Adobe reveals Aero: an augmented reality tool for designers.
 Adobe reveals Aero: an augmented reality tool for designers.

Recently Adobe announced the Creative Cloud 2019 which includes important updates for the Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Premiere CC, and Adobe XD. In addition, it also launched the Adobe Premiere Rush CC, the first video editor for smartphones, tablets and computers for Social Media that simplifies video creation and sharing on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. This news was presented at Adobe Max – Adobe Conference.

At the same conference this year in Los Angeles, California, Adobe’s new augmented reality tool, Project Aero which will allow designers “Mix virtual objects in the real world”. This software may be used in conjunction with other Adobe software, including Adobe Photoshop and Dimension (3D).

The tool works like a mockup though, with augmented reality. By opening Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dimension files, they can be viewed in the context of real-world scenes, so designers can clearly see what certain products or graphics would look like after they are produced and introduced into their environment for which they were designed. designed. That is, through this tool you can see how, for example, a piece of furniture can be in a room.

O Aero It also comes with a unique feature: Users will be able to view the layers of a static graphic image so that it appears three-dimensionally.

“There is a new immersive design discipline where we blend the digital and physical worlds. ”Says Abhay Parasnis, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Adobe. Ahay says the Aero is designed to understand in depth the physical world around us, considering lighting, material textures, motion and spatial awareness. “AR allows designers’ work to shine to consumers.”

Zorana Gee, Photoshop product manager states that Adobe is offering this tool to everyday designers and adds: “Traditionally, people associate AR with 3D design, but AR is the next means of advancement for all creative narrative.”

The launch of the Aero is scheduled for 2019 and will be available for use on all iOS (Apple) and Android (Microsoft) devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. However, anyone interested in trying the software before 2019 can request an early application review. Adobe recently shared a preview of Project Aero at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). In partnership with Apple and Pixar, they also announced that they are adding support to Adobe Creative Cloud applications and services. For more information about AR, click here.

 Image is good and everyone likes it
 Image is good and everyone likes it

Today, the flow of information is so fast that on many occasions, what is being conveyed ends up not being as objective and straightforward as it should. Consequently, it ends up having no effect. Customers and designers / advertisers need to accept the fact that the image speaks much more than text. After all, it’s no wonder we grow up hearing that “image speaks more than words.”

How an ad, project, graphic, or other job is designed directly influences engagement and how the expected result will be returned. What happens a lot, and unfortunately, is that one still questions the influence that the image has on the project, discussing whether it is worth investing in a proper image bank for your Jobs. The bug is that wonderful designs are being conceived and aired, but often still, the result does not appear. And along with other factors, the use of improper, poor quality or inconsistent images directly affects the absence of good feedback.

That the image directly influences almost everything we do we know. What many people do not know (or at least do not use this knowledge) is that using images the success of a project expands exponentially. Almost 90% of what you learn generally has implicit visual appeal. A poll of HubSpot showed that 65% of people are visual readers. What’s more, presentations with visual appeal are up to 45% more persuasive than presentations that don’t use them.

Image counts a lot in how a message is conveyed. Most people who visit websites, end up doing a predominantly visual reading, about 79% of them. Only 16% on average make a written reading of a web page by visiting it. This is just as important for UI / UX thinkers, as visuals are far beyond the screen format.

Investing in an image bank is increasingly inevitable. The discussion is no longer about whether or not you have your own bank to capture appropriate images for each job. But which bank to choose. So whenever possible, we mention Fotolia, the Adobe stock image that has the right image for every job. What’s more, in the “Adobe Fotolia” category, here on the site, we have even more content and links to access special discounts.

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 Adobe Introduces Photoshop for iPad, Promises Illustrator for 2020
 Adobe Introduces Photoshop for iPad, Promises Illustrator for 2020

Hello people!

THE Adobe presented on its official blog the version of Photoshop for iPad. Much had been said about the world’s largest photo editor on apple tablets. The announcement was officially made in October 2018 but is only now available on the Apple Store.

“For the product team, shipping our first version of Photoshop on the iPad and the cloud document system is a big milestone after more than a year of hard work. It is a big burst of energy for us in the world. For you, the customer, this first version 1.0 is just the starting line. We plan to shape this new experience with you, our customers. ” speaks Pam Clark – Adobe Product Manager.

Photoshop on the iPad is built using the same base of
code than Photoshop on the desktop. That means you can
open and edit the same PSD in Photoshop on your desktop or iPad without
worry about conversions, compressions, imports or exports.

It has also been said that “this is just the beginning”. The company is working to improve future versions of the software, optimize it for even more features and possibilities, and improve creative experiences.

You can currently export to PNG, JPEG, PSD, TIFF. All files are saved directly to the Creative Cloud cloud, optimized for pen performance and touch on a smaller screen, while maintaining the power, depth and flexibility of Photoshop.

The new version of Photoshop is available for iPad Pro, iPad 5th Generation, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, according to Adobe.

Illustrator arrives on iPad in 2020

PS’s great mate arrives on the iPad next year. Adobe, through its blog (4/11), has promised a version of Illustrator that will integrate the creative software grid into the iPad. The official release dates have not yet been announced, but the company has already made a test form available to users. Click here to know.

You can read more about it. on here.

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