Learn how to price your design - Part 1 of 2
 Learn how to price your design – Part 1 of 2

Hello people!

As promised in Coala Design’s post Last week, I’ll be writing 2 articles that can help beginners (or more experienced professionals) to more fairly price their work. As this subject is extensive, I will try to filter in 2 parts. At first, we will focus on understanding what type of professional you are and what time you are. Each professional has a different experience load and this influences how he is viewed, influencing the values ​​charged.

After understanding this, we can go to the second article that will focus on
more about adjusting the value of your hours, how long it will take for each job,
complexity and some tools that can help you develop your

As this is a difficult topic, these articles may be
a little long, but I ask you to read it calmly and when you really have time
to consume everything. If it gets tiring, stop and read another time. Beauty?
So, let’s go!

Learning to value your

The first point is common sense, that we professionals
creative we need to have. If we really want to take ourselves and make people
take us seriously, we need to have the sensitivity to say do not. I know, it’s not easy at first,
when we mainly want to expose our learning, but you can’t do it
a logo for someone for $ 100.00. Of course, there are situations and situations. I
know. But it’s important to value your work no matter if you’re starting
or already a veteran.

It’s hard to have that feeling, especially in the beginning, that
nothing comes up to apply all those techniques and studies, I know. But, learn to do work, even for a
lower price but never to be explored.
This posture is important in
start – even though it’s hard – to make you value the professional who goes
become in front. Seriously, I’ve been through this and it really happens.

To finish this topic, remember that everything we experience now reverberates for the future. Having some early career postures will make you better and better up front. Keep studying and learning, people will realize this and gradually work and projects will appear for your techniques. But it all takes time and patience. Beauty?


This is the central point of our discussion.

When we understand the context we are in, the place we live, the kind of professional we are, it is much more practical to define values ​​for any project. So let’s focus on this self-awareness with the intention of discovering ourselves and basing ourselves on it to establish how much each design we design costs.

– The 3 levels of professionals that exist

IN MY CONCEPTION, there are 3 types of professionals/companies. In this
If I’m treating the designer as a company, okay?

They are junior designer, senior designer and premium designer. Each of them is on a different level and this is what differentiates both the prices charged by different professionals. Let’s explore each one to understand it better.

– Designer

This guy, according to my point of view, is that person
that is starting. It’s usually someone entering college now or
who are starting to learn Corel / Illustrator and Photoshop because they like or
identifies with the area. i

Of course, this guy is excited, is studying like crazy and wanting to appear to the people. If you have a lot at the very beginning, it will probably roll a lot of ugly art (but of course in your head and your mothers will be wonderful). This guy will charge a much lower than expected value for any job and that’s ok. He needs experience, know how to get other jobs. Many times, these jobs come out for free just to have the pleasure of doing. The price this citizen will charge is very low and is quiet for this moment he lives.

Of course, most professionals realize when this is not
It’s been enough. That period of getting easier jobs go by
and you start getting more complex things to this first level. AND
there is a gradation of types of work; at this stage, their
values ​​are no longer the same as in the previous paragraph, the thing is already
changing. We know that these are not yet extremely robust designs, but also
It’s not that ugly publicity poster that was made before.

At this point, you are still a junior designer because you have not
has certain skills, but is growing in scale. This time to charge
anything and take projects with as little complexity as possible goes from
a different way for each one. You will make mistakes and make mistakes, but only failures are capable
to make improvements. Understand that there are several levels in Junior: go from
beginner to someone already known and this will change their values. There are people who
even after years it remains at level 1 because it does not want / can advance. But you will realize when you begin to value your own time and service. Oh really,
It happens.

Finally, this level is the most basic where designers with little or no experience begin to walk. In this climb, the amounts charged go from very little to something. And being at that level, you know the value for this moment is fine. But in time, you will realize that this is no longer enough, that your design is worth more than what you are charging now and your customers are already realizing that it is worth paying more to have you on the project, right there at that point. will start to become one Senior designer.

