surely have guessed that this is a very useful tool for building a network of links with bloggers who are part of your industry.

    Link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies to be able to gain authority. Google rewards sites that have a good backlink profile, meaning that they contain many links, but of good quality.

    Enabling trackback and pingback will therefore help you keep track of incoming links to your site. You can then immediately determine whether the link received is valid or whether it is spam.

    Trackback and pingback are therefore a good way to keep an important SEO aspect of your blog under control.

    What’s more, it will help you figure out which articles on your blog enjoy some popularity. If you receive numerous pingbacks in reference to a particular article, you will understand that it is highly rated content and you can produce similar ones.

    Trackbacks and pingbacks are also very useful for getting traffic to your site. If you send a trackback to another site and they publish it, users who visit that page will see your link in the Comments section. If they find your content interesting, they may click on the link and visit your article.

    It is a very effective way to gain new visitors and make yourself known within your niche.

    Remember, however, that links in comments are set as nofollow automatically from WordPress, so you won’t get page rank directly from pingbacks.

    Despite this, it is always about a little more visibility for your blog.

    How to disable pingbacks for specific domains

    No Self Ping

    Sometimes you want to keep track of pingbacks, but you don’t want to receive them for certain websites. For example, if it’s a blog you run yourself, you often link from one to the other and don’t care about tracking every backlink.

    To disable pingbacks from specific domains, install the plugin No Self Pingback. In the section Settings> Discussion you will find a field in which to enter all the domains for which you do not want to receive pingbacks.

    Just enter one per line.

    Problems with pingback and trackback

    Spam, unfortunately, is on the agenda, we all know that. Receiving a lot of spam comments can have a negative impact on your website:

    • Google may detect high levels of spam on your blog;
    • Users who read comments on your articles can lose faith in you.

    If you have set up the automatic acceptance of pingbacks, then you may have some problems in this respect.

    My suggestion is to moderate these notifications, or even better all comments, even if you use a spam protection plugins like Akismet. This plugin is certainly very good protection, but it is not able to perfectly filter any comments.

    If, on the other hand, you manually approve the comments and pingbacks received, you can rest assured that your site will remain clean.

    Plus, you’ll only be able to approve those that your readers might actually be interested in, providing additional valuable content.

    Web services and technical development


    In summary, i pingbacks and trackbacks are useful for SEO of your website, because they allow you to keep track of the backlinks received, and also allow you to gain some visibility within your niche. In any case, it is good to be careful and not to let them be published automatically.

    Always keep an eye on the notifications received and approve only those that you think are valid.

    Did you know what pingbacks and trackbacks are?

    Have you ever used them before?

    Do you think they can help you improve your site’s SEO?

    Let’s discuss it in the comments!

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