We need to talk about workaholism.
 We need to talk about workaholism.

Workaholic. American expression, which originated from the word alcoholic. It serves to designate a workaholic.

It is common in the digital realm to come across workaholics. Especially here by Linkedin, where the subject is almost always (or always) work. It has become normal to find people hungry for promotions and achievements – this is not wrong, on the contrary, ambition when controlled, is also a key to success. But far beyond being addicted to “winning” and “climbing the steps,” these people seem to do it only for status. They seem to make a point of showing that they are remarkable than actually evolving.

Do you know someone who lives breaking overtime records? Who makes a point of working on all weekends and holidays? What do you think is absurd and a waste of time a lunchtime with 1h? What do you think losing a boss call, even on a weekend, is the end of the world? Don’t you remember the last time you took a vacation? Suffering from insomnia or anxiety?

If so, it’s time to take such a person out for a sincere chat between friends. This is not a beneficial situation for health, personal life and even career!

Work addiction or “workaholism” is not yet included in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), but it can make the person sick in the long (or short) term.

Being a successful professional requires a lot of effort, yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal life or the freedom to relax for a while. Quality of life directly and directly affects your performance as a professional.

The line between a hard worker and a hard workaholic is small, but there is. O workaholism It shows poor management of one’s own time, incompetence in teamwork and low productivity, as opposed to just well-dedicated work that results in high performance.

We live in an increasingly immediate world. Achievements and results are “for yesterday,” and a lot of people end up falling in this wave and panicking. Much is set aside to prioritize the long-awaited “success”. They forget the most important thing: take good care of yourself. Work-turned nights, poor diet, unbalanced sleep, high-stress levels.

Have you seen yourself in any of these situations? Take care not to become one more. Quality of life is life. What are you giving so much for? Succeed “in the future” and be able to settle down, right? But when will this future come? Live the now, in balance. It is perfectly possible to stand out without harming yourself. Do not compromise.

Big hug!