– Designer

Let’s say you’ve done a lot of small Levels 1 jobs,
already understand more or less how to behave with customers, already have certain
skills and is seeking customers and greater challenges. When these
characteristics paint, you might consider yourself to be levelling up.

This guy has already gone through phase 1, already has a certain reputation, already knows more or less how to deal with people, how to get projects … is already well underway at the stop. This guy reaches level 2 which is when projects and values ​​are expanding. There are several types in this category. Newcomers and veterans. When you are a newcomer, you still have a lot of junior level staff. Still not able to price well, sometimes falls into ambushes, charges values ​​that are not well calculated, does not charge for changes, does not measure the conditions of the projects … but even so, its price is no longer that of the previous level.

Over time, experiences extracted (mainly
situations where you are harmed), we begin to understand the market better,
how to behave, how to expand knowledge, how to reach customers… and of course
This influences our price. You are already aware that your design does not
is everyone who can do that if the customer has no budget or interest,
You can look for one with less experience and who can meet the demand. I know that
there are extra situations that even at high levels give up values
smaller, but not what we are addressing here.

All this jumble of things makes you grow like
a designer / professional. The accumulation of notion about the area and how it influences
values ​​are already clear things. Then they start painting fixed customers, customers
bigger people who really value what you do and so on… this level
is good, probably easier to get customers because the size
It’s not from a beginner, nor is it from a guy at the top of the scale. It’s a kind of
service at a good price and that pleases you and the customer. But it’s important to know to
grow so that it doesn’t last longer than necessary.

Finally, this internship is where professionals with a few years of experience are. These people already have market maturity, to say no to what is not advantageous, to know how to deal with clients, to take responsibility for larger projects and risk more (calculated, of course). Obviously, this all adds up in value, as you have already noticed that your level has risen, which is no longer the beginner before. And you can’t tell clearly when this is going to happen, it’s just something everyone feels. But you will notice this transition to this new, more professional and less amateur positioning. Which brings us to our last level.

Premium Designer

This sphere is the highest level of the stop. These guys are
usually the guys that really get high paying customers
(fair) for their work, and they have a clout to face the
liability that are charged by customers. It’s the level everyone wants
to arrive, but for this to happen it needs growth in many
aspects and years, many years, of the profession.

These types of professionals are generally more focused on specific areas and not as generalist as they are expected to be at previous levels. Because they are good, really good at what they do, there is a lot of appreciation from customers who demand that these people do jobs for their companies, because the seal of quality is guaranteed.

It is not every customer who can pay for this type, especially because
values ​​are much higher than the previous ones, but the quality is also
justified by the price. It’s the hardest point you can get and it’s
Extremely complicated, but it is possible.

In short, this level is the highest in the pyramid. Usually
involves high-level professionals, higher values ​​and larger projects.
They have a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of demand and all that
manifests in money.


Understanding which of these levels you fit into is essential to start pricing. There is no point in wanting to be Senior level if you have no experience and do not deliver anything that this category needs. As it is also no use to be a Premium if you have no clue for it. Each step takes time, a lot of headache and grating, and after that we will be able to move forward and grow even more. So, no need to hurry, everything comes to those who are studying and advancing.


It’s always interesting to think that each location has a price range to follow. I, for example, live in the interior of Pernambuco (in Caruaru to be exact) and the price range here is well, well below Sao Paulo, Rio and other major centres. Of course, if I get a local customer I won’t be able to charge a price on these places. It is super unfeasible. But when I get such a client from abroad, I can (and should) practice pricing there, because if the value is like my hometown, the client may find it too cheap and not credible to the job.

It’s great for you to follow and understand values ​​beyond where you live. It will help you create patterns and know how much you charge to do some work elsewhere. Unfortunately, if you’re not at the premium level, you’ll have to get used to charging what customers can afford, of course, that doesn’t mean charging less than you deserve. But charge amounts that customers can pay without complaining so much and give up, understand? And if you can get outsiders, who usually pay better than your cities, that’s for those who live far away from big cities like me, it’s even better.

