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 How to decorate according to your sign?

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The way you organize and decorate your home, and even your work environment can be influenced by astrology. Everything is related to our sign, which reveals our characteristics, preferences and personalities. Many psychics, designers, architects and astrologers agree that astrological interference exists, so the house can be even cosier if it is decorated according to each sign.

With that in mind, Mobly, a technology startup that operates in furniture and home furnishings retailing, has some tips for those who want to prepare the home according to the stars! Check out:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Room depicting Aries decoration. Bedside Table Beam Solid Wood 1 Gv Graphite and Brown R $ 379,99. Decorative Frame – Sports – 038qdep $ 29.99.

Self-sufficient, free, restless and futuristic.
They don’t like to stand still and switch furniture frequently –
that’s why light, modern furniture is a great choice for the Aryan home.
Bright and intense colours, such as orange and reddish tones, must be
gifts to represent the energy and vitality of the sign.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Dining room depicting bull decoration. Eames Eiffel Round White Dining Table US $ 259.99. Set with 2 Chairs Eames Eiffel Button Fendi Beige R $ 379,99.

Friendly, gluttonous and pushy. One of the signs that love to enjoy the warmth of the home, no doubt is the bull! His favourite places, no doubt, is the kitchen and the dining room, which characterize the sign that does not miss a good meal. They love a rustic decor style and robust furniture, as long as the items are comfortable. Neutral and earthy tones make the perfect complement.

Gemini (May 21st through
June 20th)

A home office that depicts twins decor. Green Vertical Garden Kit with 09 Cachepots. Sirigaita Floor Lamp R $ 1076,00.

Temperamental, multifunctional and sociable. The mix of styles in the same space is a hallmark of the Gemini house, as they love a mix! They put creativity into practice when decorating and create great compositions. Furniture with straight lines is the perfect base of decor, which is well marked by brightly coloured dots.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Living room depicting cancer decoration. Puff Alegria Verde R $ 142,99. Retro Nightstand 2GV White $ 99.99

Sentimental, Cancerians love to stay home with their family. Their homes always have a touch of romanticism and a more retro (or traditional) style. Frames, paintings, items that go from generation to generation and tell a story are all striking features of the home of Cancerians. They like welcoming homes with comfortable furniture that is ideal to receive.

Lion (July 23 to August 22)

Dressing table depicting lion decoration. Formosa White Stool. Princess Dressing Table with White Mirror R $ 380,99.

Well resolved, enthusiastic and sophisticated. The leonino’s corner reflects his own style and vanity. Dressers, dressing rooms and closets are the dream spaces of this sign. Vibrant colours such as gold are the law to leave the space with the face of the lion, be it in objects or details. They like luxury, refinement, so the glam style of decoration is the one that most synergizes with them.

Virgin (August 23 to September 22)

Hall depicting virgin decoration. White Caramel Sencilla Bookshelf R $ 858,40. Mini Cube Lamp with Cupula R $ 115,00.

Systematic, objective and critical. Known for being detail-oriented, Virgins cherish a (well) organized home, so organizing furniture, such as bookshelves, is their greatest decor ally – preferably when following the contemporary style. Stealth is also up to them: they love neutral palettes and probably all the walls of their homes will be white.

Libra (23 September to 22 October)

Closet depicting the pound decoration. Mirror Lisa White R $ 115,00. Pis Lonita Green Armchair R $ 299,99.

Righteous, diplomats, and people who don’t know what they want, one thing is for sure: They value the look of an item – sometimes more than its functionality. They don’t have a very definite style, but since they love pastel colours, the Scandinavian stands out – Libras are always on top of what’s new! They admire the beauty of art, so it will be present in every corner of the house.

Scorpio (23 of
October to November 21)

Room depicting scorpion decoration. Dream Nightstand 2GV Red $ 49.99. Decorative Picture Bedroom Living Room Wood R $ 63,90.

Enigmatic, charming and intense. Good taste will always be present in every detail of this sign’s home – you will always be amazed! They value cosy environments with rugged, classic furniture and unique items, but are well attached to the material. More neutral colours, such as black and shades of red, also gain space in your home.

Sagittarius (22 of
November to December 21st)

Hall depicting Sagittarius decoration. Picture 33X43 Mark Your Trips R $ 89,90. Cocoa and Orange Rush Sideboard R $ 1189,99.

Tourists, moderns and partygoers. Sagittarians love natural lighting and incorporate it into the decoration, as well as contact with nature, which is portrayed in little plants. Because they have a great sense of humour, this also makes up their homes through playful items, phrases or fun drawings. Bright colours and furniture with unusual shapes also appear, but all with great harmony!

Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

A home office that depicts the decoration of Capricorn. Black and Oak Light Desk R $ 349,99. Multinet Bivolt luminaire R $ 140,00.

Honest, workaholics and serious. The natives of this sign prefer brighter environments but more sober furniture – the industrial style seems tailored to them! Also, having a space to work at home is essential, they need to have visible goals and a place of concentration. They love to buy cost-effective furniture but do not give up quality.

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th)

Living room depicting aquarium decoration. Side Table Read Black $ 99.99. Suede 3 Seater Double Sofa Bed Premium.

Original, innovative and technological. They love to get their hands dirty and create their own personal items. Aquarians love to be different, so they will always have ideas out of the box, even in the decor. They are adept at practicality, love furniture with more than one function and a lot of technology!

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Balcony depicting fish decoration. 3-seater Double Sofa Bed Corsica R $ 999,99. Puff Round Crochet Wooden Feet.

Sensitive, dreamers and passionate. This zodiac sign brings much of its good energy into the house: they like stones, incense sticks and if you have a little place to meditate, even better. Elements that resemble the sea and handmade objects, with their own meanings, are almost mandatory in the home of Pisceans. The natives of this sign are usually more reserved, so your home or bedroom is a world apart.

So, did you identify with your sign? For more inspiration, join our blog and check out combinations to make your space even more in your face:

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