So it is important to understand that the value practised in your
The city is not that of another. This is really important. Keep that in mind


If you work at home, your price must (or not) have to be lower. The cost of your home is less than that of a physical point. For example, if your room is your office, the cost you will have will be energy, water, food, internet and equipment maintenance. If you live with your parents or with a partner, these expenses will be split (or fully cured). Thus, the price needs to be lower, but justify these small expenses.

Now if you besides having your home with all these costs,
still has a space that has the same kind of costs, its price needs to be
bigger. Because this value has to be justified in your project, understand? You charge what you need to cover your
costs and still make a profit in the end.
So, it’s important to know that these
characteristics also influence.

There are level 2 and 3 designers who find themselves in the two situations expressed above. The prices they will charge are invariably different by the situations they live. But of course, there are exceptions and what I am talking about is not a rule, but only situations that I have already witnessed through events, conversations and personal experiences. But the bottom line of this is knowing that your workplace is more of a price factor.

Take it easy, let’s get it done

To summarize everything, this first article is focused on disseminating
the contexts that we may be inserted to create good strategies for
Pricing. The first thing is to understand which level of the pyramid we are on. At the
Level 1 generally focus on aspiring and design students. The values
very low (or nonexistent at first), but increase with the accumulation of
experiences in this category. Once aware and after some time,
We started to evolve to the second level.

In the second, they are usually already designers with 3 or more years of
already has legal portfolios, bigger jobs and maybe even clients
fixed. These guys already have more experience, already know how to relate with customers,
prospect opportunities… of course, the price charged will be higher than
level 1 because they already realize they are no longer beginners.

After advancing at this level, the professional will expand and
reach the apex of the pyramid: the premium. At this stage, the professional already has
a lot of credibilities, usually for staying too long at level 2. You already have a
customer network, contacts and project delivery are very high quality. Do
part of the level with more responsibility, but this is justified in price.

After that, we saw a number of features that influence how much to charge.


It’s interesting that you analyze all this and find out where it is.
It’s hard, I know. Self-discovery is really complicated, but it’s part of
the process of growing and maturing in the profession. I knew when I was level
1, you realize that. But a few years ago, I have the full notion that I
I’m in the middle of the second level and I know I need to improve a lot, to get
at level 3. And no need to hurry, it happens.

Considering where you work and what scale you are on, we can define some values ​​(speculative, as each project has a different need) to build a brand. UNDERSTAND, This is a simulation to exemplify the prices of each level, this may not apply to where and when you are.

D. Junior brand design = R $ 300,00.

D. Senior brand design = over $ 1,500.

D. Premium brand design = Above $ 5,000.

See how they are different? Each level, allied to the context,
lets you practice a certain price and that is the point of our discussion. Think with
calm down where you are, analyze the factors and set your place in the pyramid.

After that we can discuss tools and some small
techniques to help price your design.


Everything I said is not a rule, just a thought and it can be expanded by exchanging ideas with you. There are many other things that could be explored and refined to formulate prices, but this is a summary to guide you. Therefore, I ask you to comment on the post so we can gradually improve this content. Beauty?

See you next week and good sparkling water for you.

 CorelDRAW Releases New Version and This Time for Mac
 CorelDRAW Releases New Version and This Time for Mac

Hello people!

One of the two main programs for a graphic design created in the world market, the CorelDRAW This March, it gets a new edition that, for the first time in 18 years, will be back in both Windows and Mac versions by Apple. The Canadian firm’s decision is strategic and part of a policy of vertical market expansion that recently prompted it to acquire ownership of Parallels, a prominent software company in the Apple universe.

The graphics program suite, which
recent years has been gaining more and more intelligent tools
sophisticated to make life easier for creative professionals,
photographers, advertisers, and publishers now include CorelDRAW.app, a brand new application that takes programs to the cloud and gives users the ease of using the system from anywhere.

“The product is spectacular,” says the
Fernando Soares, who besides Corel Product Manager
to Brazil is also a first-time lover of CorelDRAW,
which he started using in the 1990s, long before he even dreamed that he would ever work for the Canadian company. “At
tools assisted by artificial intelligence and the APP that allows
Using the cloud suite will take users to paradise – and that goes for both the Windows and Mac classes. ”

According to the executive, the decision to return to the Apple market is part of a brand expansion policy, but not only that. “It’s our response to community pressure,” explains Fernando. “There are a noticeable number of PC users who have migrated to Mac in recent years, and it’s from this community that we have had a significant volume of requests to have CorelDRAW on MacOS.”

“As part of the celebrations for the 30
CorelDRAW’s market years, the product development team has been stepping up solutions to revolutionize the
design software, ”says Gérard Métrailler, Executive Vice President of Corel Global Products. “The acquisition of Parallels and,
Now, the launch of CorelDRAW Suite for Mac consolidates our position as a professional software provider
levels and skills, specialities and platforms. ”

Corel’s new move in the market is likely to dust the art and graphic design market, which has been experiencing a period of small incremental evolution and little bombshell. Stoking the competition, however, does not frighten the Canadian company. “Entering a field dominated by other brands, such as the Mac market, can scare competitors – after all, we are coming to meet a call from consumers,” says Fernando Soares.

According to him, Corel has “a product
at least as good as any other solution available on the market and in addition
In addition, we offer advantages that are unique to our environments.
Windows and Mac. ” Among them, the executive points out, is freedom of choice. The user can choose to
buy or rent the product, depending on the project in which it is involved
or your cash availability. In either option, the
CorelDRAW suite price is much more inviting, not exceeding R $ 899 (annual subscription) or R $ 2,399 (license
for life).

In Brazil, CorelDRAW 2019 goes on sale in a national network with more than 300 points of sale, among computer products dealers, bookstores and online department stores.

Top 4 CorelDRAW News on PC and Mac

For the user
Apple, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 offers the most distinctive suite – just recreated and formatted for a
Specific Mac experience. Check out the 4 highlights.

  1. Complete Professional Design Toolkit: Explore a wide range of integrated, intuitive and versatile tools and applications to express a variety of creative styles. Take advantage of CorelDRAW for the creation of vector graphic design, illustration and page layout; Corel PHOTO-PAINT for photo editing; Corel Font Manager for indexing and organizing font libraries; AfterShot 3 HDR for RAW file processing and the new CorelDRAW.app for accessing graphic design tools from virtually anywhere.
  2. Innovative Technology: Discover a revolutionary vector drawing experience that reproduces the feel of pencil and paper with LiveSketch, the industry’s first neural network-based vector graphic design tool. See freehand brush strokes intelligently interpreted, adjusted and combined with existing vector curves, which simplifies the task of creating sketches and drawing complex vector shapes on any pen-enabled device.
    A unique experience for macOS: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac reflects the elements users like most about their favorite platform, including menus, windows and views, fields and labels, and buttons. It also includes support for macOS Mojave Dark Mode and MacBook Pro Touch Bar.
  3. Easy to learn and use: don’t be alarmed by a blank page – dive in and start creating. The CorelDRAW suite is full of intuitive tools, learning materials, and sample projects for the user to get up and running faster and create faster.

Windows users also get a full-featured version of CorelDRAW suite to give the designer greater precision and creative freedom. See the 4 most relevant highlights.

1. New Objects docker: Completely redesigned, the Objects docker gives you direct control over the document structure and quick access to its components to streamline any project.

2. Non Destructive Effects: apply, modify and experiment effects on both vectors and bitmaps without changing the source image or object in CorelDRAW.

3 Perfect workflow on all pixels: Make sure your web graphics are always clear. Align the pixel grid to the page edge so that exported graphics have sharp edges and use the new Align Page to Pixel Grid button to easily correct shapes.

4 Contemporary models: Get professional results with dozens of new professionally designed templates. Easily customize templates to create unique designs.

Mass, right? You can learn more through the link >> //www.corel.com/en/mac-compatible/

 Alita: Fighting Angel - Excellent Design and Cinema Integration
 Alita: Fighting Angel – Excellent Design and Cinema Integration

Amazing and powerful! That’s how we already rated the movie about a warrior girl who knows what she wants, even without knowing who it is at first. Alita: Fighting Angel is a super production with powerful special effects and an incredible adaptation of the original manga with Outstanding Design!

The story takes place in 2563 and revolves around Alita, a still-functioning brain cyborg, found by well-known Dr Ido (Christoph Waltz of “Little Big Life”) who scores the rubbish in the discarded scrap mountains of the much-desired floating city. , Zalem. He rescues the cyborg and gives it a new body, which reminds him a lot of his longing daughter who had been killed by a frustrating incident – Ido sees in Alita a way to have again the company of his daughter who had not survived a criminal attack. Alita wakes up without memory and is enchanted by everything around her, bringing great excitement to the new discovery of a dangerous and charming world at the same time.

Dr Ido always looks for cyber parts to treat and give
decent living conditions for the population of Iron City, which was built
below Zalem, shrouded in the mountains of rubble
floating city. It is increasingly common and natural for people to have
robotic parts interconnected with their bodies at this future time, including some
Humans are almost entirely metallic. And this is basically the environment
where our heroine will face a big challenge: dealing with her emotions
jovial, without giving up their desire: to be a defender of the weak. It is strengthened with the discovery of his great martial arts skill and the
discovery that it is the last – and most feared – of his line of warriors.

Generally speaking, Alita seems to be a work made from fan to fan, as the adaptation of her manga is quite evident. This proposal, incredible as it may seem, appeals not only to nerds and fans of his print production but to the general public, as the mix of emotion, drama and action are amicably embodied in overproduction (which I already want to watch again). . The story of a teenage girl living in romance discovering a crush on a kind and brave boy while being a girl whose bravery does not take her out of a fight and who fights to defend the weak is really a good compound to attract the public to the cinema and get out of breath with such production that the film brings, with the proposal to deliver a powerful protagonist in a dazzling world, visually and dramatically. The recurring battle situations are also a good draw, as they are exciting and just as fun as after motor ball, the most evident sport in this future world, where cyborgs compete in a battle arena, chasing one type of ball, fighting each other to the finish line.

Clearly, the names behind the product show how the
the project was very well elaborated. This makes the movie (with James production
Cameron and Jon Landau, directed by Robert Rodriguez, from ”Sin City: The Lady
Fatal ”) is most likely the best adaptation of a manga (by Yukito
Kishiro) already produced in Hollywood.

Speaking of production itself, the material is very well made. CGI is one of the highlights. Integration with reality is very subtle and this makes this mix quite homogeneous and above-average; It makes the story’s ecosystem amazing and clear, with the fighting scenes pleasantly intelligible and perceptible. The project is even stronger from the point of view of Design as a whole, with a grand Art Direction, working very well in bringing the reality of a city that suffers from inequalities, but remains firm in daily life, with its dirty streets and poor, but equally active and dynamic. It is quite acceptable to understand how the Storytelling It brings us to the idea that people in the movie have been living that reality for many years and that it does not prevent them from continuing to fight for their dreams, such as being accepted in Zalem, for example.

With a remarkably rich cast, with people like Rosa
Salazar from Bird Box playing our warrior Alita; Keean Johnson of
Guidance series, like his beloved Hugo; the villain Vector being played by Mahershala
There, from “Green Book – The Guide”, and Christoph Waltz, from “Little Big
Life ”as Dr. Ido and Michelle Rodriguez of“ Fast and Furious ”as well as Jennifer
Connelly from “A Beautiful Mind” and Jorge Lendeborg Jr from “Bumblebee”,
This project brings great emotions and great reasons to thank
production so well developed.

And that’s it, it is very worth going to the cinema to honor this
Great over produced adventure. Everyone, grace, peace and a glass of juice – with popcorn

 List: 5 apps that will keep you focused!
 List: 5 apps that will keep you focused!

For a while now, I’ve been hearing a lot of people protesting against themselves about the excessive use of phone / apps. How much time is lost from the day because of the indirect addiction in which we insert ourselves? Worst of all is being fully aware of it and unable to change, or at least try.

There are days when it is difficult: notifications all the time on social networks, WhatsApp group that is excited, trying to record some interesting moment for posting… All looks be more interesting than what you really need to do.

Thanks to the lack of focus, it is super normal to arrive at the end of the day a little frustrated, bogged down with tasks not done. If you have identified with the situation and think you need a little force, something more than just willpower, the list of the week is here to help you 🙂

The irony in this list is that they are indications of apps just for your phone, but you will understand the whole thing 🙂

If you have trouble keeping your focus on work or study, these apps will help you focus and get things done on time.

1 – Forest: Stay focused

The Forest App works like a game that helps you keep you away from your phone. How does it work? You set time not to use your phone, and from this, you should not open any apps while that predefined time is counting down.

At the end of this count, if you can be tough, you’ll earn rewards in the form of planted trees. But if you can’t handle your anxiety, even by emergency, you will have a devastating tree and will have to work even harder to achieve new achievements.

Whenever you can conquer a planted tree, you also earn coins and can “buy” items that can be integrated with your achievements.

It’s a paid app, but much praised by those who use it!

2 – ClearLock: Block Distractions

If tree planting doesn’t touch your heart enough, the ClearLock app may be the solution to your problem.

His function is block apps from your phone to avoid distractions. Just select which apps are blacklisted and how long they are blocked. Thus, the device prevents you from using Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or any social network that steals your time. The minimum locking time is 10 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours. Unlike Forest, there is no other interaction than blocking other applications. ClearLock is only available for Android, free version. Besides only working in English.

3 – Brain Focus Productivity

Brain Focus Productivity is an application that uses the Pomodoro technique (which stipulates 25 minutes of total focus followed by a few mandatory rest minutes, has been known and applied for years for both study and work). In it, you can define which task you will start – study, work or homework – and then play the timer.

Information is stored in the app itself, so the user can track how many minutes it took to stay focused/relax. Brain Focus is available for Android and IOS, both free.

4 – Freedom

Freedom can block any distraction from both mobile and computer. Social networks, messages and other notifications are suspended until the user unlocks the app. Without interruptions, it is much easier to stay focused. The app is available for Android and IOS but is also paid.

5 – Brain.FM

Music is always a great incentive to stay focused on one or more tasks. Brain.FM offers some playlists that promise to stimulate your brain and help you concentrate. You can choose songs to relax, focus or even meditate. It is powered by an artificial intelligence system, which composes a few songs for each goal, monitors what works and adjusts all the results. Playlists are designed to “help the listener achieve certain neurological brain states,” such as productivity, quietness, and relaxation. Brain.FM is also available for iOS and Android, as well as being paid.

I found myself needing to write about this after realizing the time being wasted in front of Instagram. Despite being one of my means of publicizing my services, nothing is beneficial being so repetitive and constant. I hope that somehow helped you, who just like me, already felt unfocused on studies/work!

Tell me in the comments if you’ve used any of these or started using them and the experience was good. Feedbacks are always welcome;)

Big hug,

 Empire Magazine Celebrates 30 Years with 30 Iconic Film Covers
 Empire Magazine Celebrates 30 Years with 30 Iconic Film Covers

Empire Film Magazine will publish 30 separate covers for its September issue to commemorate its 30th anniversary.

Each cover features an iconic movie every year since Empire started, starting with Batman in 1989 and ending with Black Panther in 2018.

Previously, Empire’s most divided covers for an issue were in 2008, when it ranked its 500 largest films of all time in over 100 separate covers. In 2014, a set of 25 covers was released for the movie X-Men: Days of a Forgotten Future.

“Innovation in printing is really fundamental to us and it seemed such a simple but effective idea to produce 30 covers, one for each year of Empire’s life,” said Empire’s editor Terri White.

Empire, owned by Bauer Media, expects readers to want to collect a few covers each, choosing the films that are most meaningful to them.

My favourite is 2009 – Avatar! And what’s yours !? Missed some !?

Empire It is a monthly British film magazine. In 2008, she conducted a poll of over 10,000 subscribers, 150 filmmakers and 50 film critics to elect the 500 Best Movies of All Time. In 2017, she interviewed 5,000 readers to produce a list of the top 100 movies ever made.